3 ways to ignore someone you love

3 ways to ignore someone you love
3 ways to ignore someone you love

Sometimes it's necessary to ignore a loved one during an argument, after a break-up, or when the person is too toxic. Ignoring someone under these conditions can be difficult, especially if you care so much about the person. If you see her in public, set boundaries and take appropriate action, avoiding meeting her at school or at work. It's harder to ignore someone you share the same roof with, but it is possible to create distance between the two of you. A good solution is to reduce the frequency of your conversations, especially if you are reluctant to ignore it after a break-up or an argument.


Method 1 of 3: Set limits in public

Ignore Someone You Love Step 1

Step 1. Avoid going where she would go, if you can

Do your best to avoid their favorite shops and restaurants, as well as this person's work environment. It will be easier to ignore him if you don't cross his path all the time. Take this chance to visit new places and live new experiences.

You may not be able to ignore it completely if you work in the same company or study in the same class. In this case, change your routine a bit and avoid crossing her path so often. Take another hallway when you walk into your classroom or when you head to the cupboards when she isn't used to going out

Ignore Someone You Love Step 2

Step 2. Avoid making eye contact with her

Instead, use more closed body language when you see her. By avoiding eye contact with her, you show her that you don't want to talk to her. It's also a way to make her feel like you don't want to see her. In addition, adopt an inaccessible posture, lowering your chin and looking away. Cross your arms to prevent him from continuing to talk to you.

  • Cross your legs if you are seated.
  • Keep your eyes fixed and focus on your destination. If she's in front of you, look down or to the side. Pretend you're touching your phone, for example.
  • A good way to avoid a conversation is to frown and appear irritated if necessary. This shows that you do not intend to speak at this time.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 3

Step 3. Pretend you are busy

You can also listen to music to avoid interactions. Look on your cell phone and pretend you've received an important message or drag out a school assignment or even a client's file for the last time. Listening to music while walking the aisles or during your work day helps minimize interactions with everyone around you, including the person you want to ignore. If someone else is near you, strike up a conversation with them. This will give you a reason to ignore her if she sees that you are busy with something else.

  • Put on your headphones, but don't listen to music if you notice that it is distracting you or might cause some problem in your workplace. No one will ever know that you are using the headphones just to ignore it.
  • When walking through the halls of school, pretend to be using your laptop or checking your homework. Take notes or write in your notebook if you are in class.
  • At work, focus on your daily tasks and stay as far away from the break room as possible.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 4

Step 4. Leave if you can

Take a step back if you come across this person by surprise in a restaurant or store. Choose to cross the room, go somewhere else, or leave. Do what works best for you.

  • At school, you can sneak into the bathroom or the library. If you are attending the same class or club as the person in question, try to strike up a conversation with someone else to prevent it. Do not enter your classroom or club meeting room until the session begins.
  • In the workplace, go to a colleague's office to discuss work-related issues.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 5

Step 5. Treat her formally if she tries to make conversation

Don't overdo it when you ignore the person, as this attitude can seem immature. Instead, speak calmly and politely. Speak very little, then gently withdraw from the conversation.

Respond as little as possible and keep your tone of voice as natural as possible. For example, you could say something like, “I don't know what I'm going to do this week, but I'm very busy right now and have to go to class. "

Ignore Someone You Love Step 6

Step 6. Change seats or find a new workstation if possible

At school, ask your teacher if it is possible to move places. It might be best to sit next to someone you know to make it look like you just want to sit next to your friend. At work, you can move to another room or set up your workstation or office so that you have more privacy.

  • In school, you can address your teacher by saying something like this, “I have trouble seeing the blackboard from my position. Can I sit in front? "
  • If it is not possible to change seats, create a barrier between the two of you. Use a folder to share the work environment. Keep all of your personal belongings nearby to create a physical barrier.
  • If you can't change workstations, set up a calendar, bulletin board, or inspirational poster to block the view.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 7

Step 7. Eat lunch at a different restaurant than where you often go

An embarrassing situation can arise if you are used to having lunch together or being seated at the same table all the time. Changing this routine will make it easier for you to ignore her, especially if she keeps trying to make conversation. If you must have lunch with this person, have a friend act as a buffer between you.

  • Change tables in the canteen or have lunch outside the restaurant. You can also eat faster than usual and then go to the library or wherever you prefer.
  • If you're used to having lunch in the break room at work, go out to eat or have your meal in your car or cabin.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 8

Step 8. Talk to her very little at events

If you ignore a friend or relative, both of you will likely be on the guest list for parties or events. If he does speak to you, it is best to respond to him, because pretending not to listen to him is passive aggressive behavior. However, you don't have to engage in a very long conversation with her. Instead, interact with your friends or relatives.

