3 ways to boost a man's ego

3 ways to boost a man's ego
3 ways to boost a man's ego

Everyone needs to be flattered sometimes. Your man may have recently been going through a difficult period which caused his self-esteem to drop from normal. Or, maybe you just feel the need to make him feel as awesome as you think he is. Whatever the reasons, it is possible to make him feel confident and happy in no time. To flatter a man's ego, you can show him your appreciation, compliment him, or flirt with him (like you need a reason to!).


Method 1 of 3: compliment him

Boost a Man's Ego Step 1

Step 1. Tell him how beautiful he is

All men like to hear that they are beautiful, even if you have been in a relationship for a long time. Even if he doubts his physique, tell him sincerely that he attracts you. Give her a specific compliment every 2-3 days, such as how she looks in a particular shirt.

  • If he's going to the gym, tell him, “Your workouts have really paid off lately. You look irresistible. "
  • There's nothing wrong with telling her that other people are sure to be drawn to her looks. That doesn't mean he'll love these people back. He will just feel good if someone who is not intimately close to him finds him attractive.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 2

Step 2. Praise his accomplishments

You can over-compliment him when he accomplishes something. It could be a promotion, an art project, or something as simple as a household chore that took him a long time, but ultimately completed. Let him know how proud you are of him. You can cook him his favorite dinner, give him a gift or throw him a surprise party. He will feel special.

If he was recently promoted, tell him, “I knew you would get this promotion. I am very proud of you. How do you want to celebrate this good news? "

Boost a Man's Ego Step 3

Step 3. Ask for advice

Think about something that has been bothering you for a while. Maybe you had a fight with a friend and you don't know how to get over it. Or it could be something more important. For example, you may have been offered a job, but you are not sure if you should take it. Ask him for advice. Then compliment him on his ability to give you helpful, thoughtful advice.

  • You can ask her advice on something as mundane as choosing an outfit. Ask him what dress or outfit he thinks you should wear.
  • You don't have to follow his recommendations, but asking for his advice will make him feel valued.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 4

Step 4. Compliment her performance in bed

Men are often very physical creatures. Your relationship isn't just physical, but it will flatter his ego to know that he is satisfying you. You can tell him he's the best lover you've ever had or tell him specific things that you like and do.

For example, you can tell him that you like how considerate he is when it comes to your needs

Boost a Man's Ego Step 5

Step 5. Brag to others that you have it

Ideally, you will have to do this in front of other people in his presence. You can relate how he recently got promoted or how awesome he is with kids. Knowing that you are proud enough of him to brag will instantly strengthen his ego.

  • You can say, “He's always been a great partner, but he's been even more so lately. I feel so lucky to have it! "
  • Even if you brag when he's not around, the conversation will eventually reach him sooner or later. He will feel good if a friend tells him that you complimented him when he was not there.

Method 2 of 3: Flirt with him

Boost a Man's Ego Step 6

Step 1. Laugh at his jokes

Making a man feel like he has a great sense of humor is a great way to flatter his ego. You can have different senses of humor, but don't resist the urge to laugh when he does or says something really funny. Don't force yourself, as this may make him feel like you feel sorry for him. Also, don't laugh at him when he falls down or does something funny unintentionally.

Say something like "You're hilarious" when he tells a joke

Boost a Man's Ego Step 7

Step 2. Look at it through a crowded room

Make your man feel like you can't take your eyes off him. This works especially well when you're in a room full of people who could easily get your attention. Don't stare at it all the time. It might make him feel like you are watching his actions. Instead, smile at her or give her a wink or two when you're away.

Boost a Man's Ego Step 8

Step 3. Show him that you find him attractive

In addition to complimenting his appearance, show him the qualities he possesses that you find attractive. Let him know when he's doing something that turns you on. Tell him he looks too good for you to resist. Don't be afraid to show your desire for him.

Before he leaves the house, tell him, “Wow! you are very beautiful today! But I also said that yesterday because you are still very beautiful. "

Boost a Man's Ego Step 9

Step 4. Send him a message during the day

He'll feel good knowing that you can't help but think about him when you're apart. Don't bombard him with messages all day, as it could get boring. One or 2 SMS will suffice. You can tell him something as simple as “I'm thinking of you” or you can tell him how much you want him.

