How to make someone feel special: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to make someone feel special: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to make someone feel special: 14 steps (with pictures)

You might be trying to cheer up a friend who is having a bad day. You might be trying to get someone to fall in love with you. No matter what, making someone feel really special is a simple and effective way to improve your relationship, especially when done with tact. There are thousands of ways to make someone feel special and a lot of them depend on your relationship with the person. However, there are some general ideas and recommendations that will work for everyone.


Part 1 of 3: spending time together

Make Someone Feel Special Step 1

Step 1. Smile

Greet that special someone with a smile and smile as often as possible when you are with them (without pretending). Smiling will make you feel happier, but it will also make you look happier and more positive. It will also make her feel that you are happy with her and that you are interested in what she has to say.

Make Someone Feel Special Step 2

Step 2. Listen

Take an interest in what the person is going through, such as their passions and what they are doing at work or school. Take notes on the people she mentions regularly, they are certainly important to her in one way or another.

  • Give that person your undivided attention. Don't stay on your phone or computer.
  • These important people can be his siblings, parents, grandparents and close friends. She may also mention her pets, children or even classmates or colleagues. Try to learn more about these people and their relationship with your friend.
  • Sometimes it's better to just listen and not come up with solutions. For example: your friend tells you that she feels frustrated with her basketball coach. Say something like, “It sounds really frustrating to me. I'm sorry you have to go through this. But avoid saying something like, "I know exactly how you feel" because you probably don't fully understand what she's going through and that can make her feel bad.
Make Someone Feel Special Step 3

Step 3. Ask him questions about his life

Now is the perfect time to show you know your friend's life. Ask her about a specific person or event she talked about the last time you spoke to each other. Asking questions will show her that you care about what she does and what she likes. Pay attention and try to remember details of its history. The next time you talk, ask her how she is. For example…

You remember that she is very close to her brother and that the last time they spent time together was Easter vacation when they went on a family trip to the beach. Ask her how her brother is doing and if she has seen him lately. You can also ask her if she's been to the beach lately or if she's planning to see her brother again in the next few weeks

Make Someone Feel Special Step 4

Step 4. Share a memory

This memory will not only be a warm and fun thought for you and your friend, but it will also show her that you are thinking of her and that you appreciate the time you spend together. It could be a childhood memory or the last night you spent together. Maybe you stayed all night chatting or did something crazy like jump in a parachute. Reminding yourself of your time together is a great way to show them that these times together are really special.

Make Someone Feel Special Step 5

Step 5. Try to touch the person lightly every now and then

It doesn't have to be intimate contact, but touching has been shown to increase happiness and make us feel more connected to others. Take her in your arms when you first see her and when you say goodbye or put your hand on her shoulder when you walk past her.

Be careful not to overdo it, the time limit and times you can touch her depends on your relationship with that person. This limit will vary significantly if that person is a good acquaintance rather than a friend or family member

Part 2 of 3: give gifts

Make Someone Feel Special Step 6

Step 1. Find out more about the person

Listen to all she has to say. Take notes of what is important to her such as the people she meets, items of sentimental value, or her favorite places and hobbies. It can be as easy as knowing her favorite brand of soda or which candy she prefers. You will learn more about these things just by listening to it or observing it. The things that you can learn about it may be as follows.

  • His best friends. Is she spending time with a specific person or a group of friends? Learn more about these people, how she met them and what they do when they hang out.
  • His close family. Is she close to one of her siblings or is she closer to her parents and grandparents? If she regularly mentions doing something with her father, it is usually a sign that they are very close. Take note of it.
  • Her favorite brand of soda. Does she prefer Pepsi or Coca Cola? Does she prefer the regular or light drink? These little details will prove to her that she matters to you.
  • His favorite dish. Maybe she likes Indian dishes or maybe there is a specific dish that she particularly likes. See if she always eats the same thing or suggests the same style of restaurants often.
  • Its sports and leisure. Does your friend train often or take lessons regularly? She might be playing a sport, but doesn't take it too seriously and does it just for fun. Try to focus not only on her hobbies, but on how important they are to her.

Step 2. Keep the element of surprise

A gift that the person does not expect is much more striking, you will surprise them and make them feel special. If you invite her out for dinner, for example, try to make her believe that you have to attend a meeting together for work.

