How to tell a secret: 5 steps (with pictures)

How to tell a secret: 5 steps (with pictures)
How to tell a secret: 5 steps (with pictures)

We probably all have secrets. Confessing a secret can be a relief, allow you to have a topic of conversation, or help you sympathize. A secret can be anything: you love someone, you lied, or whatever. However, before confessing a secret it is better to think twice.


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Step 1. Make sure you really want to share your secret

A secret may be bad to confide, which is why it may have to remain a secret. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Who can I tell my secret to?
  • What would be the consequences if your secret was revealed?
  • What will the person I want to confide in think if I tell them my secret whether or not they keep it?
  • Could my secret really be of interest to the person?
  • What are the odds of my secret being revealed?
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Step 2. Choose the right person (s)

Depending on what your secret concerns, you can think about choosing among different people, for example:

  • your brother;
  • your sister;
  • a colleague;
  • a friend;
  • a classmate;
  • a neighbour.

    • If you do not dare to confide it to people you know or that none of your knowledge is suitable, you can confide in a therapist, a stranger you will meet (be careful, however, not to confide in something that he does not know. should not even if the person does not know you).
    • As for a therapist, he is bound by professional secrecy, which makes him a good choice, moreover he is probably used to being entrusted with things.
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Step 3. Pick the right time

Make sure the other person is available for you to confide in them. Unless it's an urgent secret, do it on a reasonable schedule. Don't wake your friend up at 3 a.m. on the phone to tell them you've fallen in love with a classmate, you risk damaging your relationship unless your secret is meant to avenge you, for example. especially not.

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Step 4. Choose the right communication channel

Depending on what you're going to say. Choose the appropriate means. If you were worried about the person's reaction, it might be best to do it from a distance.

  • You can also use a means that will reveal your secret to the person without betraying your identity. Graffiti, for example, in a place where the person is in the habit of passing by or else an intermediary person who must therefore be a reliable person.
  • You can share your secret by posting it anonymously (or not) on a social network, for example.
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Step 5. Do it right

If you want to tell the secret to several people you should consider whether you want to do it by getting them all together in a small group at the same time or by giving it to certain people and asking them to pass the message on. It can be difficult to find a time to bring several people together, in this case, rather than telling each person, it's better to wait until you have a niche.

  • If you want to confess something to someone, but you hesitate, say, for example, one of the following formulas: "I would like to tell you something, would that be possible?" »,« I have a secret to tell you, can I trust you? "
  • If you think the other person might find your secret ridiculous. Say something like, "I have a secret I would like to share with you, but it might be a bit ridiculous." "I would like to tell you something, but you might find it ridiculous." »Depending on the response received, you have several options:

    • if the person tells you no, it is probably best not to tell them and to move on to another topic;
    • if she asks you who or what this is about you can give her a specific answer: "this is about Asha and it's about what i did when she asked me how the project was going" or less specifies: "it is on a comrade. "It happened after you left when I stayed with so and so." "" It's something that has to do with what I was doing in El Salvador. "
  • The interlocutor may ask several questions to get closer to what you would like to say. For example if you say, "This is about someone in the class," you might then be asked if it's a girl or a boy or if he is in the swimming group. You can also answer: "guess".
  • If the person is trying to guess this maybe a sign that they might be okay with it. You may even realize by talking to the other person that he or she already knows or guesses what you wanted to confess to them.
  • If the person you are talking to after you confess that you have something to say to them still seems to be able to accept what you want to let them know, it might be time to tell them what you wanted to say to them and remember, do it discreetly.


  • Once you tell the story, be prepared for a positive or negative reaction and possible consequences.
  • For all these steps, you can have someone help you if you wish.

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