How to hit back at someone throwing spades at you

How to hit back at someone throwing spades at you
How to hit back at someone throwing spades at you

If someone is constantly throwing spikes at you and you want to give them back, the first step is to plan when that will happen. Spot her weak spots, stay calm, and be confident enough that she won't come back.


Method 1 of 2: Learn the itchy little phrases

Diss Someone Step 1

Step 1. Criticize its appearance

  • “When your mother dropped you off at school, she was arrested for throwing out her trash in the street. "
  • "Halloween is over, you can throw away your mask …"
  • I would like to insult you, but nature has already done it! "
  • "You look more like the 'before' photo.
  • "Did you swap your neck for another chin?" "
  • "Was anyone else injured in the accident that made you like this?" "
  • "I saw someone who looked like you before, but I had to pay an entry for it." "
  • "Maybe eating your makeup will make you look better on the inside." "
Diss Someone Step 2

Step 2. Criticize his intelligence

  • “We already know you're an idiot. Why are you still trying to convince us? "
  • "It's a little sad to see that you manage to fit all your vocabulary into one sentence. "
  • “When a thought crosses your mind, it must be a very long and lonely journey for it. "
  • "Surprise me, say something smart." "
  • “I heard my dog ​​fart smarter things. "
  • “When I approach you, I can hear the ocean. "
  • "You're as dry and half as useful as dog poop." "
Diss Someone Step 3

Step 3. Take on his standard of living

  • “You are so poor that even your food stamps are refused. "
  • "Do you dry your used toilet paper to reuse it?" "
  • "The last time you smelled a hot meal was when I farted." "
  • "Are you returning these clothes to the morgue after you take them off?" "
  • "You are so poor that you can't even give attention. "
Diss Someone Step 4

Step 4. Make fun of his behavior

  • If someone tells you you're ugly, say, "Yes, but a little makeup can help, but nothing can hide your behavior." "
  • “I could make an umbrella with your shadow. "

Method 2 of 2: Take your time

Diss Someone Step 5

Step 1. Find out the weak point of the person you want to silence

What is the person most proud of? What embarrasses her the most? Updating these weak spots will make it easier to plan the details that will work in your favor. Attack his pride.

  • If the person you are bothering with is always very well dressed or seems very proud of their Nike sneakers, keep these things in mind. They will help you find sufficiently offensive phrases about their dress appearance.
  • If the person is a good student or, on the contrary, a bad student, tackle his grades or his intelligence. This can be a really good way to get rid of her.
  • Sport is important at school. If you're annoyed by a very athletic person, why not point out to everyone that they just missed a football goal or a basketball hoop?
Diss Someone Step 6

Step 2. Relax and laugh

The spikes are supposed to piss you off so stay calm on the face of it. When someone hurts you, try to pretend their words didn't hurt you no matter what they said. Laugh and let it flow. If your persecutor returns to the charge, think of something else, the time to find what to say to him and thus avoid having to listen to him again.

Fix a part of the face that you find funny on your attacker while he speaks to you, this will allow you to no longer have to listen to him. It could be his nose or his ears. If he has a pimple, then stare at it exaggeratedly, it might even make you laugh

Diss Someone Step 7

Step 3. Wait for the right time to present itself

It can be a bad idea to start a nastiest spade contest against someone who has the art and the way to hurt. If you play the unreached one as she starts insulting you, tell yourself the ball is in your court. So you can wait for the best moment to let off steam, with well-thought-out lyrics that are sure to hit the mark.

  • If you choose the tactic that involves your assailant's clothes, wait until he wears nice new clothes and tell him that you like his nice t-shirt for example. However, be sure to follow up with "Hey, the garbage man who walks by my house every day wears the same one!" "
  • Take advantage of sports lessons to attack his qualities as an athlete. Wait for him to stumble or fall, then point your finger at him, laugh and invite your friends to join in on this funny moment.
  • If you intend to laugh at his intelligence, wait until he reads aloud in class. If you're the next one to continue reading, start reading imitating him, then go back to your usual tone, being careful to say just before “oh, I forgot, I'm not an idiot”. If the math teacher asks him a question, whisper a short, murderous phrase such as "Watch out, Einstein is going to speak," but in a way that only your attacker can hear you. By doing this, you are sure that he will be embarrassed.
Diss Someone Step 8

Step 4. Pretend your spade isn't

You will confuse you if you act like you are absolutely sincere. By suggesting this, he will be confident enough that you can attack him in turn.

  • Take the person aside after class, say seriously and with the utmost sincerity, "I didn't mean to say that in front of everyone, but your pants smell like wet dog." I almost threw up during class. Maybe you should call your mom and ask for another one. Be as specific as possible and act like you're doing him a favor.
  • Tell him that you heard the gym teacher say that you play football like a real pro. Then ask him how the sports lessons are going for him.
  • Tell her that you can help her with her math homework for $ 20 an hour, at least if her parents can afford it.
Diss Someone Step 9

Step 5. Remember that silence is golden

Sometimes the most effective spade is not to fight back at all to your attacker. Ignoring someone in society can be effective, but you need lots of friends to do that. So, pretend you are talking about the person until they come to you. With that done, ignore everything she says completely, being careful not to look at her or speak to her.


  • If the person tormenting you says something funny, ignore them and pretend you haven't heard anything.
  • Try to keep her away from your group of friends. This will make it seem like she's not likeable enough to be a part of it.
  • Do not act in front of people who are close to your attacker. If not, you can be sure that they will stand up for him.
  • Find spikes that she cannot respond to.


  • Don't provoke things first. Don't insult people for nothing, it's called harassment and bullying.
  • The contents of this article should be taken in the second degree. Making fun of others will not improve your life, on the contrary …

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