  • If necessary, consider asking your parents or closest friends to help you. For example, you can say something like this, “I'm trying to get away from Katie and I know she will be at Christmas dinner. Will you give me a hand if she starts talking to me? "
  • If you think that you really can't be in the same room as this person, you can politely decline the invitation if they are going to be there too. Most of the time, the best thing to do is not to explain the reason for the refusal too much so that the host doesn't feel pressured into making a choice between the two of you.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 9

Step 9. Surround yourself with loved ones who can support you during events

You may run into the person you are trying to ignore frequently at a football game in your neighborhood stadium, church, or park. If you know you will see her, ask a close friend or your significant other to come with you to the event. This may make it harder for her to talk to you or take your attention away from the event you are attending.

Having someone there can make it easier for you to walk away from the one you are trying to ignore. If you seem to be interacting with someone else, you will seem less accessible

Method 2 of 3: Create distance at home

Ignore Someone You Love Step 10

Step 1. Spend more time alone in the bedroom

Dine, watch your favorite series and relax in your room. Ask the person to respect your privacy or lock the room. Take advantage of your time alone to do important things, like studying, reading, or hobbies.

  • Find another place in the house to relax for a while if you share your room with the one you are trying to ignore. For example, spend some time in the garage, on the balcony, or stay under the window.
  • You can spend even more time away from home, visiting a friend or visiting places you really love.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 11

Step 2. Use headphones to ignore it if you are in the same room

Listen to music or watch your favorite series on a cell phone or computer. If you're wearing a headset, you won't be able to hear what he's saying. Plus, wearing a helmet is a great reason to ignore someone without making them feel bad.

You can also use an earplug as an alternative. Read a book or magazine in peace or do your homework undisturbed

Ignore Someone You Love Step 12

Step 3. Try to keep the conversations short, cool and direct

If you live together, you will inevitably end up talking to the person. Be brief and answer in a simple manner, without giving details. Do not show emotion, even if you are angry. Respond politely and move on to end the conversation quickly.

For example, say something like, "It was good today, but I'm going to study now. "

Ignore Someone You Love Step 13

Step 4. Stay somewhere else for a few days if you can

If you are having an argument with a parent, roommate, partner, or brother, spending time with another person for a few days can help ease the tension. It's much easier to ignore someone who isn't around you all the time. Consider sleeping with a friend or relative until you feel comfortable talking to them again.

If you are not yet an adult, ask your parents or guardian for permission when you want to leave the house. You can say something like this, “I think I need more space now to deal with feelings that arose after our argument last Saturday. Can I stay with my grandmother this weekend? "

Method 3 of 3: Don't succumb to the temptation to talk to her

Ignore Someone You Love Step 14

Step 1. Stop following her or block her on social media

Ignoring someone you love is difficult, but it's even worse if you follow what they're doing on social media every day. Whether it's an ex-boyfriend or a lover posting photos with his new girlfriend or a friend who goes out without inviting you, it will be more difficult for you if you continue to follow his status. current. Stop following him on social networks so as not to see his posts or block him if the temptation is too strong.

You can also try taking a break from social media for a few days. If you don't sign in to your account, you won't see their posts

Ignore Someone You Love Step 15

Step 2. Block their number if you are tempted to text them

It can be hard to ignore an ex or someone you love and aren't interested, especially if you're used to texting all the time. Likewise, it is also difficult to ignore messages from a toxic parent. Communicating with this person will only hurt you! Do whatever it takes to avoid sending messages, even if you need to block your number.

  • If you don't want to block it, consider changing its name. For example, you can record "Do not call Mark" or something similar.
  • Another option would be to write down their number and then delete it from your phone. This way you will still have his number, but it will be more difficult for you to send him a message or call him spontaneously.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 16

Step 3. Keep busy so you won't be tempted to contact her

Start by incorporating activities into your day that will help you achieve your own goals (these can be professional or educational goals). Practice a new hobby or your favorite hobby, visit new places in your city, or sign up for a class to learn something new. If you have things in your life that are important to you, you can easily ignore someone.

  • Find a new hobby, like learning to play a musical instrument, draw or knit.
  • Join a local theater group.
  • Make products that you can sell.
  • Visit all the cafes in your area.
  • Sign up for a class at a local school, library, on the Internet or at a training center.
Ignore Someone You Love Step 17

Step 4. Strengthen your other relationships

Spend more time with relatives and friends who are having a positive impact on your life. These positive, healthy relationships can help remind you of why you are trying to ignore the person. Be the first to connect with other people to schedule appointments. Don't turn in on yourself because you've had a bad experience with someone else.

If you want to make new friends, visit sites like Meetup.com to meet people in your neighborhood who share the same interests as you. If you are still in school, you can join a club or start a new one

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