How to overcome a crush that you feel for your teacher

How to overcome a crush that you feel for your teacher
How to overcome a crush that you feel for your teacher

The crushes are quite natural and difficult to manage. Most of the time, they are completely harmless. It can be fun to be attracted to someone, even if you know that having a closer relationship with them is totally unnecessary. However, this physical attraction can sometimes become obsessive and become a problem later. Learning to deal with this feeling you have for your teacher is a complex task, but it is part of the maturing process.


Part 1 of 4: Recognize how you feel about your teacher

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 1

Step 1. Admit that you have a physical attraction for your teacher

The first step in moving forward is to understand the situation. Don't feel bad for having these feelings. Everyone has a physical attraction to someone at some point, and the human brain is actually biologically programmed to allow us to fall in love.

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 2

Step 2. Let go of your sadness

Recovering from a relationship is difficult even if that relationship never fully materialized. Give yourself time to mope and feel bad, then get up to move on. Make sure you don't get worked up too long.

At the same time, also take measures to comfort yourself. Try taking a hot shower, listening to one of your favorite playlists and saying good things to yourself

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 3

Step 3. Start moving forward

To be able to overcome this situation, you have to admit that this relationship will never go far. Again, remember that your actions are essential for your personal happiness and your own growth.

Don't forget that you will have other favorites. In the eyes of many people, having a physical attraction for your teacher tends to behave inappropriately, no matter how you feel. There will be certain crushes that you would like to have in the future and others that could lead to a real relationship. Focus on the future, without dwelling too much on this dynamic with your teacher

Part 2 of 4: Behaving Well in Class

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 4

Step 1. Focus on your studies

The reason you go to school is to learn and get a good education. Instead of thinking about your teacher all the time, pull yourself together and focus on your work. You will see a clear improvement in your academic results, and this will make you forget your teacher.

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 5

Step 2. Stop thinking about your teacher romantically

Thoughts often lead to deed. Something is more likely to happen when you imagine it, and some people might notice it. Thinking about your teacher increases your chances of doing something you might regret later.

Try to think of things you don't like about her. This is not about dwelling on your flaws, but remembering that the relationship was not as perfect as you thought, for example the age difference, appearances

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 6

Step 3. Limit your contact with your teacher

Interact with your teacher in class, but don't try to find him to spend time with him outside of school hours. You shouldn't do this, especially since he'll probably be a little older than you. It's generally okay to date someone older than you as an adult, but dating your teacher will be considered inappropriate.

Don't contact him on social media or try to meet them outside of school. Respect him as a teacher and allow him to do his job well

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 7

Step 4. Make decisions and apply them

Making decisions in advance about how you will control your impulses can help you overcome them more effectively.

Think about what you would do when you talk to your teacher and apply your plan

Part 3 of 4: Asking for help

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 8

Step 1. Talk to a qualified professional

If you're worried that your passion for your teacher is affecting your daily life and preventing you from focusing on your studies, talk to a therapist or school guidance counselor.

If you are concerned about your privacy, talk to a therapist rather than a guidance counselor. Your therapist must comply with the code of ethics and keep the confidentiality of the information you provide. Guidance counselors, on the other hand, are not bound by the same code and can easily report information that has been revealed to them

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 9

Step 2. Chat with friends

Your friends might have similar experiences and offer you interesting advice or their point of view. At the very least, expressing your feelings can make you feel less alone.

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 10

Step 3. Change class

If you can't help but think about your teacher or interact inappropriately with him, maybe it's time to make a more drastic change. Talk to your guidance counselor or academic counselor about a transfer.

Be honest with your advisor about this physical attraction you feel for your teacher. If he doesn't fully understand how these feelings are preventing you from concentrating on your homework, he might not want to let you change classes. Have no doubt that he has been properly trained to deal with such situations

Part 4 of 4: move on

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 11

Step 1. Take your mind off things with extracurricular activities

Indulge in new hobbies and reconnect with your passions. Try to join new clubs or re-join your old clubs. Instead of spending all of your time and energy coveting your teacher, try doing something more productive. Also try to go out and meet new people who you can hang out with to take your mind off things.

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 12

Step 2. Spend time with friends

Build relationships with other people, especially people your age. Strive to strengthen your existing friendships and make new friends. Open up to new encounters and spend time with new people. You could fall in love faster than you think!

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 13

Step 3. Visit another location

Going on a trip or changing your surroundings is amazingly good. Traveling can help you broaden your mind and see the world differently. Through travel, you can learn to be patient, flexible and perspective, and these are important qualities that will help you overcome this situation.

Cope With a Crush on Your Teacher Step 14

Step 4. Go out with someone else

The best way to recover from an old relationship is to commit to a new relationship. Don't rush into a relationship you're uncomfortable with, but accept the idea of ​​going out and having relationships with other people because you have to move on.

There isn't a pre-agreed time period before you can start a new relationship after a heartache. However, it is important to take care of yourself after a breakup in order to rediscover who you are, what you love, as well as the qualities you value most in yourself and look for in your future partner


  • Don't let your feelings interfere with your studies. Be lucid and free in your actions.
  • Accept that crushes are a part of everyday life, and take comfort in the fact that some psychologists believe that these feelings only last for about four months.


  • Remember that a relationship between a student and his teacher usually doesn't lead to anything. You could both be in serious trouble if you continue in this relationship, and depending on the exact situation, your teacher could go to jail. It is very likely that he is not interested in a real relationship or that he avoids engaging with you because of its implications and complications. So the best is to move on.
  • If you do decide to talk to other people about how you feel, be sure to confide in people you trust. If you did tell someone you don't trust, it will be very embarrassing for you.
  • If you continue in a relationship with an adult before the age of 18, it could be very dangerous for you.
  • Depending on your age, pursuing such a relationship could be prohibited by law, with consequences as diverse as jail and the possibility of your teacher being declared a sex offender. Your teacher could lose his job if he had an illegal relationship with a student.
  • If you are worried that a teacher will behave indecently with you, immediately talk to a guidance counselor, therapist, or your parents.

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