How to introduce yourself to a girl: 9 steps (with pictures)

How to introduce yourself to a girl: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to introduce yourself to a girl: 9 steps (with pictures)

Introducing yourself to a girl can be quite intimidating, especially if you like her a lot. The most important thing is to give yourself the courage to overcome this. Don't get caught up in this situation, don't have unrealistic expectations, and don't wait too long not to miss this opportunity. You just need to approach her, start a discussion and give her your first name. What have you got to lose


Part 1 of 2: approaching the girl

Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 1

Step 1. Assess the situation

Is she alone or in a group? Is she relaxed or immersed in her work? Try to approach her when she is ready to meet again. You should make a good first impression.

  • Take into account what she's doing, if she's alone. You shouldn't bother her if she's in the library with headphones on and obviously busy working. She will have a bad first impression of you if you disturb her in her work. She'll be more willing to meet you if she's doing something less addictive, like visiting an art gallery, texting, or having a coffee.
  • Take into account the dynamics of the group in which she is found if she is surrounded. If any of your friends are in this group, use it to approach the group, say hello to that friend, and use this social event to introduce yourself to all the group members you don't know, including the girl. Join the group casually. You should find a way to fit in with the group if you don't know anyone there: try to join in the discussion if you heard something interesting there, or try to approach others by asking a question about the group. event you attend.
Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Meet her gaze

Look in his direction from time to time. When she meets your eyes, smile at her and look away. It's a good sign that she's okay with being approached if she smiles back at you. You don't have to meet a girl's gaze to introduce yourself to her, but it's a good way to test the waters to find out if she's interested in you. Don't look at her too often. Be seductive, but don't frighten him.

Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 3

Step 3. Go talk to him

Don't go crazy, just seize the opportunity and move on. Walk up to her and start a discussion about what she is doing. You can try to be nice and funny, or you can ask her just one serious question. A hook can be helpful in breaking the ice, but it doesn't have to be a learned formula. You'll make a better first impression if you're comfortable. So you should approach it in a way you like too.

  • Walk up to her and comment on the book she's looking at, if you see her in a bookstore browsing the shelves. You can say "The Old Man and the Sea" is a fabulous novel and ask her if she's ever read it. Tell her why you recommend this read if she says no and try to start a more in-depth discussion.
  • Approach her if she is on the deck of a boat staring at the vastness of the ocean (you can always dream!) And tell her that this sight is magnificent. If she agrees, ask her if she enjoys the cruise. Ask her about her experience and be genuinely interested in what she tells you. She'll ask you questions quickly too and you'll have something to talk about.
  • Approach her and ask her if you can sit next to her if you have lunch or coffee in a cafeteria, in a park, or a bistro and if she is alone. Ask her if she doesn't mind that you sit next to her. Do not approach her if she is wearing headphones or if she seems to be very busy with something. Ask her what she's reading, allude to the weather, or ask her if she comes here often.
  • It can be much easier to approach her if you're at a party or an important social event, especially if you've had a drink before. Walk up to her, say hello, and start a discussion about the event. Ask her what she thinks of this party or if she enjoyed the solo in this concert. What you say is less important than breaking the ice.
Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Be sincere

Be sure of yourself, but in a pragmatic way. Don't make her a goal or treat her like a victory you must achieve. Treat her like a real person who has dreams and plans and also uncertainties, a person who can choose to be interested in you or not. Don't come with ulterior motives and don't try to deliver a prepared scenario. Come as you are, as a person who seeks to know another and you will appear more sincere.

Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 5

Step 5. Introduce yourself

You can do this as an introduction or you can introduce yourself to this girl once you've approached her and started a discussion. Just say your name is Thomas. You don't need to feel self-conscious when you introduce yourself, because that doesn't necessarily mean that you are romantically attracted to a girl. It's just a polite way to notice someone's presence and set the stage for future discussions.

  • Try to meet her gaze when you settle in, if it's the first day of class and you sit down next to her, and calmly tell her your name is Thomas. In most cases, she will react nicely to say her name is Julie. You can then ask her another question from there, ask her if she is new to this school and add that you are seeing her for the first time. You can also ask her if she took a certain course last year, because you think you saw her there during the last term.
  • Just slip your first name into the discussion if you've already discussed it in a bookstore or on the deck of a boat. Wait for a natural timeout to occur in the discussion and say that your name is Thomas by the way. You can always ask her first name if she doesn't smile right away to tell you that her name is Julie.
  • Consider shaking her hand when you introduce yourself to her. This is a very common presentation ritual in the West, whether you are introducing yourself to a boy or a girl. This immediately establishes a physical connection and it also indicates that the two of you are on an equal footing. Take a firm hold of his hand, but without forcing it too much or doing it too softly.

Part 2 of 2: Deepening the Discussion

Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 6

Step 1. Keep talking

Let the discussion unfold naturally. Ask her questions, listen well, and be genuinely interested in what she's telling you.

  • Seek out more when she hints at something that excites her and makes her eyes shine. Feed the discussion with questions. She will also ask you questions about yourself if she is interested in you. Answer it honestly.
  • Ask the girl lots of questions, if you interact with her as part of a group and keep looking at her to make her feel like you're only talking to her. Make sure you include other group members as well so they don't feel left out. Most girls like boys who are nice to their friends. The group will eventually leave you together to talk and it will be much easier to continue a one-on-one discussion.
Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 7

Step 2. Don't be afraid of silences

You don't need to fill all the gaps with words if you've approached a girl at a particular event like a concert or other show. You can drop the discussion and pick it up later, when you have a spare moment, if you are sitting next to a girl in class. Sit next to her and listen to the class with her, then make some funny hints when they come to mind. The most important thing is that she enjoys your company.

Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 8

Step 3. Leave her alone if she isn't interested in you

You should be able to tell if she doesn't want to keep talking to you. She will give you very brief answers, she won't look you in the eye or ask you questions in return. She will get involved in the discussion and you don't need to push yourself too hard if she wants to chat with you. Keep in mind that a certain restraint in a discussion does not necessarily mean that she is not interested in you. She can be shy. Just like chatting with you doesn't always mean she's attracted to you. She may just want to chat.

  • Politely apologize if she doesn't seem interested. Don't let the situation get too embarrassing. Say you enjoyed talking to him and wish him a good read. Go back to what you did before you approached her.
  • It's not always easy to get her full attention if you've approached a girl in a group, let alone whether she's interested in you. Sometimes the best tactic is to chat for a while and then go somewhere else. Keep looking at the girl you tried to talk to. This can be a great way to see if she wants to talk to you more. It's a good sign if she leaves the group to join you.
Introduce Yourself to a Girl Step 9

Step 4. Find a way to see her again

One of you will walk away eventually, even if the discussion went well. Be bold and take your chance then, this is arguably the best opportunity you can find. What have you got to lose Tell her that you really enjoyed talking to her and that you would like to see her again one of these days for a coffee or a drink. Ask her for her phone number if she agrees.

  • You can suggest that she go out with you right away, if that's what you have in mind. You can ask her to join you the next night for a drink because you enjoyed talking to her if you had a good discussion with her.
  • Invite her for coffee with you if you introduced yourself to her, but didn't have much time to talk to her. Say you want to pick up this discussion over coffee next weekend.
  • Wait for the group to leave if you have introduced yourself to her in this setting and have not been able to meet with her one-on-one. Briefly take her aside and tell her that you enjoyed her company and would like to see her again. Offer to have a cup of coffee with you.

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