How to judge a woman's character: 7 steps (with pictures)

How to judge a woman's character: 7 steps (with pictures)
How to judge a woman's character: 7 steps (with pictures)

If you want to have a girlfriend who will treat you well, it is essential that you quickly learn to determine the characteristics of a woman. There are, however, some main signs you should watch out for when trying to interact with a woman for the first time.


Judge a Woman's Character Step 1

Step 1. Analyze what he said

You have to see if she talks badly about others, especially her old boyfriends. If she is just slandering everyone else, chances are she won't think affectionately of you after awhile. On the other hand, if she tends to focus on the positive aspects of people, she is likely to be a great girlfriend for you.

Judge a Woman's Character Step 2

Step 2. See how she treats others

If for example the two of you are in a restaurant or cafeteria, see how she behaves towards waitresses or waiters. Is she sensitive or violent? Kindness is free and there is no excuse for not showing it.

Judge a Woman's Character Step 3

Step 3. Ask him questions about his aspirations

You should seek to know his main values ​​in life while asking him to be specific. If she only focuses on the superficial things like wealth and fame, chances are she won't get long with someone in life when she's in a relationship. On the other hand, if she values ​​health, confidence, frankness and loyalty, there is a good chance that she appreciates a good man who treats her well.

Judge a Woman's Character Step 4

Step 4. Behave in a relaxed manner

This factor is very crucial, because in order to get a woman to reveal her characters to you, you should not make her feel judged by being herself. So make an effort to be as relaxed as possible when interacting with a woman. You should ask her about her values ​​so that she doesn't feel like she's getting a wrong or correct answer. Don't be too serious otherwise she will only show you her formal personality which is an act rather than showing you who she really is.

Judge a Woman's Character Step 5

Step 5. See if she admits her wrongs

Determine if she's the type to apologize and can admit her mistakes. If she can't, then she's a horrible person that you'll have a relationship with. She holds onto her ego so much that she is not able to admit her wrongs or learn from them.

Judge a Woman's Character Step 6

Step 6. See how she behaves when stressed

If she continues to behave in a sensitive, honest and kind manner, she turns out to be a great woman. However, if she is violent, obnoxious, or mean, it indicates what kind of woman she will be under any stressful condition in the future. Life undoubtedly presents times of stress and for that, be sure that such a woman will behave badly again.

Judge a Woman's Character Step 7

Step 7. Listen to her when she speaks

You have to do this because most people quickly reveal their personality in this circumstance without even realizing it. This is because there are many people who try not to behave badly so that they think they are doing the right thing even though they are actually cruel or violent.


  • One of the important signs that a woman's personality is revealed is that she is making an effort to understand you. If she makes an ongoing effort to figure you out and show you that she respects you, that's definitely a reason to keep dating her.
  • Be careful not to constantly question him and talk to him about your personality.

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