3 ways to be happy when you don't have friends

3 ways to be happy when you don't have friends
3 ways to be happy when you don't have friends

If you've been in a situation where you didn't have friends for various reasons (you joined a new school, got a new job, moved to a new city, or changed your lifestyle), you may you were asking how to be happy. Know that it is indeed possible! Our social circle makes life more satisfying, but you don't have to make friends to be happy. To do this, love yourself, fill your calendar with positive activities and strengthen your relationships with those close to you.


Method 1 of 3: Be happy with yourself

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Step 1. Recognize your worth

People often rely on their friends to confirm their worth. You can think of something like this, "Sara loves me, so I must be gorgeous" or "at least I get invited to all the parties." The truth is, you should feel good no matter who your friends are or how many you have. Learn to value yourself instead of letting others do it.

  • For example, if you've always needed the help of your friends to make important decisions, make the effort to make a decision on your own by weighing the pros and cons.
  • If you define your importance based on how much your friends love you, find other ways to feel important, such as repeating positive phrases or volunteering.
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Step 2. Start taking care of yourself

Make a list of self-care activities that will help you do good things for you. Start each day by adding some of these activities to your calendar. Taking care of yourself regularly helps maintain good emotional health so you don't have to rely on other people to feel good.

  • Try self-massage, a yoga session, keep a diary or walk your dog.
  • Another idea is to make a list of the characteristics that you admire the most about yourself and consult it frequently.
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Step 3. Take care of your physical health and wellness

Love yourself by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Find ways to strengthen your health and well-being, such as changing your diet, relieving stress, exercising more often, or getting enough sleep each night.

  • For a start, eat healthier by adding more vegetables to meals, drinking plenty of water, and reducing your intake of junk food and processed products.
  • Establish an exercise program that suits your lifestyle, such as playing sports, walking your dog around the neighborhood, walking or running in a local park.
  • Relieve your stress through relaxing activities such as progressive muscle relaxation or deep breathing.
  • Promoting physical health and wellness is a process you should be doing for yourself just because it helps you have a more fulfilling life.
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Step 4. Remember the things for which you are grateful

Maybe you feel bad that you don't have friends and start thinking negative thoughts. Gratitude is a great tool for focusing on the positive side of life instead of thinking about problems. This way you can feel happier and more fulfilled.

Start keeping a gratitude journal by writing down three things each day that went well or that you are grateful for. To do this, use a small notebook or download a special app from your phone's app store

Method 2 of 3: Keep busy

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Step 1. Learn to enjoy your time alone

If you hate spending time alone, it will be harder for you to be happy without friends. Try to start enjoying your time alone by engaging in enjoyable activities.

  • For example, if you are often bored when you are alone, make a list of fun activities to do on your own. Here are some suggestions: go to a show, watch all your favorite shows, create a craft project, start an album, do some gardening, read a book that has long fascinated you, and discover new corners of your town or village.
  • Whenever you are alone, take the opportunity to cross an activity off the list. Over time, you will start to enjoy the time alone.
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Step 2. Do what you love

The secret to having a happy and fulfilling life is spending time doing what you love. So take advantage of your days to indulge your passions and interests. Think about how you can incorporate these activities into your daily life.

For example, if you like to play the guitar, you can join a group or volunteer at your church. If you like to write, try to finish your first short story or your first novel

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Step 3. Look for new challenges

Some tend to shy away from difficult things, while challenges help us grow and enjoy life better. Go over your routine and think of little things that could make it more interesting and lively.

Suppose you have been doing the same kind of exercises for a year. Change your schedule by doing other exercises or signing up for a new class

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Step 4. Motivate yourself with great goals

To have a more fulfilling life, you have to have something to look forward to. Goals serve to give you a sense of direction in life and to motivate you to keep moving forward. Plus, once you've crossed the finish line, you'll feel more fulfilled and confident.

  • Think about something you carried over from the past. Set yourself a small, achievable goal and start taking action to achieve it now.
  • Suppose you want to save for travel abroad. You need to know how much money the trip will cost you, and then make a plan to save that amount over a period of time. Use your free time to find the cheapest way to make your dream come true.
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Step 5. Keep learning

Keep busy and live life to the fullest by behaving like a novice in everything you do. Take a class or read a book that teaches you a whole new thing or challenges your old ways of thinking.

For example, learn about religions other than your own, get a part-time job in another field, learn another language and listen to another musical genre, or try another literary genre

Method 3 of 3: Make other connections

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Step 1. Spend time with your siblings

If you have siblings, know that they are great candidates to become your friends. They know your whole life and probably understand you better than you think. Approach them and try to strengthen the bonds you have.

Suppose your sister moved out of town for her college education. Set a day of the week to call her by Skype and make up for lost time. If your brother lives near or in the same house as you, try starting a new tradition, like having dinner on Sunday

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Step 2. Have a good time with your parents

Even without friends your age, you can have healthy relationships with the other people in your life, especially your parents. It's not a relationship between equals, but you can express your feelings to them, enjoy a hobby together, or spend some precious time with them.

  • Get to know your parents better and seek out common interests. Ask questions like "What's your favorite TV show" or "How would you like to watch a game with me this weekend?" "
  • Have a good time with them doing things together, like having dinner or washing the car.
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Step 3. Join a club or organization

Just because you don't have friends doesn't mean you have to shut yourself off from the rest of the world. Plus, that doesn't mean you can't try to be more social. Strive to connect with people who have similar interests by joining a club or organization.

For example, if you are creative, devote your time to artistic activities: join your school's art club or your church choir

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Step 4. Help out in your community

Volunteering is a good way to contribute socially and to make new connections with members of your community. They might not even become your friends, but their company can make you feel less alone.

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