3 ways to convince someone to give something

3 ways to convince someone to give something
3 ways to convince someone to give something

Sometimes everyone needs to ask someone for a favor or something. It may be an important asset of a loved one that you want to use. You may also need a large amount of money, so you will have to be persuasive with the banker to get it. The important thing is to be sure of yourself and know how to express your wish in a structured way. It is therefore necessary to plan your intervention. As a preamble, you will develop stronger bonds with the person and thus your chances of getting what you want will increase.


Method 1 of 3: Make a relevant presentation

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 1

Step 1. Pick the right time

At work, it is essential to approach a person to ask them something at the best time. If you see that the person is in a bad mood, don't upset them. There is a good chance that the person will not pay attention to your request. Observe carefully and approach the person when they are in a good mood.

  • When a person is tired, this is a good time, because the person will not seek to assess your request and will be inclined to grant you what you want.
  • If you want to ask your boss to give you a promotion, do it at the right time. Above all, don't call him out when he walks through the office door on Monday morning.
Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 2

Step 2. State what you want

So that the person can better understand the need for your request, explain your need in detail. The person will see that you have thought about it and taken the time to structure your presentation in order to talk about it.

You can ask your brother or sister to lend you money to fill your car with gas, telling them that lately you have unfortunately spent more money than usual. Also tell her that in return if she needs anything, you are willing to go get it for her

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 3

Step 3. Be polite

If you take an overly demanding approach, the person in return will be reluctant to comply with your request. Usually people don't like being cornered. Remember to be respectful and for that use little words like "thank you" and "please" which are always pleasant.

If you have a friend who has an extra ticket to a concert, kindly ask her to share it with you, remembering to say "please." Also tell him that you love this group and that it will be a good opportunity to have fun together

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 4

Step 4. Express a clear request

If you make a request that is too vague, the other person may not want to grant you what you want. If your need is unclear for the person, they will doubt that they can meet your requirements. Even if the person wants to help you, you will need to make it clear to them what you want.

If you're considering a promotion, don't say, "Do you know the word promotion? »To your manager. Say, “How long do you think it will take me to be promoted to an executive in the company? To your manager

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 5

Step 5. Be patient

For two reasons, it is important to be patient. With a little patience, the person will give you what you want. By remaining patient, you will always be in a good position to ask for something new, even if the person did not respond favorably to your initial request.

You may be waiting for a favorable response from your neighbor to put a fence on your lot line between your two properties. Don't get upset and wait a bit longer while he considers your request

Method 2 of 3: Create a bond of trust

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 6

Step 1. Be serious

It is important that the person finds you trustworthy. If the person feels that you are not someone you can trust, they will not be motivated to give you anything. Clearly present your intentions and gain the person's trust.

If you want to borrow your mother's car, you need to reassure her. So do your household chores, obey house rules, and come home from school with good grades

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 7

Step 2. Know how to meet their requirements

Usually people are willing to help if you are a person who can be of help to them. This will give you a better chance that he gives you what you want. Contribute to his needs by teaching him new things, help him to surpass himself, be available when he needs an ear. The more you strengthen the bond with the person, the more chances you have that the person will respond favorably to your future request.

If you want to borrow a costume from your roommate, tell them you'll take care of taking out the trash when it's their turn

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 8

Step 3. Consider the gain to the person

Be clever in your request. How you express your need may be more important to the person than what you want. Highlight what the person is going to gain so that they lose interest in what they are going to give.

If you ask your parents to help you buy a car, in return offer to go shopping for them when they don't have time to go

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 9

Step 4. Take the time to get to know the person

In order to get what you want to ask from the person, it is important that you get to know them better. IF she's not a close person yet, start sharing things and spending time with her. Subsequently, this will allow you to communicate better with the person and gradually gain their trust.

If you later want to ask a co-worker for something, find a way to get closer to them. If you see he has a photo on his desk that you see a dog in, tell him about yours

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 10

Step 5. Spend time with the person

You may know the person well, but you don't feel close enough to ask for something. Look for opportunities to spend time with the person. This will make the person feel important to you.

  • Suggest that the person eat during lunch break, for example. Then show that you care about her by asking about her life.
  • Listen carefully! Listen carefully and ask questions to show that you care about her.

Method 3 of 3: Show up confidently

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 11

Step 1. Be relaxed

If you are stressed, you will lack the confidence to present yourself. Make a good impression by introducing yourself humbly and calmly. Consider exhibiting a personal part that characterizes you. Take a deep breath, relax, and then introduce yourself.

If you want to get a raise. Motivate yourself by telling yourself that you deserve it and that you are going to apply in due form while remaining calm

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 12

Step 2. Prepare yourself

Consider organizing your ideas. Write down on a piece of paper if you have several things to ask that you are afraid to forget. By being prepared, you will make a good impression.

If you take notes, you can write down your reasons for requesting this service from the person. Also note the mutual gains that this engenders

Convince Someone to Give You Something Step 13

Step 3. Speak clearly

Don't use phrases like "um" or "well" to fill in the blanks in your speech. They do not help the good understanding of your interlocutor. In addition to making your speech risky, you will come across as a self-assured person. Clearly state what you want.

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