How to respond to a person who hates me

How to respond to a person who hates me
How to respond to a person who hates me

No matter how hard you try to please everyone, know that there will always be someone who will be jealous of your popularity or success. These kinds of people express their negativity towards you with the intention of rejecting your friendships and accomplishments. They keep a close eye on small mistakes you might make, identify them, and never say anything positive about you. There are several strategies that someone who hates you can use to discredit you. For example, she may send you inappropriate social media messages, less than chivalrous emails, or cause a physical confrontation. One thing is certain, it is impossible to satisfy everyone and that is why it is important to know how to behave with "haters".


Part 1 of 3: adapt to the situation

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Step 1. Walk away

Removing yourself from a confrontation with someone who hates you does not mean that you admit defeat or that you accept the obvious that a perfect solution cannot be found. On the contrary, it shows that you are in total control of the situation by refraining from following up on its negativity.

  • Haters never give positive comments or constructive criticism, they just criticize. If you already know this, then there is no reason to engage with them.
  • Listening to someone who hates you will only ruin your day. In fact, negativity will only make you angry, upset, or make you pessimistic.
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Step 2. Keep Calm

Someone who hates you will do anything to upset you whenever they can. It is important to remain calm when this happens to avoid a physical confrontation. Keep a cool head and understand that such a person does not deserve a response from you, especially when it comes to fighting back.

  • By remaining calm and refraining from responding to the attacks of the person who hates you, you are showing that their negative comments and opinions do not matter to you. Over time, she will find that attacking you is a waste of her time.
  • Staying calm will allow you to save your energy for more positive activities. Avoid wasting your energy or wasting your time on a situation that does not deserve your attention.
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Step 3. Avoid making excuses

Since a hater will seek out negativity and overly criticize you, you should avoid submitting to their turpitude. They will want you to explain your mistakes in front of others to reveal your imperfect self. In response to such behavior, avoid explaining, justifying, or apologizing at all costs, unless he approaches you in a meaningful and respectful manner.

  • Value your own self-esteem and avoid lowering yourself to his level unless he treats you with the respect you deserve.
  • In this case, it is probably ill-advised to respond with a biting comment or to try to pretend it's nothing important, because it gives them the opportunity to turn the situation on you for not responding. to his charge initially. Let him make a fool of himself without helping him.
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Step 4. Limit your interaction with the person

It might be difficult for you to limit your interactions with the person who hates you if you work together or have to deal with them every day, but there are steps you can take to limit your interactions with them. By limiting face-to-face contact, it will reduce the number of times you have to submit to his hatred or take avoidance measures per day.

  • Making small changes in your daily schedule will allow you to waste time avoiding the person who hates you. For example, try taking your breaks at work at different times, coming home late in the day, or going out very early in the morning if the person is your roommate or neighbor. On the other hand, you can stay in different rooms in the house during public holidays if the person concerned is a member of your extended family.
  • In either of these cases, if you touch the one who hates you, then politely apologize and leave the area or try to keep things neutral and unemotional if you have to interact with them. Avoid bringing up topics that will give him the opportunity to turn negative towards you.

Part 2 of 3: Analyze the situation

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Step 1. Evaluate past interactions

Reflect on your past interactions with the person who hates you. There may be absolutely nothing you can do, but you might find that his hatred comes from an action, discussion, or event that could easily be corrected. This does not mean that you have to make the effort to solve the problem, on the contrary, it will allow you to identify the cause of the hate and know how to live better alongside it if you want to.

  • People are often quick to judge, and you may have left a bad first impression. If so, try approaching the person who hates you again and give them a chance to get to know you better. That way, his attitude could change.
  • The same can be said about shyness. Some people confuse rudeness with shyness. At the very least, make an effort to say hello. It will show that you are not ignoring it.
  • You might display your success in a way that might be seen by another person as bragging. On the other hand, she might be jealous of your success because she doesn't have the skills to be as successful. In this case, you may need to moderate your successes to keep the peace.
  • Jokes or jokes can also lead to problems with haters. Some people do not like to see others enjoying life while they are unhappy or cannot be a part of the group and they get upset. Make the effort to involve everyone or just moderate things around the person who hates you.
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Step 2. Realize that this is not your problem

The hate's problem with you is theirs, not yours. The faster you understand this, the faster you can find inner peace. Indeed, most people who hate their fellow human beings have no valid reason for their animosity.

