5 ways to get noticed by the person I like

5 ways to get noticed by the person I like
5 ways to get noticed by the person I like

Sometimes it feels like the people we like don't see us at all. They keep dating heartbreaking people or they do all they can to date another person while you are right there! If you want the person you like to finally see you, wikiHow can help.


Method 1 of 5: Adopt the right look

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 1

Step 1. Take care of yourself

Take care of your body. In addition to making yourself more attractive, you will look more like an important person in the eyes of your loved one. Shower, wash your hair, and exercise (for your health, not for weight loss).

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 2

Step 2. Smell wonderful

A person who smells good is always more attractive. You don't need to use gallons of perfume… Just shower regularly and put on deodorant. A little bit of perfume every now and then doesn't hurt.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 3

Step 3. Dress on the top

Stop wearing clothes that are torn, stained, worn, or that don't fit. By wearing such clothes, you give off the image of a person who does not appreciate themselves enough to take the time to take care of their appearance. Wear clothes that fit you beautifully and don't look like they've been picked up from your dirty bedroom floor.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 4

Step 4. Have confidence in yourself

Self-confidence is very attractive! A self-confident person immediately pleases! Of course, you just have to make others believe that you have crazy confidence in yourself. In truth, we all have reservations about ourselves and complexes. Make sure you never put yourself down and stand up for yourself if you are attacked (verbally) or asked for your opinion. Every now and then, try to control a situation from start to finish. Always try to choose who you speak with.

Method 2 of 5: Be remarkable

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 5

Step 1. Live by passion

If you want the person you like to notice you, you need to get everyone to see you! Come out of the shadows and live your passions to the fullest. Do what makes you happy without wondering what others would say. You will be admired for your commitment and happier!

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 6

Step 2. Learn a new skill

You can also learn a new skill to let those around you see how great you are. You can teach yourself to play a musical instrument or start a new sport, for example. Do something you've always wanted!

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 7

Step 3. Be Sociable

Of course, to get noticed by others, you also need to chat with other people. Get out of your comfort zone and adopt a more social attitude. Attend events with your friends, make new friends and get involved in different projects with other people.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 8

Step 4. Thrive

The most important thing is to get up from your couch and go live your life loud and clear. If you have nothing to do in your life, you will be boring to others and to whomever you want to please.

Method 3 of 5: Make him your friend

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 9

Step 1. Spend time with him (her)

How is the person supposed to know you exist if you are hiding all the time? Get out of your comfort zone, go talk to him, spend time with him and let him (her) find out who you are! These are great ways to really get to know yourself.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 10

Step 2. Get to know him

Learn what he really is. Spend time talking with him about things he finds really important: his dreams for his future, his beliefs or his political views. This way, you show him that you really care about him and not just the image he projects.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 11

Step 3. Find common passions

Find an activity that can allow you to bond (if the person you like is in any club or association, join that organization). Don't pretend you like what he does. Instead, learn to appreciate his passions. Do not harass him / her either. He will run away. You have to be patient with your pain and let things take their course.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 12

Step 4. Support her

Support the person you like at what they do. For example, if she plays a sport, go see one of her matches. But you also have to be there for her to make it wrong. Help her finish her homework and listen when she has problems.

Method 4 of 5: Interact

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 13

Step 1. Keep Calm

When talking to the person you like, avoid being overly excited or weird. Stay relaxed. He's a person like you and me. Behave normally and it will be much easier for her to interact with you.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 14

Step 2. Express yourself

Say hello to him. First warmly, then add ambiguity! Greet him when you meet him in the halls and have a little chat with him.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 15

Step 3. Be nice

Smile and try to look the person in the eye, without being creepy. For example, if you don't know the person very well, get to know them slowly (ask them the time, ask them about the book they are reading, etc.). If the person is already a friend, slowly start hitting on them.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 16

Step 4. Listen

When speaking with the person in question, make sure you spend at least as much time listening as you are talking.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 17

Step 5. Don't be creepy

Don't send him hundreds of little notes and avoid waiting for him to get out of class. Avoid getting their phone number from another person or other creepy things like that. All that will do is discourage the person from seeing you. Try to imagine what your behavior looks like to him. Try to do this by telling yourself that she doesn't necessarily share your feelings, it should give you some perspective.