  • Send her a message saying "I can't wait to see you tonight". Suggest that you are going to help relieve the stress of this long day.
  • You can send her a message telling her that you can't help but think about that magical moment you shared together last night.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 10

Step 5. Initiate intimacy

Show your man physically that you can't resist him by being the one to initiate intimacy. It doesn't have to be sexual. You can give him extra kisses, hugs or hugs, but it's also a good opportunity to seduce him if you don't have a problem with that.

You can take it a step further by wearing lingerie or indulging in any of her fantasies

Method 3 of 3: Appreciate your man

Boost a Man's Ego Step 11

Step 1. Report him when he's doing something right

Don't let the little things go unnoticed. You don't need to compliment his every deed, but compliments for the good he does on a daily basis will make him feel good. You can let him know how much you appreciate him changing diapers, paying taxes, or cooking dinner.

  • You can say something to her like, “You've really helped us around the house today. It made me so happy. "
  • You don't even have to tell her that you appreciate these things. Sometimes you can replace the words with a slap in the hand or a fist-to-fist.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 12

Step 2. Tell him that you are grateful for his dedication

Loyalty in a relationship should be natural, but it doesn't hurt to let your man know that you value his dedication to you. In a world where betrayal seems common, tell him that he makes you feel lucky. If you have a family, let them know that you appreciate their dedication to your children. Let her know that her efforts are making a big difference in the lives of your family.

For example, you can tell him, “I see all the effort you are making for this family. What you do for us leaves no one indifferent. "

Boost a Man's Ego Step 13

Step 3. Do something he loves

In addition to telling him that you appreciate his interests and talents, try to do something with him. Knowing that you want to learn more about what he does will boost his self-esteem. If he enjoys playing basketball, have him teach you the basics. If he likes a certain video game, learn how to play it and surprise him by playing a game with him.

It can also be something as simple as making him an Italian dish for dinner, even if that's not what you like the most

Boost a Man's Ego Step 14

Step 4. Learn to appreciate its flaws

He may have a hard time coming to terms with his flaws, which is what affects his self-esteem. If pointing out your flaws is sometimes tempting, you should refrain from doing so. Instead, tell him that you appreciate them and teach him to appreciate them as well. Maybe he's a little too jealous of people sometimes. So yes, it's boring, but by accepting it, you can work together to solve the problem.

  • If he feels insecure at times, you can say, “I know you don't feel very sure about yourself sometimes, but know that you don't have to feel bad. I think you are awesome and we can work together to help you get over how you are feeling. "
  • Some faults should not be tolerated. For example, he may be so jealous that you lose your friends. This is a defect that must be reported and changed as soon as possible.
Boost a Man's Ego Step 15

Step 5. Don't worry about trivial things

Yes, sometimes it is hard not to worry about certain issues! Maybe he continues to leave his wet towel on the bathroom floor. Or he dropped the eggs right after you told him to be very careful with that bag. These are things that happen. Of course, there are some situations that you shouldn't pass up on, but you can try not to get upset over mundane things. He'll feel more confident if you don't blame him every time he makes a mistake.

If some issues persist, such as his not cleaning up after him, you can approach the topic gently, but try not to pester him

Boost a Man's Ego Step 16

Step 6. Ask for help

Of course you are a capable and independent person, however it often pleases a man to know that you need him. There is no need to ask him for help with anything, as it might get boring for him. Instead, ask him every now and then to help you solve a problem that you are absolutely sure he will be able to solve.

  • For example, if his job is to fix computers, ask him to help you with your slowing computer.
  • If he's good at fixing things, have him fix a wobbly table.


  • Don't laugh right away after complimenting him, and don't say it sarcastically. It could trigger a negative emotion and affect his confidence.
  • Don't pretend your compliments and actions. If he notices this, it might make him feel like you pity him.


  • If he reacts negatively to something you do, don't force him.
  • Never be condescending to a man when you are boosting his ego. Everything you do should be genuine so that it doesn't undermine your motivation.

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