Make Someone Feel Special Step 7

Step 3. Give her something of sentimental value

Take into consideration what you know about her and make something unique about her. It doesn't have to be expensive or crazy, but just something that she'll like and let her know what you think about her. If she's had a bad day and seems to be stressed out, giving her something she loves like her favorite candy will make her feel special and comfort her. Here are some examples of gifts you can give her.

  • His favorite dish or drink. This gift is very simple, but will make her feel loved.
  • An object related to his favorite sports team. For example, a team's jersey, a t-shirt or even a ticket to one of their matches can be good ideas.
  • An object that she can collect. Lots of people collect items like coffee mugs, cards, and more. Adding something to your friend's collection is a great way to show her that she is important to you.
  • Another option would be to make him something. Invite her over and cook her favorite food or draw her. Use your talents to create something that will show her that you care.
Make Someone Feel Special Step 8

Step 4. Give her a compliment

Complimenting her can sometimes be more difficult than giving her a gift, but it's often a better way to show her how unique she is to you. The things to remember to give him a nice compliment are as follows.

  • Be sincere. Think of something your friend is proud of and reinforce that idea. A sincere compliment has more impact and is easier to give.
  • Pay attention. If your friend is trying on something new like a new outfit or a new accessory, this is an opportunity to say something nice to her.
  • Compliment his personality. If your friend does something nice for you, thank her and use one more sentence to let her know that you think she's a really good person. Remember to smile when you give her this compliment.
Make Someone Feel Special Step 9

Step 5. Take her to a particular location

Maybe there's a place in the woods she used to go to as a kid, or maybe her favorite artist is in town next month. It's a great way to hang out with her, but it'll also show her that you care.

You can also take it to a restaurant, on vacation or to a sporting event

Part 3 of 3: keep in touch

Make Someone Feel Special Step 10

Step 1. Keep in touch

Call her when you have a spare moment. If you're too busy or it's hard for both of you to find time to spare, agree on what time you can call each other. You can also stay in touch by texting or emailing each other. Send her articles that she might like or things that make you think of her. Ask him for news of his relatives. This will show her that you care and care about what matters to her.

When chatting, try to bring up topics she has told you about before. It shows that you listen to what she is saying and that she interests you to the point of asking questions about her life

Make Someone Feel Special Step 11

Step 2. Follow her on social media

When you talk to him, you will have something specific to ask him. When appropriate, comment or like what she posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Be careful not to overdo it, you don't want to make her uncomfortable or look too clingy. A good example of using social media to make her feel unique would be …

She just posted a photo of herself skiing. The next time you talk together, tell her you saw the photo and ask her if she had fun. Has she been there with friends or family? This will show her that you are thinking of her and that you want to learn more about her

Make Someone Feel Special Step 12

Step 3. Make him meet new people

If you don't see her often, but she's looking to make new friends in her town, think about the friends you have nearby. If you know someone, get them to meet. Besides showing her that you think about her, it will also show her that you care about her happiness even outside of the relationship you have with her.

When you bring them together, share a fun fact about your two friends so that they have something to talk about and feel more comfortable. For example: Émilie, this is Olivia who played in the same football team as me in high school and she was by far the best defenseman on the team. Olivia, Émilie and I did the same chemistry studies at university and we had a lot of classes together, we had a lot of fun together. They now know how you know each other and will have a few things to start a conversation with

Make Someone Feel Special Step 13

Step 4. Plan your next outing

Whether it's tomorrow or next month, planning the times you'll spend together shows that it's a priority for you to see her. Planning your outings will also allow you to save money or schedule days off to see that person. Ask her what she wants to do and suggest something that will make her happy.

If you have mutual friends or know his or her close friends, try including them in your plans. It's a really easy way to show her that you care about the people who are most important in her life

Make Someone Feel Special Step 14

Step 5. Take action

If you cancel the outings you have planned together, it will make her feel like you don't really care and are unreliable. If you are planning something, don't back down. To prevent this from happening, mark your next outing on your calendar and schedule reminders if you need them. Place post-its on your desk or bathroom mirror, or find a way that works best for you to make sure you don't plan anything else today.


  • Set limits and stick to them. It will depend on your relationship with the person.
  • Be sincere. It won't work if you pretend.

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