How to tell if someone has used marijuana

How to tell if someone has used marijuana
How to tell if someone has used marijuana

Marijuana (also known as cannabis, hashish, or weed) is a herbal drug that can be used by inhalation or ingestion. People who take this drug are affected differently, so its effects manifest themselves in different ways in different people. If you suspect a family member or friend of using it, see if that person has the most common mental and physical symptoms that result, such as taking longer to react and having their eyes dark. bloodshot. There are also other signs that might catch your attention, such as changes in interests and behavior or characteristic smells. If you have evidence that someone is using marijuana, try to let them know about your concerns.


Part 1 of 3: recognize the signs that indicate cannabis use

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 1

Step 1. Check to see if his eyes are bloodshot

The eyes of a person who has been using cannabis for a while may be bloodshot or very red. However, don't just stick to this one sign to determine if a person is actually consuming it. Other factors can cause red eyes, including:

  • the allergies,
  • an illness (such as a cold),
  • lack of sleep,
  • recent crying,
  • irritation in the eyes
  • excessive exposure to the sun.
Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 2

Step 2. Watch for signs of dizziness

Using marijuana can make someone dizzy or have a state of uncoordinated movement. You can take the fact that a person is unusually clumsy, trips a lot, or complains of dizziness as indications that they have consumed this product.

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 3

Step 3. Check its reaction time

One of the effects of marijuana is that it disturbs the perception of time of the person taking it and can dramatically increase the time it takes to react when sober. For example, you may have to repeat yourself several times or wait a long time before someone who has consumed a large dose of marijuana answers you in a conversation.

  • Be aware that this slowness in reacting strongly exposes people who are under the influence of this drug to accidents when they decide to drive.
  • You can simply offer to the person you suspect to be drugged to drive for them.
Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 4

Step 4. Consider the problems with concentration and memory

Marijuana also affects memory in addition to increasing the time a person takes to respond. It may be difficult for them to remember a recent event, to converse or to reflect.

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 5

Step 5. Look for stupid behavior or excessive laughter

Cannabis use can cause a lack of restraint or euphoria. A person who uses it may start laughing for no apparent reason or laughing excessively at things that are not fun.

You should especially pay attention to this detail if this behavior does not look like the person

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 6

Step 6. Pay attention to his eating habits

The appetite can be stimulated by taking cannabis. It can get a person "hungry" and cause them to feel the need to snack more than usual.

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 7

Step 7. Look for signs of paranoia or anxiety

Marijuana does not only have relaxing or euphoric effects: anxiety, delirious thoughts or restlessness can also result from its use. When a person suffers from anxiety caused by this substance, their heart rate may also be high or they may even have a generalized panic attack.

Part 2 of 3: Watch for other possible signs

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 8

Step 1. Detect any smell of marijuana

Cannabis has a peculiar smell, which can be musky or skunk-like and with a slight taste of sugar in general. The hair, skin, breath, or clothing of a marijuana user can remain imbued with this odor. It can also be smelled in a room where it is smoked or where the tools used for smoking are stored.

Be warned that marijuana users can use cologne or perfume to mask the scent or use deodorants, incense in the room where they smoke it, or mint lozenges for their treatment. breath

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 9

Step 2. Research the tools used to consume cannabis

There are several ways to use marijuana. Look for the following instruments in the room of the person you suspect:

  • rolling paper or envelope sheets,
  • pipes (often glass),
  • bongs (or water pipes),
  • vaporizers in pen form,
  • crushers.
Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 10

Step 3. Note any changes in behavior and relationships

Various mental and behavioral changes can occur after long-term cannabis use. A person addicted to marijuana can lose energy and motivation. Mental health problems, anxiety and depression may get worse or come on for the first time. Work or school performance and interpersonal relationships can be affected by the use of this drug. You might also notice:

  • indifference to things the individual valued,
  • a change in money habits. For example, he can often ask for money, steal or spend money quickly without being able to explain how he is using it,
  • evasive behavior (such as behaving like he has something to hide or avoiding clearly answering questions about his habits).

Part 3 of 3: Chat with the person

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 11

Step 1. Wait until she is sober to discuss

It is best to get closer to someone you suspect of using drugs to discuss your concern when they are sober and thinking clearly. It can be difficult for someone under the influence of marijuana to argue with you or understand you.

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 12

Step 2. Pick a time when she is relaxed and calm to chat

Surprising her when she is relatively calm is the best option. It's probably best if you wait until her is in a better state of mind if you've spent your day arguing or her week has been rough.

If you try to talk to her while she is in a bad mood it can make her even more defensive and your conversation will likely be ineffective

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 13

Step 3. Ask him directly

You can ask her directly if she uses marijuana based on your relationship with her. Be direct, straightforward and without prejudice in your approach.

For example, you could say this, “I've noticed a change in your behavior lately and there's a funny smell in your room. Do you use cannabis? "

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 14

Step 4. Tell her that you are worried about her

You are less likely to open up to you if they think you are angry or judging them. Let him know that you sympathize and that your intention is to help him.

For example, you could say this to a friend: "I have found that every time we try to plan something, you often cancel our programs and then you always look tired to me when I see you. Are you OK ? I really worry about you! "

Tell if Someone Has Been Using Marijuana Step 15

Step 5. Keep Calm

Getting angry or panicking is often counterproductive. Speak calmly with the person without being sarcastic, threatening or raising your voice. It might get worse if your approach is hostile or frightening because it will be less willing to open up to you.

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