4 ways to flirt on Facebook

4 ways to flirt on Facebook
4 ways to flirt on Facebook

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and meet new people. If you like someone, you can flirt with them on Facebook by giving likes to their photos and statuses, interacting with their posts and chatting together on Facebook Messenger. Whenever you post something on Facebook, you should be polite and respectful of others, remembering that it is a public platform where your friends, but also strangers, can see what you post, like or comment on.


Method 1 of 4: Show interest

Flirt on Facebook Step 1

Step 1. Send her a friend request

Chances are, if you've stumbled across someone's profile on Facebook, it's because you have friends in common. Send him a friend request to connect if you are interested in his profile.

  • Sometimes people don't take a friend request from people they don't know, even if you have common friends. If you don't get a response, don't be upset. You can ask your mutual friend if you can go out together one day.
  • If you've met him in person, you can try sending him a friend request within 24 to 48 hours of meeting him to remember you.
Flirt on Facebook Step 2

Step 2. Like one of his photos or one of his statuses

If that person posts a new photo or status, you can use the Like button to show them that you are following their posts. This is a great way to get noticed on Facebook.

  • Don't Like on two or three photos or statuses at a time, as this will flood their phone with notifications and get on their nerves.
  • You can like any of their recent posts as soon as they accept your friend request, which will show them that you are looking at their profile and that you like their posts.
Flirt on Facebook Step 3

Step 3. Comment on her photos and statuses to talk to her

The person you are interested in might be quite active on Facebook, which is why you should take the time to comment on their status updates with kind comments that show your support. This will show her that you pay attention to what she is writing and allow you a private conversation later.

  • For example, if she posts a picture of her meal, you might say, “Wow! It looks delicious ! "
  • If she posts an update about something that has happened in her life, like a move or a new job, you could comment by writing "congratulations" or "good luck!" "
Flirt on Facebook Step 4

Step 4. Tag it in a funny post if you're friends

This is a great way to show someone you love that you are thinking of them. You can tag him by typing his name and selecting it or you can send him a post by Messenger by clicking on the button To share.

Try not to tag people you don't know in real life or who you don't know very well. It might seem boring or even fishy to them if you've never spoken to each other

Flirt on Facebook Step 5

Step 5. Always be polite

Try not to seem like you're flirting too much on your posts, as Facebook is a public platform and your posts are likely to be seen by friends, family and office mates. Keep your comments positive and friendly, and remember to be polite when you're ready to send them a message.

As a general rule, try not to comment on their appearance, as this can be embarrassing. Instead, try to be nice and polite so you can send her a message and continue the conversation

Method 2 of 4: Chat on Messenger

Flirt on Facebook Step 6

Step 1. Send him a message on Facebook Messenger

When you're ready to break the ice, go to their profile and click Message. Then introduce yourself and ask or comment on one of their recent posts to start the discussion.

  • For example, if he has posted pictures from his vacation, you could say, "Hi! I saw your photos in Marbella. I just got over it! What was your favorite moment? "
  • If he (she) posts pictures or shares an article about a TV show or movie you've watched, you might say, "Hey! I really liked the article about the new Star Wars movie you shared. Do you think the next movie is going to be as good as the last one? "
Flirt on Facebook Step 7

Step 2. Ask him questions to keep his interest

Take a look at his profile to see what interests him and bring it up in your chat. Ask general, friendly questions about things you've seen on their profile or in their news feed. Remember not to post too personal questions until you get to know you better.

  • For example, if you see he posted pictures from his last trip to Asia, you might ask him, “I've never been to Asia, but I'd love to go there someday. What was your favorite moment during your trip? "
  • If his posts are about sports, you might ask him, "I don't really know football, I should be more interested in it!" Who is your favorite team? "
Flirt on Facebook Step 8

Step 3. Avoid single word responses

It's hard to have a conversation with people who only respond with one word. Take the time to think of longer answers to keep the conversation going, or ask questions if you want to change the subject.

  • For example, if he sends you a funny photo, instead of saying "lol", you could say, "This is really, really funny! Do you follow any other funny accounts on Instagram? I would love to find new ones! "
  • If he asks you questions that you can answer yes or no, you can give him your answer before asking for his opinion. For example, if he asks you if you like football, you can say, "Yes, I have been to several games this season. And you ? "
Flirt on Facebook Step 9

Step 4. Wait for her answers so you don't look desperate

One of the downsides to messages you send on Facebook is that they make you feel like you're always on your phone. Allow a few minutes to pass between each message so that you don't seem to be waiting for answers with your eyes riveted on the screen.

