3 ways to tell if you like a girl you know from classes

3 ways to tell if you like a girl you know from classes
3 ways to tell if you like a girl you know from classes

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a girl at school likes you, if she wants to date you, or if she is just nice. You might think you don't understand it, but don't worry! She is probably no different from you. If she seems to enjoy your company, strike up a conversation and see what happens. If she looks relaxed, comfortable, and enjoying the interaction, try inviting her out.


Method 1 of 3: Understand your body language

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 1

Step 1. Watch his demeanor as you speak

If she likes you, there's a good chance she will seem more attentive and focused while you are talking in class or in a group chat. Be kind and friendly and pay attention to her when she talks too.

Be aware that this does not necessarily mean that they like you. But in all cases, that means that she respects your opinion or that she likes to chat with you, which can then indicate that she likes you

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 2

Step 2. Notice if she looks at you often

Even if that doesn't necessarily mean that she likes you, it is true that if you interest her, you will surprise her several times looking in your direction. If you meet her gaze, smile at her to show her that you like her attention and that she shouldn't be embarrassed.

For example, she might look at you out of the corner of her eye several times during lunch. If so, go talk to him

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 3

Step 3. Notice how often she is standing near you

If you interest her, she will try to get closer to you. This way, you will have a better chance of starting the conversation. Act as if nothing has happened if this happens. Try not to fuss and greet her at that time.

On the other hand, if she is not standing near you, it may mean that she is shy or that she would like you to take the first step

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 4

Step 4. Notice if she touches you

Physical contact is important and can mean many things. For example, if you make a girl laugh and she puts her hand on your arm, it could be a sign that she likes you.

However, if she doesn't touch you, that doesn't mean she isn't interested in you. Instead, try going to talk to him

Method 2 of 3: Observe your texts and online conversations

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 5

Step 1. Contact her by instant messaging

If you don't have her phone number (and if you're not ready to ask for it yet), you can communicate with her by instant messaging on sites like Facebook or Gmail. Send her short, friendly messages, for example: “Hi Sarah, how do you feel about the next chemistry test?"

  • Online chats are a relaxed way to chat with someone while allowing the other some level of control over the conversation.
  • If she doesn't feel like talking to you, she can simply close the app or stop responding to your messages. This would also have the merit of indicating to you that she is not interested.
Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 6

Step 2. See if she starts the conversation

You don't have to start all conversations with her. If you're both online (eg on Facebook), wait a few minutes to see if she strikes up a conversation with you. If she's interested, whether it's platonic or romantic interest, she'll probably come over and talk to you.

However, don't give up hope if she doesn't come to talk to you. She might be busy or she might also be waiting for you to come talk to her. Send him a short message with a question, for example: "Hi, what did you think of history class today?" "

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 7

Step 3. Observe her response if you flirt lightly

You can find out in a fun and easy way if you like a girl by flirting with her a bit. If she appreciates your attention, she might also flirt with you or she might at least appreciate the compliment. For example, while you are communicating on the Internet or texting, you might say to her, “By the way, you looked very pretty today in class. I love your new dress! "Take it as a good sign if she replies:" Thank you, I appreciate that you noticed "or" You were very well dressed too ".

  • On the other hand, if she gives you a dry response like "OK" or "thank you", she might not like your point.
  • Don't be too explicit while flirting, and avoid being too pushy or direct.

Method 3 of 3: Know if you like it during the conversation

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 8

Step 1. Ask her questions about herself

Usually people like to talk about themselves and feel flattered when someone seems interested in them. It's also a great way to learn more about her and see if the current is flowing between you. Ask her questions and get to know her. Here are some of the best questions to ask him.

  • What school were you in before you came here?
  • I didn't see you on the bus, is anyone bringing you to class?
  • Did you take Ms. Dupont's algebra lessons?
  • If she doesn't know or doesn't seem interested in the conversation, don't push it. You don't want to sound too weird.
Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 9

Step 2. Ask him a simple question

If she likes you, she'll want to talk to you. Say for example: "Is this place free?" Or "Do you know what's on the cafeteria menu today?" If she gives you a long answer, that's a good sign! Continue the conversation you just started.

Remember, girls are shy too! It may take several short conversations with you over several weeks before she starts to open up. Don't take it as a bad sign if she doesn't engage in a long conversation early on

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 10

Step 3. Notice his compliments

For both girls and boys, it's okay to give compliments to someone we are interested in or find attractive. Pay attention to even the most subtle compliments that might be innocent like “Wow, did you do well with math homework” or “Your hairstyle is cool today, did you comb your hair differently?"

It is always nice to return a compliment. This will let her know that she interests you. If she compliments you on your jacket, you can thank her and compliment her on her earrings

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 11

Step 4. Observe if she often starts the conversation

If a girl likes you, she will try to come talk to you. If she has a question, see if she goes to great lengths to come and ask you instead of asking someone else. This indicates that she is interested in you and that she wants to get to know you better.

As with the rest of the signs, she could also come and talk to you with a platonic goal in mind. There is no sure way to find out without asking him directly

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 12

Step 5. Listen to his ideas

If she likes you or wants to spend more time with you, she might talk about events or places she wants to spend time with you. She might not invite you out at this time, but it might be a good time to hang out and see if you like each other.

For example, if she says to you, "I really want to go see the new Marvel movie this weekend," say, "I would love to go see it too!" Are you free to go see him this Saturday night? "

Tell if a Girl Likes You in School Step 13

Step 6. Invite her out to see what she says

End it now! Body language and verbal cues can be helpful, but until you invite her out, you will never be able to know how she really feels about you. If you're feeling nervous, you don't have to invite her to an official date. You can ask her if she would like to have coffee or some other casual activity.

Say something like, “I have enjoyed chatting with you a lot these past few days. By any chance, would you like us to go have something to drink after school? "


  • Every girl is different and the ways in which they show their interest or attraction will vary. Don't feel disheartened if she doesn't follow all of the signs in this article.
  • Don't tell hurtful jokes or be sarcastic all the time. She might lose interest if she realizes that you like to portray yourself at the expense of others.
  • If you've been friends with her for a long time, be careful about confessing your feelings to her. If something goes wrong, it could ruin your relationship.

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