How to end a phone call with a chatty person

How to end a phone call with a chatty person
How to end a phone call with a chatty person

We have all experienced endless phone calls. But how do you end a conversation without offending your interlocutor? It is indeed important to maintain good relations with friends, family and professional contacts. Knowing how to politely end a phone call will allow you to have better relations with those around you!


Part 1 of 3: slow down the conversation

End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 1

Step 1. Focus on the conversation

As the end of the discussion is felt, be careful not to prompt the other person to continue speaking. For example, you might be very interested in what he just told you, but asking him questions on the topic will encourage him to keep up the momentum.

  • For example, let's say your mom just told you some crisp gossip. Instead of asking an open-ended question (like “how did you learn this?”), Make a simple remark (“you can't believe everything you hear”). Such a statement will end the exchange and you can move on to another topic or bring the conversation to an end.
  • If it's a business call and you need to redirect the conversation, respond to the caller with a remark letting them know what they just said is important. Then go directly to the topic you want to talk about. Say something like "Thank you for letting me know about the problem with the employee registry." I'll talk to the office manager as soon as our call is over. I also wanted us to talk about the progress of the quarterly report”.
End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 2

Step 2. Wait for a break in the conversation

All conversations are marked with light blanks. Wait for the person to pause, then explain that you need to hang up.

Don't take a break when you want to take a break! Otherwise, the other person may start telling you another story. Just tell the person that you were happy to speak with them, that you will call them back soon, and go straight to a goodbye. Do not prolong polite expressions

End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 3

Step 3. Interrupt the caller

If cutting someone off is generally perceived as a lack of politeness, it is quite possible to interrupt someone politely!

  • Only interrupt the caller when you have no other solution, and always apologize when you do. For example, you can cut off the caller when an urgent task or other emergency arises during the call. You can also use this approach when you have reached a time limit, which you had already communicated to the other person.
  • For example, you could be on the phone with a client, when a superior walks into your office or when you need to go to a meeting. Bring the situation to the person on the phone and let them know you'll call them back soon to end the conversation.
  • If you have an emergency, briefly explain what is happening: “I'm sorry to cut you off, but my dog ​​just threw up. I have to go see what he's got. "
  • If you have a time constraint and you've already told the other person, remind them of the situation: “I'm so sorry to interrupt you, but my break is over and I have to get back to work. "
End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 4

Step 4. Set a time limit

By indicating your time limit to the person, you will avoid awkward and abrupt endings. When you have only 5 or 10 minutes left, let the other person know. If he has to ask you a question or tell you something important, this warning will remind him to focus on the important points of the discussion.

  • This type of warning could also be a way for you to address a final point. Once the person answers you, thank them for their time and end the call.
  • On a business call, setting a time limit will help you redirect the conversation and get back to what you absolutely need to talk about with the other person. For example, you could say “I only have 5 minutes until my next meeting, but I wanted to ask you how the quarterly report is progressing. After the person responds, thank them and let them know that you look forward to reading their work in the near future.

Part 2 of 3: say goodbye

End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 5

Step 1. Apologize

If you had to end the conversation abruptly, be sure to apologize. Explain to the other party that you would like to be able to continue the conversation, but that you need to deal with the urgent situation that arose during the call.

End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 6

Step 2. Affirm your enjoyment of talking to him

Let the other person know that you were delighted to hear from them and that you appreciate their time for you. This will confirm to this person that they are important to you.

End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 7

Step 3. Schedule a next call

If you are talking with a close friend or family member, setting the date (or time) for your next call, it will be easier for you to hang up quickly. The person will know that they will be able to tell you everything they have to say to you very soon and will not feel pressured to extend the conversation to tell you everything right away.

  • However, asking the person you're talking to when you could call them back can make the conversation go on unnecessarily. Instead, tell him you'll text or email him to see if he's available for a chat sometime next week.
  • If you don't know when you can speak again, suggest a vague time frame. Say something like "I'll call you back later in the week or this weekend." "
  • If the person you're talking to is someone you don't talk to regularly, say something like, "We should call each other more often!" »This will let him know that you want to keep in touch, without committing to call him back at a specific time.
End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 8

Step 4. Suggest another means of communication

If you don't like talking on the phone, offer to keep in touch by Skype, text, or email.

  • For long business calls, you could tell the other person that you usually answer more effectively by email than by phone. Also be aware that it might be easier for the person to reply to an email you sent them, than to initiate the exchange of emails. Follow up on your phone conversation by email the same day and encourage him to reply to you by email.
  • Telephone conversations are sometimes prolonged because the interlocutor feels obligated to take stock of everything that has happened since your last exchange. If you keep in touch via social networks (for example on Facebook), by text or by email, the person will feel less the need to speak to you at length on the phone.
  • Tell the person you'll be texting them (or emailing) photos of something you talked about on the phone. Thus, you will extend the exchange, but keep control of your time. Sending a follow-up text or email to the phone conversation will also be a good way to introduce a new method of communication.

Part 3 of 3: plan the call

End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 9

Step 1. Call between two activities

If you know the person you want to call is very talkative, call them between dates, meetings, or other activities. This will allow you to tell him that you only have 10 minutes to speak, but that you really wanted to call him when you could. Point out this time constraint to your friend or loved one at the start of the conversation, so that they are aware of the situation.

Chatty people often tend to mean "one last thing" when trying to end the conversation. Letting the other person know that you only have a few minutes to speak will help them talk about the most important topics first

End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 10

Step 2. Consider his schedule

Think about the habits of the friend or family member you want to call. If you know he (she) eats at a specific time and won't want to talk to you for hours at that time of day, call him / her just then! For example, you could call him during his lunch break or just before his usual dinner time. Thus, your interlocutor will be in a hurry to end the exchange and you will not have to cunning to hang up.

Express your consideration for the person's schedule. During conversation, say something like "I know you're on lunch break." I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes if you have the time”

End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 11

Step 3. Call her back

If someone calls you and you don't have time to speak at length on the phone, don't answer. Remember to call them back the same day so that the person doesn't think you are avoiding them.

  • Be honest and tell the other person why you couldn't answer them. Maybe you were at work, at the gym, doing your homework, etc. Apologize to him for not taking his call.
  • Call when you have plenty of time to talk. So your friends and family won't feel like you're avoiding them. You will need to make them understand that you respect and value what they have to say to you. By not responding to their calls and calling them back, you will let them know that you are ready to devote your full attention to them.
  • If you know you won't have time to call the person back later, answer the call. Start by asking her what's going on, because she might have an emergency or other important news to tell you. If the person called you just to chat, just tell them you have a very busy day. Ask if you could call her back later in the week when you have more time.
End a Phone Call With a Talkative Person Step 12

Step 4. Make a list

If you are calling a chatty person for a specific reason, write down what to say or ask them before you pick up your phone. This will help you not to let the conversation go all over the place.

Making a list of all the topics to cover will help you remember what you wanted to talk about if the conversation starts to get sidetracked. If you can, try to bring the conversation back to one of the topics on your list, linking it to what the person just said: “oh, you reminded me I wanted to tell you what's going on. happened yesterday! "


  • The best is to remain honest in all circumstances. If you use the same excuse over and over again, the person will feel like they don't matter to you and even think they've done something that offended you.
  • Be very polite and confident. If the other person ignores your request and continues talking, you will have to tell them again that you need to end the conversation.


  • Consider the needs of others. Giving someone a few extra minutes who really need to talk might be more important than what you have to do.
  • Don't use silly excuses (like "I have to go eat my cake" or "sorry, I have to go wash my hair"). This will annoy and hurt the other person.

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