How to reconcile with someone: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to reconcile with someone: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to reconcile with someone: 12 steps (with pictures)

It is always difficult to be ignored, whether by a friend, a partner, a brother or a sister. While you might be tempted to keep communicating until the other responds to you, it's actually wiser to stop. Keep doing whatever you have to do while this person deals with their emotions. Don't worry, she probably won't ignore you forever! Once things have settled down, try setting up a face-to-face date to discuss the issue and work together to find a solution that both of you are happy with.


Part 1 of 2: give it some space

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 1

Step 1. Try to understand why he (she) is ignoring you

Depending on the situation, this might be obvious. For example, if you had a fight with your wife, you know exactly why she is ignoring you. If you don't understand the problem between the person ignoring you and you, ask yourself what you could have done that put them in this state.

  • For example, you might have spread rumors about a friend behind his back. He may have heard of it.
  • If you let someone down or didn't respond to their messages or calls, it could have hurt them.


in some cases, you might not have done anything that triggered this behavior. If the person ignoring you is someone you like or want to start a relationship with, you might be better off moving on! You deserve someone who treats you better!

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 2

Step 2. Let her calm down

Whatever the reason that caused her to ignore you, the worst thing you can do is constantly harass her. Don't send her lots of messages, call her all the time, and keep asking her why she is ignoring you. Give her time to understand how she is feeling and if she wants to get back in touch with you.

  • A single message or call isn't going to be a problem, but don't send her dozens of texts asking why she's ignoring you, what you've done wrong, or to force her to talk to you. In addition to annoying him, your texts will make you look desperate.
  • It can be very difficult to avoid fixing the problem right away. However, you cannot control the other person, which is why it is better that you give them space.
Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 3

Step 3. Find yourself distractions

If you're trying to wonder why this person is ignoring you or if you can't think of anything else, it could be taking a long time and draining your energy. However, it is not productive in addition to ruining your life. Keep doing what you have to do. You will productively prevent yourself from thinking about this problem by throwing yourself into your job or homework.

In your free time, you can spend more time doing things you love, be it fishing, cooking, soccer, woodworking, poetry, swimming, sewing or programming

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 4

Step 4. Spend time with your loved ones

While it can be hard to know that someone important in your life is ignoring you, they probably aren't the only person you can hang out with. Contact your friends and family and invite them out. Take the time to look after your other relationships and spend quality time with other people.

It is very important that you take care of your emotional needs as well, especially if you are having problems in a relationship that is close to your heart

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 5

Step 5. Think about your reaction to this behavior in the past

If this isn't the first time this person has ignored you, and you've given them a lot of attention to get them to talk to you again, they might start over for you to give them attention again.

This is another reason to take into account to avoid sounding too clingy or begging her to talk to you, she might do so only to elicit a response. By reacting in this way, you are showing her that she can get what she wants by ignoring you, which is not a healthy way to deal with problems

Part 2 of 2: Chat face to face

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 6

Step 1. Contact her to set up an appointment

If the person ignoring you is important to you and if you want to fix the problem, you are going to have to deal with it. It is better if you talk to him in person instead of talking on the phone or texting him, as you will be able to see each other's facial expressions and determine the sincerity of the words and actions of the person. 'other.

  • You can call her, send her a text or a message to arrange the meeting. For example, try saying, "I know you are angry with me and I would love to talk about it." Can we go for a coffee on Saturday at 10 o'clock? "
  • Try to choose a neutral location so that one of you doesn't feel more comfortable than the other.


she may respond positively to your request or refuse to see you. In this case, there is not much you can do. If you feel like discussing this issue in the future, let her know to let her know the door stays open when she feels ready.

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 7

Step 2. Ask them directly why they are ignoring you

Now that he's agreed to meet with you, bring up the subject. Even if you have a good idea of ​​his reasons, you should ask him to explain his point of view to you. You might be surprised at the real reason for her silence or why she decided ignoring you was the best way to go.

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 8

Step 3. Listen carefully to what he has to say to you

Avoid getting defensive or thinking about your response while he is speaking. This can be difficult, especially if he's accusing you of something and you think he's wrong. However, you need to do your best to listen to what he has to say, to understand his point of view, and to try to see the situation from the same perspective.

  • Use your body language to show him you're listening by looking him in the eye and nodding your head to signify that you understand or agree.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions if you need clarification. You can also repeat what he says to make sure you understand him correctly.
Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 9

Step 4. Apologize if you are at fault

If you did something that made them angry or hurt them, you need to take responsibility for your actions. Put your ego aside so you can admit your mistakes and sincerely apologize. You will give yourself a better chance of restoring your relationship by validating his emotions.

You might say, “I'm sorry I didn't invite you to our girls' night out. I understand that hurt you. "

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 10

Step 5. Explain your point of view

Once the other person has explained what is bothering them and they feel like you have listened to them, you can in turn explain how the conflict has affected you. Share your perspective on the situation without pointing fingers. Use first-person singular sentences to talk about how you are feeling, remembering to tell them how you felt while that person was ignoring you.

For example, you could say to her, “I felt really sad and anxious when you refused to talk to me. I give importance to our relationship and I want us to return to a situation as before. "

Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 11

Step 6. Find a compromise or a solution together

At that time, you should understand whether it is possible to repair the damage or not. In some cases, an apology should suffice. In others, it may take time and effort to mend the relationship. Work together to determine the next steps to take.

  • You can either come up with solutions and compromise to find ones that both agree with you.
  • It's easy to make promises, but it's hard to keep them. Make sure you really want to put in the effort to regain confidence in your relationship, if that's the problem.
Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You Step 12

Step 7. Accept that the relationship is doomed to end

If that person is ignoring you to get something from you or to prevent you from doing something, they are trying to manipulate you. It's a sign of a toxic relationship. If you notice that a friend or family member uses this behavior a lot, especially after talking to them about it, it is best to go on with your life without them.

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