How to be gracious (with pictures)

How to be gracious (with pictures)
How to be gracious (with pictures)

Having grace is more than not getting your feet tangled when you walk. It is a way of moving your body, as well as keeping control of your actions and thoughts. Gracious people are naturally elegant without being cold, they care about others and treat them with respect. Even though your ability to fit inside has made you famous, with a little bit of effort you can still become a gracious person.


Part 1 of 3: be graceful in appearance

Be Graceful Step 1

Step 1. Feel good about yourself

Graceful people are known to be in control of their bodies. They do not trip over each other and do not let their limbs fly all over the place, knocking over cups or vases in the process. They know how to behave and feel good about themselves. To be graceful, you will need to work on being aware of the movements of your body and the position of your limbs at all times. This might sound easy to you, but you'd be surprised how often people get distracted and then don't even realize they're invading someone else's space or sitting in a weird position..

You don't have to have a great body to be in control of your own body or to feel good about yourself. But playing sports, whether it's running or rock climbing, will definitely help

Be Graceful Step 2

Step 2. Hold yourself properly

To be graceful, you will need to stand tall and proud, even when you are seated. It might be tempting to slouch if you're tired or just wanting to relax a bit, but by getting into the habit of keeping your back straight, this posture will become natural to you. And even when the people you talk to tend to slouch, don't do the same to imitate them. Work on standing up straight and looking straight ahead as you walk and you will instantly appear more graceful.

Having good posture will also help you have confident body language. Graceful people are also known to be self-confident because they take pride in the image they portray to the world. By slouching down or folding in on yourself, you would seem like you want to hide, even if you don't

Be Graceful Step 3

Step 3. Breathe deeply

This will not only make you feel better, but will also improve the functioning of your cognitive functions. Watch your breathing and become aware of your body as you inhale and exhale. When you feel stress or anxiety taking hold of you, make an effort to breathe deeply until you regain your composure.

As you have learned in yoga, inhaling and exhaling and focusing on your breathing will help you connect with your body and become a more balanced person. This is essential if you want to develop your grace

Be Graceful Step 4

Step 4. Work on your flexibility

Being flexible is essential in maintaining control of your body. Take the time to stretch each day so that you feel relaxed throughout the day. It will be especially important to stretch before you exercise or if you are sitting at your desk all day and need to relax your back and neck. Take the time to stretch, even if you are doing it in front of the TV, and you will soon gain favor.

Practicing yoga could help you become much more flexible. Take a beginner's class and you will soon see that a few hours of practice per week will have a big impact on your body

Be Graceful Step 5

Step 5. Dress gracefully

Your clothes don't define you, but they can still help you become a more graceful person. The most important thing is to wear clean, elegant clothes in your size, which will give you a chic and well-groomed look. Your clothes don't have to be expensive, they just need to be tasteful, not too garish, not too bright, and show off.

  • Don't wear clothes that keep you from moving gracefully. High heels might look stylish, for example, but you shouldn't wear them for long periods of time. Pants that are too wide will give you a strange look that is not very graceful. Always wear clothes that will give you confidence and make you look good and also take care to style your hair well.
  • Make sure your clothes are properly ironed and check that you haven't done any stains after you've finished eating.
  • It is also not very graceful to let a pants button open or to tuck your shirt in your pants only halfway. Then check your outfit regularly throughout the day.
  • For a more elegant look, a simple black dress will do. Clothing in subtle colors, such as browns, pinks or grays, can also make you look more graceful.
  • To accessorize your outfit, a simple pearl necklace, small earrings or a silver bracelet will be sufficient. You wouldn't want to be overwhelmed with accessories, that wouldn't be graceful.
Be Graceful Step 6

Step 6. If you want, apply makeup

Not all women like to put on makeup and if you are a woman and don't like it, don't feel like you have to. On the other hand, if you do decide to put on makeup, you will need to make sure that your makeup is balanced and that it is not too heavy. For example, you could wear a bold line of eyeliner, but then don't wear a very showy eye shadow or a thick coat of mascara at the same time. A touch of lipstick, blush and a discreet eye shadow will be enough.

  • Also make sure that your foundation is suitable for your skin color.
  • Remember, it's always better not to wear enough makeup than to wear too much makeup!
  • If you wear concealer or blush, make sure the product is properly blended.
Be Graceful Step 7

Step 7. Walk confidently

Keep your head up, look straight ahead, and walk with a determined step. Graceful people don't arch or hang around, they know where they are going and they are proud to go. If you look at the ground, you will look lost or lacking in self-confidence. Looking straight ahead will also allow you to meet people's eyes, which will reinforce the grace and confidence that you exude.

