How to respond subtly to an insult: 9 steps (with pictures)

How to respond subtly to an insult: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to respond subtly to an insult: 9 steps (with pictures)

Do you hate that people insult you? Do you want to respond to them in a soft and subtle way? So forget the name-calling like "your mother" or "look at her face" and say "is that all you got in the stomach?""


Make a Clean Comeback Step 1

Step 1. Be relaxed

If you get upset when someone insults you, it means you are somehow losing your temper. So listen to his insults and you will easily accept it.

Make a Clean Comeback Step 2

Step 2. Don't overdo it

If you say scandalous or complex words, know that it will not impress anyone. For example, if someone tells you that you are fat, don't say "well, I could use my stomach to flatten your skinny face against the floor." You will just look pathetic trying to save face with humor. Instead, say "it's still better to be fat and happy than to be thin like you."

Make a Clean Comeback Step 3

Step 3. Avoid saying uh or uh

All lines should come out naturally and be well formulated. Also, try not to stutter.

Make a Clean Comeback Step 4

Step 4. Be smart

Be smart enough in your lines that your opponent can't find anything to fight back. When someone calls you stupid, you can say, "and why are you telling me this? The only answer he can give to your question would be 'because you are not able to do something right'.

Make a Clean Comeback Step 5

Step 5. Use what you say

This will allow you to get a retort and, at the same time, embarrass your opponent! If someone tells you, for example, that you are loathsome, say "look at whoever is speaking."

Make a Clean Comeback Step 6

Step 6. Ignore the insults

You can pretend you're in a hurry and say "I don't have time for this." A better line might be "I don't have time for immature opinions like yours," then go. You will have a head start on him. Be careful, however, not to sound distraught when saying something like "oh boy! Oh no, I really don't have time for that! Make sure you appear superior to him.

Make a Clean Comeback Step 7

Step 7. Be patient

Although you have a good replica on hand, you should not use it again. You couldn't have explained this better.

Make a Clean Comeback Step 8

Step 8. Stay on topic

If the person tells you your clothes are out of date, don't speak badly about their outfit. Responding will make you look desperate, and it will get you where you need to be.

Make a Clean Comeback Step 9

Step 9. Be Confident

If someone insults you, you shouldn't give up in the middle of a line. For example, don't say "well, you're like … yes … whatever!" Say what you have to say!


  • Make a list of lines in your head for various topics. Find something to fight back when someone tells you you're fat, then keep that in mind. If he calls you a beast, think of a great line and keep that in mind.
  • Don't put your hand in his face or turn your palm around to show him that you don't want to hear what he's saying. This behavior sounds pathetic and proves that you are immature.
  • Always behave in a mature manner, even if you really are not, especially when the other is acting immature. If you are mature, he will know it and can no longer upset you.
  • If you have nothing to say, look into the void. If the person tell you so "hey!" You can tell him you're training your straight face. If he's trying to find out what you're looking at, tell him "this is what I'm trying to find out."
  • Have a list of effective replicas available. Here are a few: “Well, thank you for that ray of sunshine (or a breath of fresh air)! I'm fine thank you and you ? It's amazing, no one has told me that before! Thank you for reminding me of why I can't wait to go to my next date (class), thank you, I will pray for you too, have a nice day. May God bless you too”.
  • Look for replica books.
  • If no answer comes to mind right away, raise your eyebrows and ogle the person.


  • Never explain your line if the other doesn't understand it, because if you do, it will only spoil the moment.
  • Don't brag about a good line to the person you served it to, because that will ruin that moment too.
  • It's not a good idea to say all these slurs, but if someone insults you, you obviously have to fight back!

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