How to fix a bad reputation: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to fix a bad reputation: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to fix a bad reputation: 12 steps (with pictures)

Tarnished reputations are not easy to restore or recover. This is why it is crucial to protect your reputation. Sometimes the loss of your reputation isn't your fault, but sometimes it can be your own mistakes. Winning back your reputation is still not an easy task, but with patience, persistence, and determination, you will eventually get there.


Part 1 of 3: get rid of a bad reputation

Repair a Bad Reputation Step 1

Step 1. Accept that people might not forget

Over time, they will care less about it, but will always remember it eventually. This does not mean that it is impossible to restore your reputation. Usually, bad reputations are virtually fleeting. It's just a matter of time. After a few moments, people don't think too much about what you've done in the past.

  • Many people discover their own mistakes and those of others over time. These stand out more and they forget about you. Know that you remember your mistakes better than others. Your bad reputation can be the worst thing in your head than in the eyes of others.
  • Studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief, when reputation is compared to other modes of social assessment, it matters less than other factors.
  • Forget all that and stay away from the internet and social media.
Repair a Bad Reputation Step 2

Step 2. Talk to people

Be honest when discussing issues that relate to your bad reputation. If you are respectful, calm, and very concerned, these people are likely to help you. If you don't present the problem verbally, you are letting people's imaginations run wild and giving rise to rumors.

  • If someone is spreading information about your bad reputation intensely, talk to them first.
  • Seek feedback from your friends about the situation.
  • Try not to be defensive.
Repair a Bad Reputation Step 3

Step 3. Make the situation an asset

It may be that your bad reputation is a great hidden force. Take the time to analyze how you can turn your bad reputation into a positive thing and guide your perception of the situation. It could be that you are not immoral and for that you could take care of your sexuality. If people think you play a sport very aggressively, you may be the heavy weapon on your team.

Repair a Bad Reputation Step 4

Step 4. Change the mindset of others

Sometimes you just need to control the impression of others. They might not see the situation from the right angle. If you have the chance, help others see the situation from a totally different perspective.

  • Give a calculated positive outlook. It involves finding ways to guide the actions and events that have given you this bad reputation. For example, sometimes people are embarrassed for their libertine behavior while others see promiscuity as controlling your sexuality or being radical. Think about ways you can help people see your situation in a different way.
  • Realize that you cannot influence everyone's perceptions.
Repair a Bad Reputation Step 5

Step 5. Denounce the accusations as lies

You may just need to say that the reputation is not true. If someone had lied about you, it may take some time to repair the damage. Be bossy (not aggressive) and be sure to express the words as soon as possible. Enlist the help of other people to give you a helping hand in setting the record straight. The longer this bad reputation lasts, the harder it will be to deal with it.

  • Clarify any misunderstandings.
  • Raise your voice when you challenge the lies.

Part 2 of 3: Develop a good reputation

Repair a Bad Reputation Step 6

Step 1. Consistently do good works

A quick way to improve your reputation is to do good deeds. Beware: If you've recently developed a bad reputation, you might be desperate or start doing good deeds to compensate. This is not a quick response. To improve your reputation, you must constantly do good deeds or you will appear hypocritical. Gaining a good reputation is difficult and time consuming, but it can also be ruined easily and quickly. Consistency is an important factor in building a firm reputation.

  • Have coffee for your coworkers or volunteer to make a change if they need time off.
  • Help your friends by supporting them or taking them home before they even ask.
  • If you see that there is something wrong, do your best to make sure people are okay.
Repair a Bad Reputation Step 7

Step 2. Volunteer

There are several great ways to volunteer your time. Taking care of the elderly, the disabled, and community gardens, as well as participating in local or religious events are all great ways to volunteer. The pounds are also great opportunities to help. By putting your time in the service of others, you can do a lot to improve your reputation.

  • If you're still a schoolboy or high school student, look for opportunities where you can help yourself. The majority of universities and public schools offer various volunteer programs for students.
  • Some companies also offer volunteer programs which may offer certain benefits. Talk to your supervisor or human resources manager to see the types of programs that are available.
Repair a Bad Reputation Step 8

Step 3. Use the situation to learn

Show compassion towards other people of bad reputations. By being kind to them and learning a lot from your reputation experience, you can develop positive impressions. Take the opportunity to look around for people who have a bad reputation and who need a friend.

Repair a Bad Reputation Step 9

Step 4. Impress others

Surpass yourself. Do something awesome. Learn to play a musical instrument. Get a scholarship or a prize or even run a marathon. You have the opportunity to improve your image with people by doing interesting actions. Respect from others can go a long way in improving your reputation.

Part 3 of 3: make lasting changes

Repair a Bad Reputation Step 10

Step 1. Change aspects of your life

Outside factors such as habits, groups of friends, and the work environment can be integral to how your reputation evolves. A bad environment full of ill-intentioned individuals can be the cause of your problems. Take your time to see whether or not you need to make changes in the lives of those close to you and the places where you live.

  • Among your friends, if you have a bad reputation, it might be time to hang out with other people. Your friends may be fostering habits that make people think badly of you.
  • In the office, bad workplaces can develop absurd expectations in people. A professional environment that encourages an unhealthy work-life balance can lead a hardworking and dedicated individual to be lazy. See if your bad reputation is not the result of a conflict between your values ​​and those of your company. Under these conditions, it would be better to look for a new job.
Repair a Bad Reputation Step 11

Step 2. Change your personality

It is something difficult to do. However, when you determine yourself through the eyes of others and you don't like what you see, make a change. It is difficult to change his personality, because we develop strong characters and habits in life. However, when you make big changes in your behavior, people will notice this. This will change the way they see you, which may cause them to rethink their perception of you.

  • Seek help from a professional such as a psychiatrist or therapist.
  • Seek out a Spirit Guide or Life Coach to help you find ways to make internal changes.
Repair a Bad Reputation Step 12

Step 3. Avoid superficial changes

These are not like genuine changes. It's hard to stay consistent when you have inauthentic behavior. When you are not genuine people will notice. Real change is more difficult than pretending to be different.


  • Give yourself plenty of time to make the changes. Very often we make a mistake and then we will like it to be automatically deleted. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. This is the reason why it is wise to protect your reputation well by being a person of good character.
  • Remember that it is very difficult to prove otherwise. It is difficult for you to prove otherwise when someone accuses you of something, unless another person really witnesses it (they were with you when you are supposed to do what you are accused of). Instead of proving or disproving this incident, just assert your innocence and stay there. In the future, be extra careful when you plan to show your good character, so that when people hear that you have done something bad, the first thing they think of is that it doesn't sound like Jay. If this is true, there must have been a good reason for it.
  • When you have restored your reputation in some way, stop allowing people to spread lies about you. However, instead of just talking to whoever told you they heard something wrong about you, go see whoever told that person. Track the person until you find the source of these falsehoods. Confront that person, which is sometimes more effective than just asking why they said such things. What have I done to deserve your hate? Why are you saying such things about me? Once you find out about the source of the falsehoods, then you have the chance to put an end to it for good.

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