Of course, if you are walking alongside a person who is walking slowly, you will have to adapt to their pace, out of respect for them

Be Graceful Step 8

Step 8. Sit gracefully

When you sit down, don't fall into a chair. Pull up on the chair and sit down gently. You don't have to sit like a king sits on his throne, but you should still avoid slouching and work on maintaining an upright posture. Do not lean back with your legs apart: prefer to keep your legs crossed or close to each other. When you sit down, be sure to do it gracefully, even when you are tired.

If you are sitting on a bus or train, try not to take up too much space. Monopolizing space is not very graceful

Part 2 of 3: act with grace

Be Graceful Step 9

Step 1. Maintain Calm

Gracious people are never seen getting mad at people, saying things they later regret, or throwing furniture out the window. They know how to keep their cool and do not allow themselves to be reached by others. They know how to distance themselves when they feel anger rising. You never see them ranting or insulting others. They remain calm and know how to be a rock on which others can lean.

However, gracious people are not perfect. If you get mad at someone, you just have to offer them a sincere apology

Be Graceful Step 10

Step 2. Speak correctly

Graceful people know how to articulate, speak at an appropriate volume, and not speak too fast or too slowly. They are clear and direct in their language, have a rich vocabulary and express their thoughts perfectly. They also avoid swearing or using too much slang. And while you can very well pause to collect your thoughts, graceful people tend not to stutter or say uh at every turn in a sentence. They are in control of their words and they believe in what they say.

  • To speak properly, you will also need to think before you speak. Knowing what to say in advance will help you speak up clearly and not have to go back.
  • To speak correctly, you will also need to know how to make good use of grammar. For example, don't say “I'm going to the barber” instead of “I'm going to the barber. "
Be Graceful Step 11

Step 3. Take a drama class

Gracious people are dignified and confident in their communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Learn to move properly. You don't have to be the next Jack Nicholson to take an acting class. Such a course will allow you to develop your self-confidence, learn to move with elegance and confidence, as well as to speak in front of an audience, which is something that graceful people are very good at.

  • You will also learn how to interact with a wide variety of different people, which gracious people are also very good at.
  • If theater isn't your cup of tea, you could also take a dance class, classical or modern. It will help you develop your coordination, elegance and composure.
Be Graceful Step 12

Step 4. Be polite

Gracious people are polite. They don't cut people off, they don't offend people, and they don't make inappropriate remarks, especially in front of people they don't know very well. They make the effort to ask others how they are doing, offer their seats to people who are standing, and simply avoid vulgarity and unacceptable behavior. They are attentive to the needs of others and are careful not to ask questions that are too personal or that might make others uncomfortable.

Good manners are a central component of politeness. Do not chew gum with your mouth open, hold the door open to people following you, stand up when introduced to someone, look people in the eye when talking to them, do not dodge and show that you are well behaved at all times

Be Graceful Step 13

Step 5. Avoid bragging

Talking about your beauty, your incomparable fashion sense and your accomplishments is not very graceful. In fact, gracious people are very modest and take pride in themselves without needing to talk over and over again about their successes. You will be able to talk about the things you love to do without hinting that you are the best at it, and you can mention your hobbies and passions without mentioning your medals, awards and world records. Gracious people don't look for validation from others and don't need to brag to feel happy and fulfilled.

If you keep bragging about yourself, people won't want to hang out with you anymore. You should feel grateful for all the benefits you have in your life instead of bragging about everything you've accomplished. Sure, you might have done a lot, but don't shout it from the rooftops and learn to present your lucky stars and accomplishments with grace

Be Graceful Step 14

Step 6. Have dignity

Gracious people are known for their dignity. They behave with dignity and make the effort to stand up straight, not to trifle with each other and to have confidence in their attitude and their goals. Worthy people avoid getting caught up in arguments or losing sight of their goals. To be gracious, you will need to show yourself worthy, both physically and in your temper. To have dignity is to be balanced in every sense of the word.

Worthy people know how to remain so in difficult situations. They don't get nervous and don't respond aggressively to rude, vulgar or mean people

Part 3 of 3: Treat Others With Grace

Be Graceful Step 15

Step 1. Be considerate

Gracious people are always considerate of others. They make the effort to genuinely listen, to take an interest in others and to put themselves in their shoes. They take into account other people's emotions and take the trouble to comfort them and make their lives easier. They give up their seats to tired people. They hear from friends who are going through a difficult time. They are not constantly loud and are careful not to disturb others. To be gracious, you will need to be considerate.

