How to make someone smile

How to make someone smile
How to make someone smile

Making someone smile is always a reward in itself, whether it's to cheer up your depressed friend or the cashier in the supermarket. You can do it in a hundred different ways, by being generous or just doing something silly. When you make someone smile and brighten their day, you feel better.


Make Someone Smile Step 1

Step 1. Tickle the person

It might sound perfectly silly, but it's a pretty sure-fire way to make someone smile! Do it under the arms, behind the knees and in the neck, great places to tickle. But it might not work if the person is in a super grumpy mood. But if it works, you'll end up in a tickle fight! The two of you won't just smile, but both of you laugh out loud.

Make Someone Smile Step 2

Step 2. Tell a joke

It doesn't matter whether the joke is stupid or trivial. Just telling a joke will make the person you want to cheer up smile, even if they know the joke isn't funny. You can even send a joke to her phone or tell it on her answering machine. You can try a classic toctoc joke.

  • You: "Toctoc"
  • Your friend: "Who is there? "
  • You: "Johnny"
  • Your friend: "Johnny who? "
  • You: “Oh yeah! "
Make Someone Smile Step 3

Step 3. Do their favorite activity with the person

Ask the person what they would like to do best, whether it is going to the movies, playing pétanque or shopping. If you take the time to take the person to their favorite activity, you will really put a smile on their face. You will make her smile even if the activity she offers is perfectly infeasible.

Make Someone Smile Step 4

Step 4. Show him something funny

You will make the person laugh or smile fondly by showing them online videos of various misfires, adorable pictures of kittens, comments from two hundred-year-old admirers of Justin Bieber or the Halloween zombie costume of a teenager who adores turtles.

Make Someone Smile Step 5

Step 5. Smile

Smiling at someone is sure to boost the person's morale and in most cases, get a smile back too! Even if the person only smiles out of politeness, his mechanical smile will do him some good deep down.

Make Someone Smile Step 6

Step 6. Make a small gift

Give the person a book you love, a movie ticket, a cute bracelet, a kitten image, an insane scarf, or whatever the person might like, even if they'll only appreciate the perfectly spontaneous side of your gesture. You should wrap it up and present it in a cute way, whether you leave it at the person's door, in their mailbox, or bring it to dinner.

Make Someone Smile Step 7

Step 7. Listen

Sometimes a person just needs a listening ear to listen. Take the time to listen, whether it's to hear what your best friend is telling you about her break-up or what your neighbor is saying about her cold last week. Listening for even a short time can make the person smile again, because you had the delicacy to think about it.

Make Someone Smile Step 8

Step 8. Show affection

If you know the person well, you can pat their arm, ruffle their hair, give them a wet kiss on the cheek, or pinch their arm. Sometimes a person just needs a little affection, attention and always to feel appreciated. Make sure the person is comfortable with what you are doing.

Make Someone Smile Step 9

Step 9. Take the person in your arms

It makes most everyone smile, as long as the person is used to you doing it. Don't underestimate the power of this small gesture. You can even go theatrically if you want to cheer up a friend who needs to smile again.

Make Someone Smile Step 10

Step 10. Offer the person a cup of tea or coffee

If you live not far from that person, you can make a great cup of coffee and take it to the person you want to put a smile on your face. Coffee and tea are known to soothe and relax people, which will make them smile more easily. Plus, everyone loves the kind attention that comes with a comforting drink.

Make Someone Smile Step 11

Step 11. Bring breakfast to bed

Prepare the person's favorite breakfast and bring it to bed. You should see a big smile appear before you even put the tray on the bed! Just make sure you don't do it on a day when the person is in a rush.

Make Someone Smile Step 12

Step 12. Share an old photo with the person

If you and the sad person have a common past, chances are you have loads of photos to share as well. Find the funniest, most ridiculous, or just the most absurd ones and show them to the person when they least expect it. She's unlikely to smile when she sees a photo that's fifteen years old that shows you both dressed up as zebras for Halloween or playing in the snow when you were little!

Make Someone Smile Step 13

Step 13. Share a memory

Even better than a photo, an old shared memory will undoubtedly bring back a smile to the sad person. If you have a common past, it won't be very difficult to find something not too old that will make the person smile, especially if it is an anecdote that you have not mentioned in years, between the eccentric lady who lived down the street and your both hilarious experience in a green maze.

