How to give a fake smile: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to give a fake smile: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to give a fake smile: 11 steps (with pictures)

Giving a fake smile should be as easy as curving your mouth upwards, but in reality it is very easy to tell a fake smile from a real smile. Understanding what makes a real smile will make it easier for you to make a fake. And since smiling will make your brain feel joy, you might just find yourself smiling for real!


Method 1 of 2: Make a realistic expression

Fake a Smile Step 1

Step 1. Breathe deeply to feel relaxed

If you're in a situation where you have to smile without feeling like it, take some time to relax. If you are tense, your muscles will stiffen and your smile will look strained. Before you smile, take a deep breath once or twice and try to clear your mind, so that you can be as relaxed as possible.

You might not have much time before you have to smile, but a good breath will only take you a moment

Fake a Smile Step 2

Step 2. Bring the corners of your mouth up

The most obvious aspect of a smile is the corners of the mouth that go upwards, so that the lips are arched. You should feel your smile rise up and into your cheeks.

The muscle that is used to control a smile is called the zygomatic major muscle

Fake a Smile Step 3

Step 3. Do not close your lips together

As your cheeks roll up to form the smile, try to keep your mouth relaxed or your expression will look strained. Open your mouth slightly to smile or open your lips squarely to show your teeth!

Fake a Smile Step 4

Step 4. Smile with your eyes

A natural smile will reverberate through your entire face, including your eyes. As you practice smiling on command, the corners of your eyes should crinkle slightly. The muscles used here are the orbicularis of the eye and if it is not possible to contract them voluntarily, you will be able to reproduce a realistic expression of joy by squinting your eyes slightly.

In addition to squinting the muscles around the eyes, you may want to raise your eyebrows slightly

Fake a Smile Step 5

Step 5. Say a word that ends in a rather than cheese

You've heard of the word cheese being used to smile in a photo, but this word doesn't result in a realistic smile. In fact, when you say it, you clench your jaw and the sound stretches your mouth. Instead, pronounce a word ending in a like karma, threw, or mocha.

Words ending with the a sound give a much more natural and relaxed expression, which comes close to a real smile

Fake a Smile Step 6

Step 6. Place your tongue behind your upper front teeth

This trick is often used by models. It helps to avoid tightening your smile. Your face will appear more relaxed and your smile will appear more natural. This is a great tip if you have to smile in a photo, but also in real life.

For the most relaxed result, rest only the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth

Fake a Smile Step 7

Step 7. Practice in the mirror every day

By training yourself to smile for a few minutes a day, it will gradually become simpler and your expression will be more natural. In front of the mirror, think of something that really makes you smile. Pay attention to what you feel in the muscles of your face, especially around your eyes. When you need to smile fake, try to recreate that feeling!

  • Seeing yourself smile in the mirror, you will be more comfortable with this expression. Don't panic if your teeth are not perfect or if your cheeks are rounded when you smile. A sincere smile will always make you more attractive!
  • To train even more, smile at strangers in the street!

Method 2 of 2: Think about something fun

Fake a Smile Step 8

Step 1. Think of a happy memory for a peaceful smile

No matter how hard you practice over and over again, nothing will replace a real smile. When you need to present a genuine smile, think of a time when you were happy. Think of something nice someone did for you, something you were proud of, or just a fun time, spent laughing with friends or family.

  • For example, you might think back to when you brilliantly passed a tough exam, a great day with friends, or your happiest birthday.
  • Once you've picked a moment, let it fill you up, until you start to smile naturally.
  • If you find it hard to think of a happy time, try imagining all the people around you wearing silly outfits, like chicken costumes or pirate hats! The more serious the situation, the more effective this trick will be!
Fake a Smile Step 9

Step 2. Think of a funny joke

Laughter and smile are inseparable. Thinking of something funny will make it much easier for you to smile! You will be able to think of something funny that happened to you, that you read or saw on TV. As long as it makes you laugh, it will be effective!

If you have a minute to prepare, search your phone for memes or re-read text messages with your funniest friends

Fake a Smile Step 10

Step 3. Imagine spending time with the people you love

Nothing would make you smile faster than seeing someone you love. If you need to smile on command, just take a moment to imagine you're surrounded by the people who matter most to you.

It will be different for everyone. You might think of your grandmother handing you a plate full of cookies, or you might imagine holding hands with your husband or wife on one of your first dates. Let the good memories come back to you

Fake a Smile Step 11

Step 4. Think of a cute animal

If you love animals, this will definitely put a smile on your face! There is something so adorable about animals, which most people love. Just think of a very soft and cute animal, then imagine playing with it and it's good: you are already smiling!

  • You might think of a cuddly kitten rubbing its face in your hand, a tiny puppy begging for hugs, or even an iguana kissing you, if that's what you like.
  • This cheerful reaction to animals is why Animal Assisted Therapy has become so popular over the past few years!

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