How to sneak your boyfriend or girlfriend into the house

How to sneak your boyfriend or girlfriend into the house
How to sneak your boyfriend or girlfriend into the house

If you want to sneak your boyfriend (or girlfriend) into your house, you might get turned on by this dangerous activity. You need to organize yourself well, be careful, be aware of your surroundings, and be able to think quickly to make sure your stealth infiltration goes smoothly. Even if you think you have taken all the issues into account, there is always the risk of something you never thought would happen.


Part 1 of 3: Design the plan

Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 1

Step 1. Observe your house

Even if you live there, you will have to see it from a new perspective to take into account all the access points, the blind spots, the privileged positions and the creaking boards. Take a quick tour of your home when you are alone to spot all these little details.

  • Observe every door and window to see if it makes a good entry or exit point.
  • Take into account the point of view that each window gives you on the house. If another family member sees someone in the garden at one in the morning, they'll likely call the police or recognize your partner and figure out what you're doing.
  • Take into account the age of your home. Older houses generally make more noise than newer houses. You will be able to reduce the noise you make while walking along walls or handrails on stairs, as there is not much you can do to prevent planks from cracking. You might find a temporary solution by sprinkling a little talcum powder in the cracks, but your parents are probably going to be suspicious.
  • You also need to turn off the alarm before you open windows and doors, you're going to need the code and you need to know what kind of sound the alarm is going to make while you turn it off. Remember to turn the alarm back on after your parents leave in the morning.
  • Your pets, especially dogs, are likely to be a problem for you. Think about their usual reaction to someone entering the house and what you do to calm them down. You will rarely be able to keep the noise down by locking the animal in question in another room. Try training your dog to associate your partner with treats by giving them whenever they see them several days early.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 2

Step 2. Choose the entry point

You need to decide whether you're going to run it through the window or through the door to prepare for it and test your plan. Consider if the window isn't too visible, if it's too close to your parents' room, and if you don't have to walk for too long before getting to the safety of your room.

  • Think about your movements and the doors you will have to open and unlock to bring your partner in at all points of entry into the house. You should prepare your chosen site in advance, but you might attract suspicion if you set out to rearrange the flowerpots in front of your window.
  • Think about the noise opening the window, shutters, or unlocking the door will make. Minimize these kinds of factors as much as possible.
  • If there is a mosquito net on the window, you need to remove it. The ease of doing this depends on the window layout, but many screens can only be removed from the outside, so upstairs windows are out of the question. Also be careful not to damage the mosquito net, as this will leave traces of your activities (and you could lose your pocket money).
  • Don't make a habit of not locking doors and windows. They are locked to keep your family safe, and your parents need to have an accurate idea of ​​how safe the home is.
  • Also think about how much force it takes to pull someone out of the window and ask yourself if you are going to have the necessary force.
  • Take advantage of fire escape ladders and cellar windows. The escape ladder will allow your partner to have access to high windows and the windows in the cellar are usually very far from the windows in your parents' room.
  • You're unlikely to use the door (it's a lot less fun than shooting someone out the window anyway), but don't rule this out.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 3

Step 3. Locate the route

Take the path you are going to take to sneak your partner in without arousing the suspicion of people who might see you. You need to have a good idea of ​​how long it will take for your partner to walk through the garden, to get to the entry point, and then to your room once you are inside.

  • Sometimes a longer path offers tactical advantages. For example, you will make much less noise when walking on carpeted or rugs than if you walk on tile, which in turn will make less noise than walking on wooden planks.
  • In addition, by taking the path you want to follow, you will remember the boards that creak and that you will have to report to your night visitor.
  • While you are outside, think about the views from your neighbors' house or from the street. A neighbor with the best of intentions might see a burglar about to break into your home.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 4

Step 4. Find hiding places

You must find a hiding place ready to be used, in your room and near the entry point. Leave some space in a closet or make some space under your bed. A messy bedroom is going to give you a lot more work (your visitor might be hiding under a pile of clothes or sheets, in fact), but if you mess up your room for no apparent reason, it is going to seem weird.

The darkness of a house at night can turn many nooks into decent hiding places, but don't think your parents aren't going to turn on the lights if they come to see what's going on. If they start to have suspicion, know that adults in their 50s need twice as much light as those in their 30s to see in the dark

Part 2 of 3: Bringing in your partner

Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 5

Step 1. Contact your partner in secret

You have to find an easy way to contact him. As a last resort, you could set a date for a date right before you see each other, but if your parents are meeting up in the kitchen in the middle of the night for a snack, you wish you could tell your partner to wait a few minutes..

  • In this case, the cell phone is the most obvious and the best choice. Don't forget to put yours on silent or on vibrate.
  • You should avoid the landline at all costs. You might think that it is okay to call your partner on their cell phone from your landline, but improper handling and they might call back your landline and wake up the whole house. Your parents might also pick up the phone in their bedroom while you are talking about your little arrangements with your partner.
  • If you have no other choice, you can try more traditional methods, such as hanging a message on your window or leaving a certain light on at home (a light your parents can't turn off) to send a signal. If the light is out, don't come. If it is on, the way is clear.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 6

Step 2. Make sure your parents are sleeping

It will be easier to verify that they are sleeping if they leave the bedroom door open, but it is even safer if they close it. Listen to snoring noises or the sound of their calm, steady breathing that indicates they have fallen into Morpheus's arms. During their sleep, they will go through different phases, some are lighter than others, but the periods of deep sleep lengthen as they sleep. About an hour after they fall asleep your parents are likely to be in one of the deepest stages of their sleep, so use this information to your advantage.