Make Someone Smile Step 14

Step 14. Bring the flowers that you have picked yourself

Go to a meadow, pick some flowers, wrap them in pretty paper and present them to the person. It has become so rare today that you will certainly put a smile on the face of the person. Just try not to help yourself in the neighbor's garden!

Make Someone Smile Step 15

Step 15. Prepare a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables from the market

Your friend may be too busy to shop, but she loves to cook and try new recipes. Get him a basket of fruits and vegetables and even an unusual cooking recipe. You can then cook together or let your friend enjoy her food basket on her own!

Make Someone Smile Step 16

Step 16. Organize a picnic

Take your friend to a park with a bag of some sort and say that you did some shopping for your mom. When you've found the perfect spot, pull out the blanket from the bag along with your friend's favorite foods, whether it's potato salad, cheese or sandwiches. Enjoy eating fresh produce while you get some fresh air. When was the last time you had a picnic? Think about it: wouldn't that make anyone smile?

Make Someone Smile Step 17

Step 17. Thank them

You will always cause a smile, whether you thank your friend for being there through a very difficult time, the waitress at the restaurant, the cashier at the gas station, or the neighbor for helping you. You might even add that it means a lot to you or that it really makes you happy to show how much you care about others. If you have the time, you can even write a thank you card! It will really make the person you want to brighten up smile.

Make Someone Smile Step 18

Step 18. Write a letter

Who still has time to write a letter? This is the reason why you should do it! You can make someone smile by sending them an email or a letter on their Facebook wall, but you're doing something extra special by making the effort to write a handwritten letter to make the person understand that you want to have fun all the while. that it represents to you. You can just start with something going through your head and go on to write about that person's qualities in writing. It's even better if you send your letter by post instead of dropping it in person!

Make Someone Smile Step 19

Step 19. Give a compliment

Don't do it just to make the person smile. Think it sincerely. Make the effort to find something that really makes you want to give a compliment, whether it's an aspect of that person's personality or the original color of their hair. Or, if you want to cheat, say you love her smile! Which will certainly make the person to whom you tell it smile.

Make Someone Smile Step 20

Step 20. Change the image of his computer screen

If the person leaves their computer momentarily, take the time to change their wallpaper image to something that will make them smile, whether it's an image of kittens in a laundry basket or an old photo of that person on the day. of a trip to Spain. Stick around until the person returns to their computer to see their big smile when they see the image.

Make Someone Smile Step 21

Step 21. Bake a cake

Bake a few chocolate cupcakes, a marbled, a French toast, or any dessert or candy the person likes. It will definitely make the person smile, whether you bring it to the person's home or to their workplace. Consider mailing your cakes if you can't see the person.

Make Someone Smile Step 22

Step 22. Be courteous

A little courtesy can go a long way. Hold the door for someone, let a stranger pass you in the queue, or give your friend your coat if she's cold. Today's world is far too cruel, and you'll brighten up someone's day by taking a minute to show some courtesy. You will be surprised at the amazing effect a little courtesy will have had on someone's day.

Make Someone Smile Step 23

Step 23. Make faces

Grin like a monkey, the kind of thing young children love. Stick out your tongue. Squint. Pout in horror as if you smell a terrible smell. Roll your eyes. Do something completely absurd, which is sure to elicit a positive reaction. If you scowl across the room, the effect will be even more hilarious for the person you want to cheer up.

Make Someone Smile Step 24

Step 24. Do someone you want to cheer up a favor

Everyone needs a service from time to time, even if you don't always dare to ask for it. Offer to take her to the store if your friend has to go shopping or help her with the housework, which will definitely put a smile on her face. It is even better if you are performing a service without the person's knowledge. Imagine her smile when she discovers the pile of laundry you ironed or the immaculate, weed-free garden!

Step 25. Let the person know how much they mean to you

We never do it often enough. Take the time to tell the person that they are a great friend, a remarkable person, or that they have great qualities. Be sincere and genuine. You will instantly see a broad smile bloom on that person's face when they know you appreciate everything they've done for you, whether you're writing a message, giving a little speech, or just naturally evoking your feelings in the middle of it. a conversation.

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