How to be cynical: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to be cynical: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to be cynical: 11 steps (with pictures)

There are people who are naturally cynical. They are very less optimistic people who do not conceive of acting altruistically. The word cynicism originated from an ancient Greek philosophy and its meaning can be defined even in its modern context. Cynical people emphasize the hypocritical side of life, even if it sometimes causes them to lose friends and not be able to have fun. If you're the type who focuses on past disappointments to shape your future, doubts the sincerity of others (and doesn't hide it from them) and always shows dark humor because you can't see the world in a positive way, so it is possible that you have become cynical. You might find, however, that in order to be happy and healthy, a little cynicism would not be superfluous.


Part 1 of 2: embrace cynicism

Be a Cynic Step 1

Step 1. Focus on your frustrations

The girlfriend who accepted all of your gifts while cheating on you. The politician you started to trust in spite of yourself and who ended up being eliminated because of a big scandal. The guy who asked you to lend him your cell phone and ran away with it. The uncle who tricked your sick grandmother and stole your inheritance. In our lifetime we have all been deceived or disappointed, but it's how we respond to this that makes us cynics.

  • Optimistic people put aside anything negative that has happened to them. Realistic people think these are things that inevitably happen in life. Cynics see them as proof that man only acts selfishly.
  • A cynical person doesn't need to be fatalistic pessimism (thinking that people are likely liars and selfish). It's just based on the clear fact that people are like that.
Be a Cynic Step 2

Step 2. Expect nothing to change

Regardless of the origins of Murphy's Law, the notion that anything that can go wrong will necessarily go wrong sounds like the words of a true cynic.

  • By viewing their past frustrations as evidence of true human behavior and motives, cynical people end up presuming that this state of affairs will not change until proven guilty (and again).
  • Still concerning the famous adages, a cynical person would also adopt the proverb Who deceives me once, shame on him, who cheats on me twice, shame on me. Men have been sneaky and selfish so often that in the mind of the cynic it is better to assume that it will not change.
Be a Cynic Step 3

Step 3. Question everyone's reasons

Long ago, cynicism began with a philosophical quest for true virtue, and today's cynic does not have to believe that all men are necessarily thieves, liars and deceivers who only think about themselves. It makes more sense for him to assume this.

  • If you want to train yourself to be a cynic, you have to practice spotting the selfish reasons that can (and in the minds of cynics, this is usually how things are) hide an apparently altruistic act.
  • It is rather easy for us to say that a politician claims to care for the poor only so that they vote for him and sell his interest to the powerful and the rich.
  • However, you will probably need to practice thinking (perhaps by brainstorming) in what ways a seemingly generous action like raising money for charity or setting up an animal shelter would actually be far from it. a. Over time, you will assume that the people who perform such acts are in fact seeking recognition and seeking to appear on television or launder money. So you won't be surprised when your guesses prove to be correct.
Be a Cynic Step 4

Step 4. Say what you think

Either way, there's no point in noticing the slyness and hypocrisy and not talking about it. Real cynics just want the world to be a better place, but they don't see what else to do except point out what is wrong.

  • As they say, if the first step in solving a problem is identifying it, cynical people can be sure they are playing a role of choice in pointing out bad behavior when they see it. It will then be up to someone else to take the rest of the necessary steps.
  • Some writers, TV hosts and comedians have managed to make a living by expressing their cynicism.
  • Here are a few sentences from a cynic: that's true, oh, for heaven's sake, stop delirious and even a simple Ha! As for the cynical gestures, there is the shrug, the rolling of the eyes, the gesture of disdain, the sarcastic noise and the smug smile.
  • If you're worried that others will have a hard time putting up with your cynicism or that it makes you sound like an idiot, consider a calmer way of speaking your mind. People probably won't always like what you say, but they'll respond better to thoughtful reasoning that goes against their expectation that the next president would fix things, as opposed to your defeatism and sarcasm.
Be a Cynic Step 5

Step 5. Consider humor

Dark humor is central to how cynical people see the world. Without it, the world would be far too bleak. Celebrities and comedians use cynicism to entertain crowds. You can do it too.