Method 5 of 5: Conclude

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 18

Step 1. Avoid confusion

Don't ask someone else to ask her if she wants to date you. Be nice and polite to her current boyfriend and don't make a big deal out of it if you don't see the person very often. All you'll get out of it is stress and disapproving looks (including from the person you want to seduce).

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 19

Step 2. Ask

If you feel like dating someone, ask them. If itchy, fix it once and for all. At worst, you'll find out more about her feelings and move on. Either way, your courage will be appreciated and admired.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 20

Step 3. Ask him face to face

If you want to ask her if she wants to date you, do it in four eyes. The situation will be less stressful and the person will not feel pressured to answer something that they do not want to answer. It is possible that she did not even think of you as a potential partner at first, but in the end she wants to! Give him a chance to make his choice.

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 21

Step 4. Have a clear plan in mind

When you go ask the person on a date, you must already have a date in mind. Otherwise, it might be weird. Ask a question like "How would you like to come to the movies with me this weekend?" Or "How would you like to come to the planetarium with me on Friday?""

Get Noticed by Your Crush Step 22

Step 5. Don't be too afraid of failure

If the person declines your invitation, it's not the end of the world. At the time, it might be for you, but don't forget that there are plenty of other equally interesting people out there. You need someone who has feelings for you too. So if it wasn't, it just wasn't the right fit for you.


  • If you run into her in the hallways, give a brief smile and try to look her in the eye, but not for too long!
  • Always be nice, not just when the person you want to seduce is there, but all the time. You will look like a good person in the eyes of your loved one. That said, if you are too demonstrative or if you overdo it, you risk displeasing your crush. It can annoy everyone.
  • Be yourself !
  • Do not invade his personal space. If you just say "hi" and walk by, the person will probably want to talk to you even more!
  • If you want the person to fall in love with you, try to wear the same perfume all the time. The person will eventually associate you with the exquisite scent that you have chosen. Avoid perfumes that are too heavy. No one likes the smell of musk. According to scientific studies, boys are drawn to the scents of vanilla, cinnamon and pumpkin pie. Perfumes with hints of vanilla can therefore be effective for girls who want to seduce a boy. Another rather insidious way to attract him is to chew cinnamon-flavored gum and offer him one!
  • Don't let your friends send him embarrassing things or files about you, whether by text or on Facebook. It could destroy everything between you.
  • Don't stand up for her if she doesn't want to be defended. You don't want to publicly humiliate her and look like a mother hen to someone who isn't even dating you.
  • Make sure you are well dressed. You don't feel like taking a rake for wearing the horrible sweater your aunt knitted for you. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.
  • Don't flirt with him too much, otherwise everyone will realize that you have a crush on her and she will eventually find out.
  • Change your hairstyle. Hopefully he / she will give you a compliment or at least notice you.


  • Make yourself understood. You are a person, not an object that he can "play" with. Since you should try to be honest with her, she should also be honest with you. If mutual feelings develop, then it's all good for you.
  • Avoid stare.

    The person in question will think that you are an obsessed lunatic and they will avoid you as much as possible.

  • Don't start by talking about your feelings. It can freak out. You can also be too frank sometimes.
  • Don't talk to the person about too big a problem too soon, as it may discourage them from seeing you. Don't go into the deepest chapters of your life early in your friendship, just wait a bit.
  • Try to avoid falling in love too quickly. There is no point in exposing yourself too much until you know if it is mutual.
  • Even a little later in the relationship, it is important to try to come, on the surface, without luggage. For example, for a second date, you should not bring up your serious problems. If you want to know if the person wants you well and possibly take care of you, try talking to them about a little problem you have (for example: "I really don't understand what we're doing in French at the moment., could you explain to me quickly?”).

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