How to avoid trouble (with pictures)

How to avoid trouble (with pictures)
How to avoid trouble (with pictures)

Do you still feel like you can't express yourself? The feeling of spending your weekends cloistered? Are you in conflict with your peers? If this sounds like you, it is high time to take charge in order to prevent your situation from escalating. Don't worry: No matter how bad your situation is, if you make an effort to attract the good vibes, find out what makes you feel good, what excites you, you will soon be on the right track.


Part 1 of 3: stay active and busy

Stay out of Trouble Step 7

Step 1. Join a sports team

Joining a sports team, whether it's at school or in your neighborhood, is a great way not to be in the dark. Whether you play football, basketball or baseball, being part of a team allows you to meet interesting people, sporty people and well in their sneakers and therefore not to get bored. You're not being asked to be the future LeBron to join and fit in with a club.

  • You can also consider becoming a manager or team leader and thus invest yourself even more in this club.
  • Joining a sports club will make you exercise every week, which will help calm you down and keep you from using your energy to do any silly things.
Stay out of Trouble Step 8

Step 2. Join a club

If sport is not your thing, you have the possibility of joining a club, an association, a religious community center, a language, cooking, discussions and debates club, any kind of club, both that it helps you in achieving your goals, thanks to its difference from what you learn in class.

You can go to different clubs before choosing the one that suits you the most

Stay out of Trouble Step 9

Step 3. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to keep busy and take a step back. After spending time helping others, you'll be less tempted to mess around in the classroom or heckle in your neighborhood. If you are still too young to participate in voluntary actions, ask a parent to accompany you to help people learn to read, to clean a public garden or to prepare a soup kitchen. Take an action that touches you and commit to participating in it at least once a week.

Your schedule doesn't have to be completely overloaded to keep you busy. In your free time, each week, take time to achieve what is most important and what really matters to you

Stay out of Trouble Step 10

Step 4. Be an active student

You don't have to be serious to get out of trouble, but it can't hurt you. Being an active student means being on time, not skipping class, raising your hand before asking a question, and doing the assigned work so that you can participate in the class. If you put in the effort to be a good student, you won't think about bothering the teacher or your parents anymore.

  • Find a few topics that really interest you and try to find out as much as possible about them. You don't have to find everything interesting, of course, but choosing at least one or two topics that motivate you will make all the difference.
  • Set goals to improve your grades. You are not asked to have excellent marks in every subject, but always strive to improve, for example if you have an average of 12 in math, aim for at least 12.5 next time.
Stay out of Trouble Step 11

Step 5. Read as much as you can

Reading will help you build your vocabulary, be more proficient, smarter, and better understand the world around you. Plus, if you're reading, during that time you don't mess around. Being completely immersed in a story can help you forget the passage of time and transport you to a New World, a world where you are just an observer. Start by reading 20 minutes before you fall asleep each night, and you might become addicted to books one day.

Vary your reading, from science fiction to fantasy literature, to find out what you love the most

Stay out of Trouble Step 12

Step 6. Create something

Another way not to get bored is to be creative. You can write a play and perform it with your friends, write a story, draw, make ceramic pots, decorate your room like it's a forest, or do something else creative. Use your imagination to create something new or original. It's a great way to burn off your energy and you might have less of a imagination when it comes to following the rules!

You can also sign up for an after-school art class or ask your art teacher if she doesn't have a project on hand for you

Part 2 of 3: Having good influences

Stay out of Trouble Step 1

Step 1. Follow your instincts

You may have run into problems in the past because you did not follow your instincts. If you have the feeling that what you are going to do is not a good idea or that it is not worth dating this or that person, then you should trust your instincts and distance yourself. Don't be afraid to listen to your guts when they're begging you to take it off! If you feel that something is unhealthy, even though you can't explain why, chances are you are just "seeing" it.

In general, if a friend suggests you do something and you start to question yourself, to have doubts, it is time to take a step back

Stay out of Trouble Step 2

Step 2. Spend time with the family

As long as you feel loved and secure in your family, you should spend as much time as possible with family members to surround yourself with positive influences. Of course, spending an evening watching a movie with your parents or helping your little sister give her science talk isn't a panacea, but your family will always be there for you and it's important that you have as much as possible. good relations with all.

  • When you're with your family, you're not looking for a fight, are you? As the saying goes, idleness is the mother of all vices and the more time you spend with your family, the less time you will have to seek (and find) problems.
  • Stick to a weekly routine. Spend an evening with the family every weekend, time to discuss the past week and once or twice a week take the time to help your siblings.
Stay out of Trouble Step 3

Step 3. Run away from the wrong people

The ones who can get you into trouble may be your best friends. If this is your case, the time has come to find others. Obviously that's not what you want to hear, but if you really want to get out of this mess you can't stick with the people who put you in there. However, if you and your buddies decided together to be out of trouble, that's another story, but it's rare. Now is the time to gradually step away, to distance yourself from people who damage your reputation, as kindly and politely as possible.

