How to avoid worrying about your partner's cheating

How to avoid worrying about your partner's cheating
How to avoid worrying about your partner's cheating

There is an interesting book about love and dating, called "The Rules". This book states that if you show others too much that you need them, they will eventually pull away from you. Confidence is the greatest quality that sets both women and men apart. Indeed, the more a person feels threatened or brings up the reasons why they seem to be, the more others will notice things to which their attention is drawn. If you ignored it until then, know that there are some tips that will make you less worried if your partner is cheating on you.


Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 1

Step 1. Have confidence in yourself

If you feel like you've fallen on the right partner, then he (or she) will feel the same way for you. Know this, this is the key to making sure someone is continually in love with you.

  • Don't be paranoid. It's true that in our modern society people cheat on their partner all the time, but that doesn't mean you should be paranoid about it. If you are, it will make you overly worried, anxious, and you will want to be in control, which is very repulsive.
  • The more jealous you are and the more questions you ask about your partner, the more they will want to move away from you. No one wants to hang out with someone who asks questions all the time and is suspicious. No one wants their life partner to be untrustworthy and tolerant either.
  • Show that you think your loved one is truly trustworthy and that you expect this. If you always treat your partner like an infidel then it could become a fulfilling prophecy. You might provoke what worried you so much, which is what you are trying to prevent might eventually happen.
Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 2

Step 2. Avoid checking your partner's phone

There is a good chance you will find something that will worry you, so don't. If you don't find anything suspicious, you will end up making something up. Trust the other, and allow them the freedom to do whatever they want on the phone. If you love as you should, then you won't have to worry about the other going away from you. You can rest assured that your partner will want to stay with you.

Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 3

Step 3. Avoid following each other on social media

You will notice that people of the opposite sex are commenting on your partner's posts and that they have followers or people of the opposite sex following them on social media. Avoid checking their phone, personal computer, or social media accounts.

You can also create a new common social network account. This way, you will have mutual friends and everyone will understand that you are in a relationship. Post lots of photos of the two of you, preferably with the children who appear in them, so that others understand that you are both already in a relationship, etc

Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 4

Step 4. Learn to laugh at yourself with an understanding attitude

There is a saying that “laughing very often is good like drugs… yes, very often”.

Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 5

Step 5. Have faith if you are a believer

If you're a believer, have faith that God will make sure you stay together. There are things you just need to let go, ease the tension, and have faith.

Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 6

Step 6. Take steps to prevent cheating

If you and your partner agree, establish a rule of thumb that neither of you will have close friends of the opposite sex. This is often the first thing that causes infidelity or romantic relationships. At first, the friendship might be simple without any intension of intimacy, but it might grow stronger over time until there is a romantic affair.

  • You can also demand that your partner not maintain friendships with a former lover, except to be close to the children in cases of child custody or shared parental responsibility.
  • Realize that controlling friendships is a sign of an abusive relationship. If your partner is trying to keep you from being friends with everyone because he (or she) is jealous, you should start by examining your relationship carefully. Likewise, all you can do is "ask" your partner not to be with former lovers or friends of the opposite sex, and not force them to do so.
Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 7

Step 7. Work to strengthen your relationship with your partner

Take a genuine interest in your partner and listen to them. The closer you are to each other, the less likely you are to break up or become infidel.

  • Discuss your dreams with each other. Have fun and laugh together. Be a best friend to each other, stick together and be the same.
  • Be open and honest with each other. If you still have open communication with each other, it will be more difficult to keep secrets from you.
Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 8

Step 8. Have sex often if you are married

If you are married (or in a relationship of a sexual nature), you often need to have intimate relationships with your partner. You probably don't know it, but sometimes a lack of intimacy causes partners to be unfaithful. If you want to keep your partner from going elsewhere to the point of cheating on you, you have to make an effort to make yourself available when he (or she) needs you sexually.

  • Understand that forcing or manipulating someone to have sex is always rape. Your partner has no right to do this to you and neither can you.
  • In case your partner has a different libido than yours, you should discuss the options available to you to ensure that you are all satisfied in the relationship. You can decide to be bed buddies, watch explicit movies or read, or compromise on how often you have sex.
Avoid Worrying About Cheating Step 9

Step 9. Stay attractive to your partner

If you know that you are attractive, you will be less worried about your partner's possible infidelity with another more attractive person.

  • Ask your partner to tell you what types of clothes and hairstyles they find attractive. Take a shower every day. Brush your teeth and floss several times a day, chew gum for good breath, etc. In short, there are several things you can do to stay attractive to your partner.
  • However, what would make you really attractive would be to be kind and lovable. Do not seek to improve the outward qualities of yourself to the point of ignoring inner ones, such as your heart, as this is reflected in your attitudes and relationships. Make the effort to be a great, romantic person so that your partner always wants to be with you. Try to be the cutest person you can be, and your partner won't be able to look for love anywhere else if it's not from you.

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