To be considerate, you will need to be empathetic and genuinely consider what other people are thinking and experiencing. For example, if your friend's fiancé has just left her, she might not want you to tell her about your new love affair

Be Graceful Step 16

Step 2. Be respectful

Gracious people are also known to be completely respectful of the people around them. They are caring towards them. They don't make inappropriate comments, they don't step on other people's feet, and they respect their privacy. They recognize each other's merits, don't interrupt people, don't insult them, either in their face or behind their backs. They take the trouble to treat others with the respect they deserve.

Respectful people don't interrupt others while they are talking. They are not talking on the phone while they are checking out at the supermarket. They also don't monopolize a table of 4 for themselves at the cafe

Be Graceful Step 17

Step 3. Be tactful

Gracious people know how to behave tactfully on a daily basis. They understand the importance of choosing their timing and words carefully, as well as presenting important news in a delicate and thoughtful manner. They know how to be discreet and keep information private and know not to make rash remarks in front of an audience they do not know well. To be gracious, being tactful is essential.

People who are tactful don't make comments that might make people uncomfortable in public. For example, if your friend just went through a breakup, avoid referring to it in public

Be Graceful Step 18

Step 4. Help others

To be gracious, you may not always be able to put your needs before those of others. Gracious people are often selfless and happy to devote their time to helping others, whether it's helping a friend complete an assignment or volunteering at the soup kitchen. Don't think your time is so important that you can't take a few hours a week to listen to others, share your business and time, and just make the world a better place.

When you help others, do it from the bottom of your heart, not because you expect something in return

Be Graceful Step 19

Step 5. Don't hold a grudge

Gracious people don't waste their time being consumed by bitterness and resentment. They learn to forgive and move on, instead of letting anger dominate them. While you shouldn't let yourself be trodden on, you should still accept that people make mistakes and that, if they're sorry, you should forgive them. Gracious people consider others and don't waste their time getting bogged down in petty quarrels. Also, being resentful will make you a bitter and sad person.

As well as not holding a grudge, you should also avoid gossiping about people you don't like. Spreading your venom will get you nowhere: your gossip will likely reach the ears of the person concerned and you will find yourself in a sticky situation

Be Graceful Step 20

Step 6. Accept criticism with grace

It is when you are faced with criticism that it will be most difficult for you to be gracious. Whether your manager calls you to improve your results or your friend tells you that your recurring delays are annoying, you will need to learn to accept criticism for what it is worth and use it to improve yourself, if it is truly constructive. Don't be a bad player and understand that people won't always brush you with the grain. It is important to learn to accept both positive and negative comments and to be gracious in any situation.

Of course, if people are only criticizing you for the purpose of being mean, you will have to ignore them. But when people are genuinely trying to help you, be receptive so that you can be a better person


  • Wear clean clothes. You don't need designer clothes, just have a sense of style and wear presentable clothes and hair.
  • The trick to appearing graceful is to move with ease. You should give the impression that your every move has been thought out, weighed, and not moving too slowly or too hastily. This will take some practice.
  • Stay clean by bathing every day or every other day and smell great. A subtle fragrance or body spray will surround you with a fragrant cloud.
  • Forget what your body should be: bigger, thinner, smoother, less hairy, a different color. He is what he is and he is perfect as well. The bodies you see in magazines are usually retouched.
  • Being gracious does not mean being haughty or pretentious.
  • Try not to use too much slang or you will look immature.
  • Try to repeat affirmations to yourself and focus the words on yourself. Think of phrases like "I am fluent, smooth and graceful," "I glide gracefully. You might even do dance moves as you repeat these words.
  • When going down stairs or down a slope, always give the impression of going up. Keep your shoulders back and your head up. If you stumble, smile lightly and slowly walk back on your way. Instead of laughing, people will be blown away by your cover.
  • The better you are aware of the image you are reflecting, the more you will progress.
  • Watch what you eat. It's not about losing weight here: grace has nothing to do with weight, it's just about how you wear your body. Eat vegetables and avoid foods high in starch, such as potatoes and bread. Drink plenty of water and limit your intake of stimulants (caffeine and nicotine).
  • Being physically graceful also means being well groomed. If you have a lot of acne, seek treatment. Clear skin will help you look graceful.
  • You can sway lightly, but don't play nervously with your hands or an object.
  • If you are more coated, wear clothes in your size: not too wide, not too tight. You will look more presentable.
  • Always be aware of where each of your members is and what they are doing. You own and control your body, not the other way around.
  • If you've read the Twilight Saga, think of Alice Cullen. She is described there as a gracious person.

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