How to miss someone: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to miss someone: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to miss someone: 14 steps (with pictures)

Missing someone means that you are important to that person, whether they are family, life partner, or just a friend. Manipulating people to make them feel they miss you isn't nice when you don't have feelings for them. However, creating a feeling of lack in a person can be helpful in a relationship.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare the context

Make Someone Miss You Step 1

Step 1. Get associated with an event

There are events that are remembered for all of us. So, if you have a contact, an exchange with a person in a place, at a given time that can only be associated with you, the person could easily remember you the day they find themselves in the context of This meeting. Thus, this memory can make the person think of you and make them want to contact you.

  • What can work is that the event can only be associated with you or even something of you, because the connection will be much more important than anything mundane. However, you need to have the item or event that can cause the effect to be common enough for it to happen again and for the person to remember you.
  • For example, you could run into a very famous actor at the gym, which would be quite a trivial event and so a person will be able to remember it when seeing the actor in a movie or television series. On the other hand, if you had just seen this actor's last film in theaters, it would be highly likely that no one would remember it.
Make Someone Miss You Step 2

Step 2. Show off your potential

In order to hope that someone misses you, you need to be able to show something about yourself that someone might want. It is not something that can be sold or bought from one person. It is about demonstrating the importance you place in your relationship with the person so that you can expect the same from that person in return.

Most of the time, you have to use your empathetic side. So you have to know how to be happy when the person is happy, but also how to feel sad when the person is not well. Another important aspect of empathy is knowing how to listen and therefore giving full attention to the person when they need it. This quality can make your loved one find you endearing

Make Someone Miss You Step 3

Step 3. Wear perfume

Smell is one of the senses that we all use on a daily basis. In addition, it seems that our olfactory memory is relatively important. So often put on a little refined and pleasant perfume. Little by little, this sweet scent will register in the mind of the person who will eventually think of you every time they smell this scent.

  • This is a classic situation in a romantic relationship. The smell of perfume, shower gel, eau de toilette or even shampoo from the person you are dating can soak up the sheets, on the sofa, for example, and titillate the room. partner's memory.
  • Note that a scent can take its toll in mundane situations. If you are used to cooking and in your kitchen you can still smell gingerbread. Relatives of yours will be able to make the connection between the smell and your home, in which we are always well received, and remember it, wherever they are.
Make Someone Miss You Step 4

Step 4. Forget something after yourself

Before you leave a person's house, leave something personal. This way the person will think of you every time they see what you have forgotten. In addition, this item will mean that you will meet again in the near future so that you can retrieve the item in question.

  • Consider forgetting something you don't need every day, like your wallet or cell phone. Leave a book, a watch, a bracelet, for example, at your friend's house.
  • If you are not able to do it sneakily, you can leave an item and state why you are doing it. You can tell the other person that this object is the guarantee that you will come back for it and at the same time see the person.
Make Someone Miss You Step 5

Step 5. Make a good impression before you go

If you're not going to see the person for a long time, you can stay a little longer and make these last moments together much better than usual. So when the time for separation arrives, the person will be disappointed that it is already time to say goodbye to you.

  • Don't put yourself in conflict with the person, but rather be warm. If this is your partner in your relationship, consider taking care of your appearance by choosing an appropriate outfit to visually mark your partner's spirit.
  • If the separation is long, give a gift to mark the beginning of the separation. You can opt for a temporary gift, such as a restaurant meal, pastries. For something that will stick after you, you have the option of gifting a book, a frame, for example. The gesture is more important than the present, know that each time the memory of that moment comes back to the person's mind, they will think of you and will be eager to see you again.

Part 2 of 3: Getting wanted

Make Someone Miss You Step 6

Step 1. Leave some space for the other

To miss one person, you have to get the other person to feel that feeling. Make sure you are away from the person for a while. Whether or not you are close to the person is not important.

