3 ways to respond to criticism about your weight

3 ways to respond to criticism about your weight
3 ways to respond to criticism about your weight

It can be really hurtful to be commented on about your excess weight. No one likes being criticized for their physical appearance. If someone calls you fat, there are different ways you can respond. You can use humor and surprise the other person with your witty response. You can also answer that it is an inappropriate comment. Finally, you can learn to deal with the emotions provoked by this kind of verbal aggression. It can be painful, so it's important to seek support from those close to you.


Method 1 of 3: Be balanced

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Step 1. Use sarcasm

People who prey on others sometimes don't expect to cause a reaction. Try to be sarcastic, it might surprise people who pester you about your weight. Bullies often choose targets that they feel are weak. Your repartee could well slow them down.

For example, you can pretend you've been paid a compliment. Answer for example "Thank you for noticing, it touches me a lot!" "

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Step 2. Respond with a touch of corrosive humor

You can respond with a sarcastic comment to the other person. If, for example, you are told something like "You have such a pretty face, it's a shame that you are so fat", you can respond "You too have a beautiful face, it's a real shame that you don't. don't be smart."

Be careful not to make too scathing comments, especially if you are not in a safe environment. Don't put your safety on the line

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Step 3. Make fun of their lack of qualification

Your weight is only a matter for you and your doctor. Without medical training, others have no right to comment on your weight. Emphasize this point if someone thinks about your weight, your interlocutor will feel silly to have brought up the subject.

If, for example, you're in 4th grade and a classmate tells you you're 30 pounds overweight, say, "Wow, I can't believe you were in medicine when you were only 14!" Because you have to be a doctor to know how many pounds I should lose. "

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Step 4. Don't react

You may possibly not react at all. Some bullies are just waiting for this. If you've tried to respond sarcastically and the insults continue, just try to ignore them. Maybe the people in question will decide to leave you alone.

  • If someone makes a rude comment about your weight, pretend you haven't heard anything. If he continues, just leave the room.
  • If, after ignoring someone's insults, you feel like crying, that's okay. It's natural to feel bad when someone is hurtful. You can ignore it at the moment, but it's important to express your feelings later, if you feel the need to.

Method 2 of 3: Respond seriously

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Step 1. Explain that this remark is out of place

Sometimes people need to hear that their remark was inappropriate. If someone makes a remark that hurts you, immediately point out what they did. People who allow themselves to comment on the weight of others are sometimes caught off guard when one points the finger at their attitude.

  • Be very honest. Speak to the person in question and tell them that their words are not funny, that it is perfectly rude and that you don't like it at all.
  • It is possible to take a detour by giving advice like "Putting myself down to increase your self-confidence is not healthy." Maybe you should find another way to deal with your problems. "
  • You can also ask this person about their behavior. Ask him, for example, "Why do you feel the need to belittle my physical appearance?" What's in it for you? "
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Step 2. Explain that your health is your own business

Not all of the people who point out extra pounds want to hurt you. While this doesn't justify their attitude, some people think their comments can help you feel better about yourself and be healthier. If you think someone is trying to help you by commenting on your weight, make it clear to them that they are not.

  • For example, you can say something like, “I appreciate that you are worried about me, but my health is only my doctor and myself. If I need nutritional advice, I'll turn to him. "
  • If this person insists, answer that this conversation is inappropriate and that you prefer to leave it there.
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Step 3. Remind them that each person is unique

Everyone has a different body and you should remind others that this is a reason to celebrate. Show them that you are proud of your body and the risk of them harassing you will decrease. For example, you can tell them that you love your body the way it is, even if you don't. Tell them that you are happy like that and that you don't care what they think.

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Step 4. Set limits for the future

If the person telling you about your weight is a friend or family member, set clear boundaries. No one should have to endure constant criticism of their build.

  • Be clear about what behaviors you will no longer tolerate in your relationship. For example, you can explain to him that you do not intend to tolerate derogatory remarks about your weight and even less insults.
  • Over time, remind you of the limits you set if necessary. If the person in question still comments on your weight, tell them you've talked about it before and that those comments aren't welcome.

Method 3 of 3: Cope emotionally

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Step 1. Don't get into an argument

While it's okay to be sarcastic, especially if you're being harassed, be careful not to provoke an argument. Respond in a brief and witty manner, but don't insult the other person.

You probably won't solve the situation by yelling or insulting the other person. Try to stay calm, even if you are hurt

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Step 2. Seek support from your friends

It's okay to feel sad when someone calls you fat. It makes perfect sense that you find this hurtful. Seek the support of people who care about you.

  • Talk to a close friend or family member. If you're having trouble getting over these hurtful words, try planning a date with your friends to clear your mind. Why not go see a movie together?
  • Choose someone who is empathetic and can listen.
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Step 3. Focus on the positive

A disparaging remark about your weight can make you lose confidence in yourself. When this happens to you, try to think of all the things you like about yourself. Think about all the positive things you've been told in your life, rather than focusing on just one comment.

Try to make a list. Make a list of all the nice things you've ever been told. Rather than focusing on the negative comments some people have made about your weight, think about everything you have been told that is positive

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Step 4. Stay away from people who are commenting on your weight

If someone around you continues to comment on your weight after you have asked them to stop, you have every right to cut off all contact with them. It is never okay to continually criticize someone for their physical appearance and especially to call them fat. If someone regularly crosses the boundaries you set, you can easily walk away from them.

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