It also means that you can take the time to think of good answers to keep the conversation going instead of just answering yes or no

Flirt on Facebook Step 10

Step 5. Invite him / her out

After chatting for a while, you'll probably figure out whether she likes you or not. You could invite him on a casual outing, like going for coffee or a movie you both want to see and watch his reaction.

  • For example, you could say, “I would love to go see the new movie with Leonardo Di Caprio this weekend, would you like to come with me? "
  • If you want a more relaxed date, you can say, "Would you like to go for coffee this week so we can talk to each other in person?" "

Method 3 of 4: Think about your safety on Facebook

Flirt on Facebook Step 11

Step 1. Decline friend requests from people you don't know

Some people create fake profiles to attract other people and manipulate them or steal their personal information. If someone adds you and you don't know her, you'd better decline her request. If he really knows you, he may contact you personally to ask you to accept his request.

  • If you're chatting with someone on Facebook who you don't know, you might ask them to video call you to verify their identity.
  • Even though this person looks like their profile picture, they might not have good intentions coming in to talk to you.
Flirt on Facebook Step 12

Step 2. Limit your comments and likes

Facebook automatically treats certain accounts as "spam" accounts if there are a lot of likes and comments coming from them in a short period of time. In addition, if you often comment on someone else's posts, you will appear to be harassing them, which could have serious consequences.

If you like or leave a comment on a post, wait for the next one before expressing yourself again

Flirt on Facebook Step 13

Step 3. Avoid sharing private information or photos

As you get to know each other, this person might ask you personal questions, such as where you were born, where you live, etc. Remember, Facebook isn't always the safest place to share your personal information. Try sending her information by text or using an encrypted instant messaging platform.

If you want to meet someone you met on Facebook, you need to decide your plans on Messenger, which will be safer than comments or the news feed

Method 4 of 4: Make your profile more interesting

Flirt on Facebook Step 14

Step 1. Update your profile picture

Most people won't accept friend requests from an account without a photo with a name they don't know, even if they have mutual friends. Pick a photo that has been taken in the past few months and make sure it shows your face clearly.

  • If you don't have pictures of yourself, you could ask friends for pictures or take a look at their profiles to find one you can use.
  • If you're new to Facebook, ask someone to take a photo of you and your friends or just a photo of you so you can use it as a profile photo.
Flirt on Facebook Step 15

Step 2. Find out about your marital status and interests

Be sure to fill out the page with your personal information on Facebook, such as your marital status, where you live and your interests. This way, when someone is looking at your profile, it will be easy for them to see if you are single and live in the same city, which might encourage them to send you a friend request.

  • You can choose to make this information public or keep it for your friends, depending on your preferences.
  • Remember, not everyone likes to see their information on their public page.
Flirt on Facebook Step 16

Step 3. Delete embarrassing posts

Many people open a Facebook account when they are young, which can lead to posts lying around that do little to promote them. Inspect your feed for old posts, and delete or hide the most troublesome ones to tidy up your page.

  • Also, don't forget to clean up the photos where you are tagged and remove the ID yourself if necessary.
  • Even though your new friends might not see your old posts, it's still helpful to clean up your profile every now and then to make sure it shows you in a positive light.
Flirt on Facebook Step 17

Step 4. Manage Facebook privacy settings

Go to the "Settings and privacy" section and select "Shortcuts" before taking a look at your settings to be sure who can see your posts and information or not. Choose whether you want your profile information, posts, and photos to be visible to your friends, your friends' friends, everyone on Facebook, or just you.

If you want to add someone with whom you have mutual friends, you should choose to keep your information and posts visible to friends of your friends so that person can see that you are not a spam account


  • If the person you are interested in does not respond to your messages or friend requests, respect their decision and avoid continuing to contact them. When she wants to talk to you, she will accept your request or respond to you.
  • Remember that comments you leave on Facebook can be seen by your friends and friends of your friends, which is why you need to make sure you stay polite and respectful to avoid embarrassing yourself..

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