  • If for work reasons, a move or a vacation requires you to be physically away from the person, take this opportunity. Keep in touch, but don't have fun calling him several times a day while you're away.
  • If you meet on a daily basis, break this routine to make the person miss it. You can decline an outing on a weekend, stay in work later at work. If you see the person at your workplace every day, take an unscheduled day off or work from home part of the day.
Make Someone Miss You Step 7

Step 2. Show that you are busy

When you are not with the person, demonstrate that you have an active life outside of your relationship. If you find yourself waiting too often for another, the person may slowly lose their enthusiasm each time you get together and find your relationship overwhelming.

  • You need to have an exciting life even when you're not with the other person. All relationships are different, but they all need to be balanced. If your need for the person is greater than his, you will find yourself in an imbalanced codependency that will do no good for either.
  • Don't have fun making the other person jealous. Don't try to flirt with other people if you find yourself spending time away from your partner. When you are with a friend of yours, don't go around talking about all the awesome things you do with other friends.
Make Someone Miss You Step 8

Step 3. Take the time to respond

Even if you can't wait to hear from him, don't show it too much. Don't pick up the phone immediately, let it ring. Do not send a reply to a message right away, wait a few hours.

Act as naturally as possible. Don't anticipate when to respond and what you're going to say, respond as things come naturally to you. If you are eating and you receive a message from your friend, finish eating before sending them a reply

Make Someone Miss You Step 9

Step 4. Get the other to invest in your relationship

Studies show that a person's feelings towards you will increase once they have done something for you and that after you have done something for them first. So try to get the other person to invest in your relationship and thus, when you are far from each other, it can lead the person to appreciate your shared memories with affection.

  • Remember that a relationship must be balanced between both parties. In other words, you must both be attached to each other identically, but also miss each other in a similar way. Be aware that while you are used to doing what is necessary to maintain contact between the two of you, the other person not making the effort might make your relationship less important than you do.
  • If you find that the person is not investing, try to create the situation that will lead them to invest. Ask for the person's perspective on a topic that directly affects you, for example.

Part 3 of 3: Reconnect with the person

Make Someone Miss You Step 10

Step 1. Pay attention to the distance

Sometimes, over the distance, the other may have difficulty contacting you, or even be unable to contact you. She may end up getting discouraged. So be distant from the person enough that the person misses you, but don't be too far away or absent, as you may be slowly forgotten by the person.

The length of time that must elapse between your separation and the first contact varies depending on the situation. For example, if you have a business trip, this situation should lead you to call your partner 1 or 2 days after leaving. On the other hand, if you've been abroad for a long time, allow a week or more to pass before you want to hear from your closest friend

Make Someone Miss You Step 11

Step 2. Reward the other person's kindness

If the person shows interest in you, respond positively. Show that you adore these signs of attention and in return the person will seek to reproduce these situations so that they can get the same reward in return.

Consider responding to emails, phone calls, and messages the person sends you. Show your satisfaction and take an interest in the details that make up the person's life. If by mail you receive a letter or a gift, send your thanks as soon as possible

Make Someone Miss You Step 12

Step 3. Show how you feel

Don't let the truthfulness of your feelings towards the other person take hold in the other person's home. If doubt sets in whether it is in a short or long friendship or romantic relationship, there is a risk that the person will no longer find that relationship interesting little by little.

  • Stay focused on what your partner is telling you when you have a chat, and don't get distracted by what is happening on the TV, on your phone, or on your computer screen.
  • Don't lose the person's trust in you. Trying to make the person jealous is a very bad idea, as it will create a crack in the person's trust in you. Realize that getting the person to be jealous can make the person feel manipulated, helpless, uninteresting.
Make Someone Miss You Step 13

Step 4. Send a surprise letter

Writing a card, a letter expressing his feelings towards the other is an attention that everyone likes, generally, and to which people respond with pleasure. As they read your card, the person should remember how they feel about you and then nurture a desire to see you, while you are away.

If you share the same living space with someone or stay at their home often, have fun leaving little notes all over the house. So when the person finds one of your notes when you are not there, they will think about you and the last time you were there

Make Someone Miss You Step 14

Step 5. Take an oath

When leaving the person, tell them that the next time you see each other that you are going to go do something special together. The person will long for the day when you meet again.

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