You may be convinced that you will be able to stop your problems while remaining friends with people who still have them, but unfortunately you will always be associated with them and will be likely to be involved in your friends' conflicts, even if you are. innocent. Yep, that's not fair

Stay out of Trouble Step 4

Step 4. Make friends who are a positive influence

If you are friends with good students, who have concrete goals and healthy, balanced lives, you are very likely to be like them. If all of your friends are troublemakers, chances are you will become one too. While it can be difficult to immediately find new friends who are great in school, look around you, in your classroom, or in your neighborhood and look for people who seem cool, give off positive vibes, and are ready. to accept you. Soon you will see that by doing fun things with new people who share your ideas, you will have no more problems.

You can find these friends in clubs or sports teams (more details in the next method) or by participating in various activities

Stay out of Trouble Step 5

Step 5. Have a good relationship with your teachers

Another way to stay out of trouble is to build a strong relationship with your teachers, or at least with a few. This doesn't mean you have to be honeyed or strive to be their best friend, but it does mean you have to invest in the classes with the desire to be successful, come on time, participate in support classes and ask questions. relevant questions to show your interest. If you've got off to a bad start with some teachers, it's always time to improve your relationships by putting in work and effort, even if it takes time.

Being on the same side as your teachers is a good way to stay out of trouble. If they like you, they will punish you less harshly and find less bad things to say about you

Stay out of Trouble Step 6

Step 6. Find a model

Having a role model you admire will help you be successful and make the right decisions. Your role model could be your mom or dad, an older sibling, a teacher at your school, a family friend in the neighborhood, a sports teacher, a religious leader, grandparents, or anyone who inspires you to be successful in life. You can ask that person for advice, not just to get out of trouble, but also to do something meaningful with your life.

A role model that you can interact with on a regular basis can become one of the biggest and longest lasting influences in your life. It's important to choose someone whose life you admire. That doesn't mean your model has to be perfect, because if it makes mistakes along the way and learns from them, it's even better

Part 3 of 3: avoid low masses

Stay out of Trouble Step 13

Step 1. Don't make low masses

One way to avoid any kind of conflict is not to have low masses, whether to talk about your teachers, your classmates, your neighbors or your cousins! Gossiping about others only sends bad vibes and the words will come back to the ears of those affected anyway. You have to get used to saying positive things about people, even if they are not completely positive.

If you say negative things about people, there's a good chance they'll find out eventually. And if that happens, you could experience great difficulty

Stay out of Trouble Step 14

Step 2. Don't try to reason with unreasonable people

One of the reasons you might have problems is when you persist in defending yourself or explaining yourself to people who are unwilling to listen to you. If you are having an argument with someone, in sports class or on the street, stop the argument immediately. Resist the urge to set the record straight, tell him his four truths or even hit him. Instead, although he irritates you, distance yourself from the troublemaker and thereby minimize your trouble.

Reasoning with people who don't want to hear anything gets you nowhere. It's a waste of time and energy

Stay out of Trouble Step 15

Step 3. Avoid a fight

Obviously, if you're the type who always fights, that's easier said than done. But if you really want to avoid trouble, then you have to know how to avoid it getting to hands. If someone tries to provoke you, by calling out or standing in front of you, take a deep breath, step away and keep your cool! Throwing yourself on that person will hurt yourself and go straight to the principal's office or your bedroom, which isn't really fun. So the next time you have the opportunity to fight, remember that, because while you might feel better right after hitting someone, in the long run these fights end up harming you.

Without thinking, go, walk away. If someone is "looking" for you, raise your arms and go. It doesn't make you a coward, but a smart person

Stay out of Trouble Step 16

Step 4. Don't respond to teachers

You won't be able to get along with all of your teachers, even if you try, and there will always be one or two that you just can't get along with. Even if you don't agree with what your teacher is saying, you should be polite, try to do the best you can, and don't argue. If your teachers ask you to do something, do it (unless it's completely unreasonable!). There is a time for everything and it is not always in time that you will be able to assert yourself or say what you are thinking deep inside.

You are in school to learn to behave well and to succeed in your studies. When you become an adult and start working, you can start to question authority and your surroundings a little more openly, but in the beginning you have to play along

Stay out of Trouble Step 17

Step 5. Be polite to everyone

Being nice and polite is already doing a lot of the work so that you don't have any more problems. Say "Please" and "Thank you" and be polite to everyone, both to a neighbor you meet in the morning, and to the school crossing guard. Getting used to good manners and following certain social codes will help you throughout your life and attract more good things than problems. If you are rude people will call you bad seed and never take your side.

It also means being nice to your family. Don't think that you shouldn't be polite to your family members just because they know you very well

Be a Virtuous Woman Step 18

Step 6. Take care of yourself

You can't help but relate getting enough rest, eating three balanced meals, keeping fit through daily exercise, and not having worries. Taking care of your body also means taking care of your mind. And if your body and mind are in good shape, you are less likely to be derogatory, for example, if you are hungry and tired of staying awake all night playing video games, you are more likely to say something unpleasant to someone unintentionally.

Therefore, if you focus on your well-being, you will no longer be likely to cause problems


  • Be a nice person.
  • Don't be mean or insulting at school. The teachers will not give you a gift!
  • Even if your friends are being bullied, stay out of it and talk to the teacher. If your friends are fighting, by all means invite them to call a teacher, but don't fight!


  • Do not respond to name calling. These conflicts never end well.
  • Do not sow discord!

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