  • Cynical people are notorious for their scathing humor. It is said that one day, while enjoying a pleasant day in his extreme poverty, the famous and cynical Diogenes received a visit from Alexander the Great who asked him what he wanted. Diogenes answered Get away from my sun.
  • In the modern age, you could show your cynical humor by saying something like Well, the political deadlock in Washington is preventing them from at least starting another war or raising our taxes. In fact, most great comedians are somewhat cynical. So maybe you should take a cue from them for some comedy ideas.
  • When you start to see things as a cynic, your options will likely be to cry or laugh about it. Many will choose the second option so as not to spoil their lives.
Be a Cynic Step 6

Step 6. Know that you are in good company

The notion of cynicism has certainly been around for a long time, whether you thought it was Eve who doubted the motives God had in ordering them not to touch the forbidden fruit or whether it was an ancient ancestor who thought that her friend was walking. on two feet was just a trick to look taller.

  • Cynicism in ancient Greece was a line of philosophical thought advocated by people like Diogenes (412 to 323 BC). Cynical people avoid the superficial, shame, and materialism, because they are signs of human selfishness. Rather, they focus on seeking true virtue by simply living and telling the truth, regardless of whether people listen to them or not.
  • Cynics of the modern age classify people like David Letterman and Friedrich Nietzsche as being the same. You don't have to live like a dog or treat others like a dog (the origin of the term cynic comes from the Greek kynikós meaning dog) to be a cynic. You just have to observe the world around you and point your finger at the pretenses as well as the superficiality.

Part 2 of 2: weighing the pros and cons

Be a Cynic Step 7

Step 1. Limit your experience of disappointment

Despite the fact that generally speaking, cynicism is born out of disillusionment, this can also be a way to avoid it. In fact, if you always assume the worst-case scenario, it will be very difficult for you to be disillusioned.

  • Some experiences can hurt more than watching a hero turn out to be a charlatan or realizing that someone you know well and trust is in fact an unreliable individual. If you stop thinking that a person is acting honestly and respectfully, the chances of being disappointed are also eliminated.
  • This notion is similar to that which implies never to fall in love in order to avoid disappointment and one is entitled to wonder if it is a good way to live.
Be a Cynic Step 8

Step 2. Live like a person who asks questions about everything

A cynical person can be a great investigator, as several TV series prove. Assuming that there are other motives behind every action and seeking to prove that there is deceit, a cynical person is very unlikely to live a life without curiosity.

  • Cynics have a reputation for questioning everything from religious beliefs (in Diogenes' case) to the need to carry a drinking glass with one hand when two do the trick. Only by asking questions all the time, according to a cynic, can one try to know the real truths or at least determine the most affordable of several bad alternatives.
  • However, living without belief is like being left in the sea without a raft.
Be a Cynic Step 9

Step 3. Prepare to stop being just ignorant or optimistic

Some cynical people portray themselves as sorely disappointed idealists who have an unconditional love for virtue. Replacing hope with doubt can help you see the world better, but moving away from being positive can prevent you from seeing your surroundings.

As Diogenes said himself, no one said that being cynical makes life easier. The truth hurts

Be a Cynic Step 10

Step 4. Take the risk of criticizing others without being supported

Since the truth hurts, not everyone is ready to endure criticism from a cynic, and similarly, not all cynics are able to say what they think without being hurtful. Most don't even care.

  • While a cynical person enjoys exposing mischief, putting someone with a big head in their place, or criticizing anything superficial, it can actually create serious confrontations and even break up some relationships.
  • A cynic probably lives alone, and his only friendships will be people who think like him. You are unlikely to be invited to many parties.
Be a Cynic Step 11

Step 5. Determine if cynicism is hurting or helping

Some people will say that cynics do more harm than good because they destroy the ability to trust and keep repeating anything negative. At the same time, others will say that they are helping to create a better world, as they expose how hard it is to make progress, while also emphasizing the very urgency of making that progress.

  • Cynics aren't the type to be seasoned speakers, but that doesn't mean their message isn't as important as you can get! of an optimist.
  • Some studies have shown that cynical people often have poor physical and psychological health, as well as poor socioeconomic and relationship status. So keep in mind that your cynicism could cost you something.
  • Cynical people might want to see themselves as selfless people in a selfish world, who give a bit of happiness in order to shed light on all our flaws. What you think of this probably depends on your current level of cynicism.

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