  • If their bedroom is near the kitchen, you can condition them by getting them used to making a little noise at night. Start by pouring yourself a bowl of cereal or making something you like and make noise about a week in advance. If they wake up while you are making noise, you'll have an innocent explanation for them. If they don't wake up, that bodes well for the rest of your plan.
  • You should also not forget the time you go to bed. If you usually go to bed early, your parents are going to have an ear if you are still up at midnight or the other way around, if you usually go to bed late and if you go to bed at midnight that day. 20 hours. You can try to make them believe that you are not sleepy by drinking Coke and looking more active, or that you are very sleepy by looking sleepy all afternoon.
  • You should also check the entry point to make sure the window or door has not been locked by your parents before they go to bed.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 7

Step 3. Show him in discreetly

If he has to use a ladder or stepladder to reach the entry point, you need to make sure to put him back in place. Act fast and make as little noise as possible. It is advisable to stay in the dark: turn off the lights, make sure your phones are on silent, and turn off computer and television screens.

  • If you are used to it, you can also leave a radio on by turning the volume down low enough to cover any noises you may make. It's not the noises that wake people up at night, but the differences in the noises they are used to. Regular, familiar noise will allow you to mask any small noises that might occur.
  • If you have to hoist someone up a high wall, be prepared so you don't fall on the other side of the wall.
  • You could also be imaginative and invite your boyfriend or girlfriend out in the late afternoon before asking them to hide in a closet until everyone is asleep. Wait until your parents find themselves doing something that prevents them from seeing your partner leave (for example in the garden or in the bathroom), then pretend they were gone a while ago. Also, don't forget to hide your bike or car. Give her something fun and quiet to do until everyone falls asleep, and don't forget to give her something to eat too!
  • Lock the doors and windows once he has entered. This will allow you to continue to ensure the safety of your home while allaying any suspicions your parents may have if they get up in the middle of the night.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 8

Step 4. Keep quiet and keep quiet

If you need something that is in another part of the house, hide your partner as best you can before you get there. If you or your partner take off or change your clothes, put them somewhere where they cannot be seen. The same goes for any items your partner may have brought: their phone, wallet, keys, etc.

  • If you need light, use your phone's light and don't point it at the door.
  • If he has to go to the toilet, ask him not to flush the toilet.

Part 3 of 3: leave without a trace

Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 9

Step 1. Set a silent alarm

If you do fall asleep in your bedroom, don't forget to set a silent alarm to wake you both up and give you plenty of time to get him out of the house. Make sure the alarm will only vibrate or that it is quiet enough that it doesn't wake up the whole house.

  • Take your partner out at least an hour before your parents wake up. Also, don't forget to take into account the morning light and his own parents who might be wondering where he is.
  • If you're not sure if you will be able to wake up even if you set an alarm, don't fall asleep.
  • If you have a radio alarm, use the radio, not the alarm.
Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 10

Step 2. Bring it out

Once your partner is outside, he should be gone as soon as possible. You could get into as much trouble if you see someone leaving your house in the morning as you do if you see them come in at night. If you do get caught, you might try to convince your parents that he was just passing by as asking you for homework before class, but it is going to be hard for them to swallow.

Sneak a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Into Your House Step 11

Step 3. Erase the evidence

Clean the chamber of cans, bottles, packaging and clothing in it. Hide the garbage from the night under the rest of the garbage in the trash so no one can see it, and take the trash out in the morning (but not too early if it's not your habit).

You might be tempted to flush some garbage down the toilet, but you should avoid doing so because you don't want to get caught with clogged drains flooding the bathroom with overwhelming evidence. In addition, it is not very good for the environment


  • Wait at least two weeks before starting over. Do it on a different day than the last time. Each time you do this, the risk of getting caught increases. However, after several times, you should get used to it and know the pitfalls to avoid. Think carefully about these factors.
  • Check the curfew. Check if there is a regulation in your municipality that prohibits people of a certain age from being on the streets at a certain time.
  • If you want to have sex, don't make noise.
  • The day before you do it, don't do anything unusual so as not to arouse suspicion. Do not ask the other inhabitants of the house what time they are going to bed, because that will surely put the chip in their ears. Don't tell everyone you're going to bed, unless you usually do.
  • If your parents or siblings are working, you should know their schedule like the back of your hand.
  • Keep in mind that your parents probably tried this stuff in their youth, and they might already be familiar with all the subterfuge you are trying to put in place. Sneaky activities and the urge to escape the control of a higher authority, to some degree, is a natural and normal part of personal development.


  • If your parents come into your bedroom and you hide your partner in the closet, do your best not to look weird or nervous. Don't overdo it and don't try to sound too aggressive towards your parents.
  • If you drink alcohol or smoke, you are going to get caught. Smoke can set off fire alarms or be smelled by other occupants of the house. Alcohol will lower your guard and you won't be able to be as quiet as you need to be.
  • If you do get caught, your best bet is to explain yourself calmly and in a respectful manner. It is advisable to take responsibility to protect your partner as much as possible.
  • If your parents have a gun at home, you need to be aware of their defense plan. Either way, this is something you should know to get a feel for your parents' reaction if they come face to face with a stranger in their house in the middle of the night. Ask your partner to give their identity if requested by one of the owners of the house. The worst that can happen is seeing your partner get hurt by your parents when they mistook him for a burglar.
  • If the police intervene, don't run away. Stay where you are and follow the instructions given to you. If you run away from the police, you could be seriously endangering your life.
  • If you can hurt yourself or your partner by trying to sneak him into your home, don't. You should question your plans if you find out that they could put your partner in danger.
  • If your parents don't want you to invite people over to the house, there might be a very good reason behind it.They are older, more experienced, and in some cases understand your needs better than you do, even if you find it hard to believe in the Age of Rebellion. Think carefully about what you are about to do and be responsible.

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