How to play with a bad boy's feelings: 8 steps (with pictures)

How to play with a bad boy's feelings: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to play with a bad boy's feelings: 8 steps (with pictures)

It's not easy to deal with bad boys. They use the girls and get rid of them when they're done. Learn how to go about it with them.


Play With a Bad Boys Heart Step 1

Step 1. Don't flirt with a flirtatious person

If he's dating another girl a lot, ignore him! It might hurt you, but tell yourself that you are the most attractive person in the world and that you can date whoever you want. Self-confidence melts men.

Play With a Bad Boys Heart Step 2

Step 2. Court his acquaintances

Do you have a Facebook account ? Make it clear that you are interested in someone else, only if that other person shows an interest in you in return. Write on his wall, exchange gifts, etc. Everyone happens to glance at someone else's Facebook account at one point or another.

Play With a Bad Boys Heart Step 3

Step 3. Make it seem like you're always busy

Always organize activities with friends.

Play With a Bad Boys Heart Step 4

Step 4. Always look good

When dating a charmer, always put on a good face and make sure everything about you is perfect. Get other boys to notice you and do the same. I hate to say it, but think of it as a game. Bad boys are not easy to deal with, and no one wants you to be disappointed.

Play With a Bad Boys Heart Step 5

Step 5. Act like a bad girl

Be yourself and don't change for anyone unless you find yourself in the company of the seducer and his friends. Also, never give in to him, and above all, never betray the trust of a friend of yours. They are there for you, and if you prove yourself to be a good fellow, they will return the favor.

Play With a Bad Boys Heart Step 6

Step 6. Play the seducer

Pick special times to get closer to him, and the next moment, pretend there is nothing between you. Be sympathetic, but at the same time pretend you don't know you're not giving him the attention he wants. Seducers live off the attention others give them. If they are not given the attention they need, they will not be able to survive. Pretend you're in love with him, but at some point, be both sympathetic and indifferent. Talk to other boys, and most importantly, date these guys.

Play With a Bad Boys Heart Step 7

Step 7. Play his game a bit

If the charmer starts off by being more clingy by saying things like "I need you" or the like, start by letting them do it a little bit. Don't do things that every flirtatious girl wants girls to do, but make her feel interested, even if just a little.

Play With a Bad Boys Heart Step 8

Step 8. Now make a decision

Will he play with you or have you bamboozled him? You don't have to do things that all seducers want girls to do, I can't say it enough! Wait a few weeks, watch her reactions, and see how you can live together. If you want to have a relationship with this guy, you need to determine if he's really fit for it. However, if you just want to play with him, just ignore him and stop talking to him. He will probably feel the same as girls after he uses them.


  • Make sure this guy was a flirtatious guy, and that he used you. Please be careful not to fool a good boy.
  • Make all the feelings you have for this boy go away. If you're still attached to this guy in some way, then your efforts to play him will be in vain.
  • Consider the worst. Given your age, there might be some men who have had multiple partners or just used the girls. It's a shame, but you shouldn't be one of those people! Tell yourself that this person will use you and then abandon you. Don't fall for his cunning.
  • Go out with other people and make sure the viewer knows about them. Flirting with other people will create jealousy in him. You may even start dating one of his comrades with whom he does not have a close connection. This means that you shouldn't try to date his best friend, but rather an acquaintance he appreciates.
  • Think, for example, when you first learn that two people are falling in love with each other or starting to date. Don't you feel like you're a little jealous or envious? If you don't know the person at all, then you won't experience much, but if you've met them before, then something will certainly happen to you.
  • Do not talk about the seducer to his comrades. Buddies or best friends tell each other everything, and for that, you shouldn't expect your remarks or questions to go unnoticed.


  • Dress well, smell good, play sports and have a great life. Your existence shouldn't revolve around a person.
  • Give yourself confidence. You are untouchable and beautiful.
  • Don't flirt or date people you don't like, and most importantly, don't lose good friends because of it. True friends are the people who really matter.
  • Don't make a fool of yourself.

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