  • The most straightforward way to deal with it is to ask the person about the problem they are having with you, if they haven't already made it clear. If this is a personal problem for them, tell them to ask for help and not to interfere.
  • It is important to keep in mind that injured people hurt their fellow human beings. Have you ever met a happy, well-rounded person who has hurt you or someone else? Obviously not, because she does not waste her time being harmful and negative.
  • Avoid taking harsh criticism from someone who hates you. Since the person spends so much time trying to tarnish your image, it means they are spending less time being positive and creative. Avoid problems with her so that you can move forward in your life.
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Step 3. Change your perspective

As a person, it doesn't matter whether or not you ignore the one who hates you, you will no doubt still wonder why he is making you have such a hard time. To come to a conclusion, you need to think about the situation from a different point of view. Examine this from a third party perspective and identify the cause of the problem. Seeing the situation from a new perspective will allow you to rationalize his hatred on a deeper level.

No matter how hard you try to avoid this, there might be something you did that made someone hate you. As hard as it may be to come to terms with, try to put yourself in her shoes and think about any issues she might be facing

Part 3 of 3: Manage Emotionally

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Step 1. Distance yourself emotionally

Unless you break free from the harassment of a hater, your life will be consumed by fear, intentionality, or discomfort, which does not promote a happy existence. You never have to let go of someone in life, but sometimes you have to prioritize your relationships and what fits your lifestyle. Realize that having a relationship with someone who hates you is usually exhausting, toxic, and unhealthy. In an already hectic world like ours, these are surely three things that you must do without.

  • Life is fragile and it is important that you can surround yourself with healthy, supportive and loving people. Make sure to look for family and friends to support you when dealing with someone who hates you.
  • When dealing with someone who hates you, make sure you make time every day to build up your emotional stamina by doing relaxation exercises. Also, be sociable and focus on your goals. This will help you calm your mind and reduce the anxiety and anger you feel towards the person.
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Step 2. Stay positive

You need to stay positive by doing what you love and talking to people who love you. It will take your attention away from the situation and help you find inner peace. You might even want to be nice or sympathetic to the person who hates you. It's usually harder to hate someone who is always nice and makes an effort to get everyone involved. In other words, you have to give him less reason to hate you.

  • Focus your energy in a positive direction and ignore the negative dialogue the hater is trying to put in your mind. Try to view pictures. Think about your favorite photo, a happy time, or a movie role you've taken on for yourself and consider all of these things when you're being harassed by the person who hates you.
  • Take what the hater has to say with a grain of salt. No matter what someone who hates you says, no matter how close they get to the truth when they twist it, avoid taking it to heart at all costs. Let go, forgive and forget.
  • Keep a list of your successes and qualities. If the one who hates you is getting too bossy or too strict, get out the list and think about all the positive contributions you've made to society to get rid of their negative comments.
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Step 3. Build your self-confidence

The more you build your self-confidence, the more you will be able to overcome the obstacles that come your way. In fact, self-confidence gives you the power to approach all situations in a positive way, even with people who hate you. The stronger your self-confidence, the less emotionally affected you will be by a hater. Don't let this make you a victim.

  • When meeting family and friends, try to embrace positive enthusiasm. Instead of moping about the people who hate you and the problems in your life, focus on achieving your goals as well as the solutions.
  • Make sure you're using positive body language and showing a lot of self-confidence. It's harder to hate someone who is constantly smiling and making friendly eye contact.
  • Always be prepared to face someone who hates you. The more prepared you are, the better you'll handle the situation and the better off you'll be.

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