How to encourage a sad friend: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to encourage a sad friend: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to encourage a sad friend: 11 steps (with pictures)

No one likes to see their neighbor in sadness, but if it's your friend, you can't just sit there and do nothing. She may have had a fight with her husband, lost a job promotion, lost a loved one, suffered from a chronic illness, or some other upsetting event that could have made her sad. She is fortunate to have a friend like you who can help her through these difficult times. Learn how you can support a friend in sadness in this article.


Part 1 of 3: Listening to your friend

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 1

Step 1. Ask him what's wrong

Find out if she wants to talk about it. You can tell her I'm guessing you've been really upset these days. Something is wrong ? She may want to talk, but she waits to be asked first. For this reason, listen to what she has to say. Be calm and don't interrupt. You should not immediately give her advice unless she asks for it.

If she doesn't feel like talking about it, don't force her. She may feel very bad right now and will feel like she's down when she talks about it. She just needs to deal with her feelings and the situation for a while. Give her time and let her know you're there if she needs to talk

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 2

Step 2. Give her your emotional support

Remind her that she is a good person and how much you care about her. Take her feelings into account when she expresses pain. You can tell him this. It must hurt. I'm sorry you're going through this. Continue to be a loyal friend by showing encouragement and kindness to her. Now is not the time to avoid it or let it go.

  • Don't tell others about your problems.
  • Give her advice if she asks for it.
  • If you have no idea what to say to her, suggest someone else who can help her. It could be a loved one, a trusted friend, or a healthcare professional.
Encourage a Sad Friend Step 3

Step 3. Try to understand the situation your friend is going through

If you can't figure it out, just listen to it. You have the ability to provide support without encouraging a situation you disagree with. Don't judge her or wiggle the knife in her wound. For example, if she's upset about an argument she had with her husband, don't say something like I told you never to marry this man.

  • If you don't have a chance to say anything that can help her, just say you're there for her no matter what.
  • Don't hold back his emotions.
  • You can hug or hug her, however.
Encourage a Sad Friend Step 4

Step 4. Be patient

Your friend may be cranky and reluctant towards you, and even get upset. Don't make it personal. Ignore this and tell yourself that she is really off her plate. She's acting under the strain of stress and you know she's already seen better days.

Part 2 of 3: remind him to smile

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 5

Step 1. Make her laugh

Do stupid things together. Play silly songs and dances. Rent a comedy and watch it together. Tell him jokes or even talk about the best times you had together.

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 6

Step 2. Offer to take her to a fun place

Go shopping together. It may seem like an entertaining adventure. Suggest that she go for lunch to chat or meet other people. Consider your friend's hobbies and personality. Tell yourself What can I do to entertain and encourage my friend? What does she like to do ?

At first, she is likely to decline your invitation. She can tell you that she is not ready to go out. Encourage her and tell her that she shouldn't be left alone at this sad time and that meeting other people would do her good

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 7

Step 3. Buy her a nice gift or a card

The present could be as simple as a box of candy, a bottle of scented lotions and her favorite flowers. You can also choose a sincere card that addresses his particular problem. All of these things will show her that you care and are thinking of her in this difficult time. These gifts will also make her forget her problems, if only for a while.

  • Your actions show your friend that there are people in the world who care about her pain and want to help her.
  • Your friend will remember what you did to her when she feels lonely and sad.

Part 3 of 3: Be a Truly Faithful Friend

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 8

Step 1. Help him find a task or a job to do

See if there is anything you can do about her. Offer to babysit her children while she spends time alone dealing with her sadness. Volunteer to shop and cook for them or clean their house. If her mother is very unwell, offer to accompany her to bring this relative to the hospital.

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 9

Step 2. Show her that you are there for her

Right now, she may need to spend some time alone. In this case, respect her decision, but tell her to call you when she needs you at any time. If she accepts your offer and calls you at 2 a.m., be sure to pick up the call to hear what she has to say. If she wants to see you at 3 a.m., get off your bed and go see her.

Remember to call her every now and then to check in and say hello

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 10

Step 3. Chat with mutual friends

Your mutual friends can give him more support and go to great lengths to cheer him up. You should not tell them his secrets. If you want to tell them about your friend's sadness and be clear about what you're saying, ask her first.

Encourage a Sad Friend Step 11

Step 4. Seek professional help

If your friend's sadness persists, if the hurt is interfering with her life, or if you see that you are failing to cheer her up, it is possible that her illness is more serious than being irritated by a situation. hard. It is likely that she is in clinical depression. Be honest about the issues. Suggest that she talk to someone about her ailments. Tell her that you will help her find a therapist or counselor and take her to the appointment if possible.

  • If you notice your friend having suicidal thoughts, get help right away. Contact Suicide Écoute on +33 01 45 39 40 00.
  • If your friend is critically ill, call 112.

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