How to deal with political discord in a relationship

How to deal with political discord in a relationship
How to deal with political discord in a relationship

In a perfect world, everyone should respect the political beliefs of others and live together in peace. But in our world, political ideas divide friends, family, and even couples and married people. If you and your partner have completely different political views, you can be convinced that your relationship is doomed. Fortunately, it's possible to deal with these differences by respecting yourself, looking on the bright side, and coming to terms with your disagreement.


Part 1 of 3: Show respect

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Step 1. Pay attention to the tone you use

During arguments, people tend to be offended because a person feels that the other person is disrespecting them. This often happens when you are raising your voice or using an aggressive tone. However, you can leave condescending attitudes out of the discussion to avoid resentment.

  • If you feel like you're starting to get too aroused and can cross the line, pull back. You could say something like, “Wait a second, please. I'm starting to get angry and wouldn't want to say anything rude or that I'll regret later. "
  • Taking a few minutes' break with these words is respectful and can keep things from getting worse.
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Step 2. Don't involve anyone else

You don't need to involve other people in your political conversations. It is also not necessary to tell anyone about your spouse's political ideology, especially your children. Discuss such matters only among yourselves so as not to involve other people in the conversations and not create further problems.

  • You can discuss politics with your children, but try to keep your opinions to yourself, especially if they are different from your partner's. Stick to the basics and stick to the facts.
  • If a friend or family member wants to discuss politics with you, just respond like this: “I don't like to talk about this topic. So, let's discuss something else. Calmly expressing your opinion allows you to change the subject while keeping the relationship intact.
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Step 3. Avoid offending the other person

Representatives of opposing parties often exchange insults, especially during debates. However, it is unacceptable for this to happen in a couple or in a relationship. Even if you have different opinions in politics, you should avoid taking offense and doing cheap shots to be convincing.

Remember that in politics there is no difference between black and white, good or bad: it is only a concept that can have many interpretations. Don't judge someone's beliefs or personality based simply on their political views. A person may not necessarily agree with all of the political ideologies presented by a party. People, like politics, are complex and are not necessarily all or nothing

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Step 4. Learn to listen instead of talking

During discussions, people hardly ever listen to their interlocutor as they should. They just wait for the other person to stop talking so they can intervene. If you don't pay attention to what the other person is talking about, you may not understand them and hurt their feelings. To avoid such situations, listen to the other party carefully and then respond.

  • It may take practice and good self-control to resist the temptation to stand up for your point before your partner is finished speaking. However, if you acquire this ability, you will no doubt find that your discussions will not always lead to disputes.
  • You can also invite your partner to do the same. For example, you could say something like this, “I'll do my best to pay attention to what you're going to say before expressing my opinion. I think if we are able to listen to each other, we could understand each other better. "
  • If your wife is talking about a subject that you don't understand well, then honestly admit it. Say something like this, "I'm not very familiar with this subject, so I can't say anything right now, but I promise to do more research." "
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Step 5. Remember how important your relationship is

In all of this, remember how you feel for the other person. First, there's a reason you're together. Instead of responding with caustic responses, remember how much you love each other and ask yourself if it's worth having a discussion that's going to jeopardize your relationship to have the last laugh.

Take a deep breath and pause the conversation momentarily to prevent a disagreement from causing grief. Instead, be mature and realize that your relationship is more important than any current political event

Part 2 of 3: Seeing the bright side

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Step 1. Identify your common interests

Despite the differences of opinion, you will certainly agree on other points. Even if this is just a detail, it may be enough to get started. Use this common interest as the basis for starting a respectful conversation.

For example, you could say something like this, “I know we have different opinions on this issue, but we agree on other points. Let's focus on what we agree on rather than where we differ. Opening a debate in a positive way can help make the conversation more productive and, hopefully, less confrontational

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Step 2. Appreciate that your spouse has their own thoughts and ideas

Even if you don't share his point of view, at least you have a cultivated spouse who feels capable of expressing his or her own thoughts and beliefs.

  • You probably wouldn't like to have someone by your side who respects and shares all of your opinions. Be grateful that your loved one does not follow the crowd and feels free to speak up, even if their opinion conflicts with generally accepted opinion.
  • Having a friend or spouse with different political views can be a great opportunity to assess their openness. Instead of arguing over a simple disagreement, try to exploit your differences. View the information the other person has as an opportunity to educate yourself.
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Step 3. Learn to fight in a healthy way

If your partner doesn't agree with what you're saying, this is the perfect opportunity to learn to quarrel in a respectful and healthy way. Determine the best way to chat with someone without insulting or using hurtful language. These skills will be useful at work and in similar situations with other people, for example with members of your family.

During an argument, try to speak calmly and don't raise your voice. Also, avoid using derogatory terms and try to talk to the other person the way you would like them to talk to you. If you feel like he is disrespecting you, say so politely, so that he realizes the irrelevance of his words or behavior and, hopefully, does not repeat it. not

Part 3 of 3: agree to disagree

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Step 1. Avoid arguing politics

If you can't have a discussion about politics without a fight, you need to take a break. Agree not to discuss political issues for a while. Together, decide on the length of this break. Maybe in the future you will continue your conversations.

  • To broach the subject, you could say this, “I think we need to stop talking about politics for a while. I feel like we've been fighting more lately, but I love you too much to let our differences ruin the relationship. "
  • By explaining that this decision is motivated by the fact that you are concerned about your relationship, you will show that you care about the quality of your relationship and that you do not want to jeopardize what you have built together.
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Step 2. Support your partner as she develops her opinions

Your partner may want to join a particular political party, while developing their own opinions. Supporting her without judgment or criticism can help her develop her political beliefs and values.

  • Part of being in a relationship is about helping the other person be the best they can be. Let your wife know that you are supportive of her and put your personal opinions aside unless she asks you to.
  • For example, you could say this to him: “Although we have different points of view, I appreciate the fact that you are committed to developing your political convictions. I will be there to support you and help you the best that I can. Show her that you are able to leave politics behind and focus on more important things by letting her know that you want her to be a better, well-educated person who is strong in her beliefs.
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Step 3. Avoid speaking negatively about the political views of others

If you disagree on political issues, your spouse will not want to hear what you have to say about other people with different views than you. Not only will she think that you are criticizing them, but she may also regard your disrespect for those with differing opinions as offensive.

  • Try not to talk about the political views of others, especially if you know this is a hot topic for your partner.
  • You can also ask him to respect your loved ones and not to criticize their political views. Mutual respect can make your relationship stronger.
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Step 4. Look to the future

Once things calm down, your relationship is unlikely to be affected by the actions or events of a politician. You will likely continue with your life as always and enjoy the times you have together. You are unlikely to talk about politics again until the next election. Remember this during your next heated discussion.

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