How to deter unwanted visitors: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to deter unwanted visitors: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to deter unwanted visitors: 13 steps (with pictures)

One of the most frustrating parts of a homeowner's life is having to accept people who come unexpectedly into your home. It not only disrupts your daily life, but the simple fact that you don't want the person in your house can make you lose your mind. However, by talking to your host about their stay with you, taking specific and concrete steps to encourage them to leave and deter them in the future, you will prevent other unwanted guests from staying with you.


Part 1 of 3: Chat with the person

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Step 1. Tell him to go

The easiest and most direct way to dissuade someone from staying with you is to simply ask them to leave. When asking the latter to leave, tell her explicitly that she is not really welcome.

  • Be firm. Show him you're serious. For example, say, "John, I want you to be gone before the end of this week."
  • Try to be polite. For example, say, "We really liked that you spent time with us, but it is better for everyone that you go elsewhere."
  • If he refuses, then you will have to resort to legal means.

Step 2. Remind him of any previous agreements

If you had talked to him in the meantime and agreed to some things before he came to your house, remind him. This will allow him to see that he is encroaching on your space and will lead him to decide to leave.

For example, you can say, "Do you remember the time you arrived and told you that I would be overwhelmed all week and you told me you would only be there for the weekend?" "

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Step 3. Tell her you have other things to do

The best way to send a guest away is to tell them that your current situation is preventing you from giving them a good welcome. He will eventually understand the hint and leave.

  • Let him know that you are so busy with your work and family life that you cannot meet his expectations just yet. It is better that he comes back later.
  • Tell him more guests will be arriving soon. For example, tell him that your in-laws are coming to visit you and that they will have to stay in the room where you are staying. Say, "Jean, I'm really sorry, but my in-laws are coming to see us on Friday and will be spending a week with us, so we'll have to put them up in our spare room."
  • Let him know that you plan to renovate the room he occupies. For example, tell it that you are planning to turn it into an office or home gym. If you're serious about it, hire a contractor to measure the space.
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Step 4. Ask for a monetary contribution

Hosting a guest will undoubtedly cost you money. For this reason, it seems obvious that you should ask for some contribution from him if he stays with you too long. However, if you just want him to go, that might not be a good solution. If you're okay with having him stay longer as long as he helps you cover the costs of his stay, then there are a couple of things you can do.

  • Explain to him how much his stay is costing you. Let him know how much electricity, water and anything else he uses in your home is getting.
  • Set a preferential rate per night or per week. For example, if his stay costs you around € 100 per week, ask him to pay you € 150.
  • Realize that you cannot apply this to certain people, such as your parents or older family members. It is advisable to ask for money only from younger family members, siblings and children.
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Step 5. Ask him to help you with the chores

In addition to asking for a financial contribution, ask him to help you and take care of some household chores. This makes perfect sense, because someone who lives in a house should be involved in the maintenance of the house. He can take care of certain chores such as:

  • mowing the lawn,
  • take out the trash,
  • wash the dishes,
  • clean the whole house.

Part 2 of 3: Take Real Action

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Step 1. Avoid feeding it

While it seems polite to invite your host to dinner with you, you may unwittingly also invite them in doing so to continue to stay with you. Instead, avoid dining with him or feeding him.

  • If possible, dine out with family and friends.
  • Do not let them know if you plan to prepare a meal.
  • Stop storing foods he loves to eat in your pantry and refrigerator. In fact, if you find that he likes to eat something, make it disappear systematically.
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Step 2. Leave it alone

It can be tempting to want to spend time with your host or invite them to do fun activities. But, by having fun with him, you will subconsciously indicate to him that he can stay with you as long as he wishes. Instead, avoid spending time with him or caring for him.

  • Do not tell him about recreational activities in which you participate. He may want to lock in.
  • Follow the television in your room or in a place well away from it. If you are watching TV in the living room, the living room may want to join you.
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Step 3. Make your home less welcoming

Do little things to make your home less welcoming. If you want to make your home a lot less livable, there are a few small changes you can make. Even though these steps may seem trivial to you, they may be enough to cause your host to reconsider their plans to stay with you.

Don't hesitate to turn on the television early in the morning, turn on the radio and turn up the volume, or have fun with guests late at night. If he doesn't respect you enough to walk away, go ahead, don't skimp on ways to make your home unwelcoming

Part 3 of 3: Start by keeping it away

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Step 1. Never say you have a guest room

The worst thing you can do is let an unwanted guest know that you have a guest room available. So you don't have to brag about being able to host people.

  • Only tell friends or family about your guest room.
  • Don't invite anyone to stay in your house, don't even suggest it, unless you really want to.
  • Don't brag or tell people you don't want to stay in your home someday.
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Step 2. Tell him your house is not welcoming

Let her know that your home is not comfortable or restful. The best way to keep an unwanted guest away is to tell them your home isn't exactly welcoming. By letting him know that you live in an unsanitary house, he will be put off and will not want to stay there.

  • Let her know that your children are very loud.
  • Tell him how your house is messy and deserves a big clean.
  • Tell him that you have a very aggressive dog.
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Step 3. Don't make yourself available

Don't make yourself or your home available when he's in town. If you know someone who will come to town and try to invite themselves into your house, make yourself rare. If you are not there, it will be very difficult for her to settle in with you.

  • Tell him you're getting out of town.
  • Let your family know that you won't be in town or that you will be traveling during holidays.
  • Organize activities to keep you occupied when he's around.
  • If you meet someone from the outside, consider doing so in a completely neutral location, such as a restaurant or cafe. Don't invite him to your place. He may want to stay there.
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Step 4. Lie if you have to

Depending on the situation, you may need to lie to a potential host. While lying seems like a drastic step to take, you may need it to avoid welcoming an unwanted and unwelcome guest into your home.

  • Distort the truth instead of inventing a big lie. Above all, you don't want to get caught in the act. For example, instead of saying that one of your children has a serious illness, tell them they have a very contagious cold, it will be enough to scare them off.
  • Make plans to dissuade him from staying. For example, if you plan to renovate the house in six months, tell them you plan to do it now. You can always tell her after you've pushed the date back.
  • Remember, there is a good chance that he will communicate with people you know, so be careful not to invent a lie that could backfire on you.
  • Before lying, find out if it might not be better to tell him the truth and outright refuse to welcome him into your home.

Step 5. Be specific about your terms

If you agree to let someone stay with you for a period of time, be sure to make it clear to them the terms and conditions that govern their stay in your home. Do this before he begins his stay.

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