How to avoid texting your ex-partner

How to avoid texting your ex-partner
How to avoid texting your ex-partner

Are you worried about succumbing to the temptation to text your ex-partner? You may not necessarily feel determined to resist. But, there are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening. Minimize your chances of writing to him by asking someone else to talk to you about it. Get away from her, literally and figuratively, and occupy your mind enough with something else to avoid texting her.


Part 1 of 3: Changing Your Phone Habits After Breaking Up

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 1

Step 1. Permanently delete their number

Completely erase your ex-girlfriend's number from your phone. This will make you less tempted to write to him. If by any chance you are tempted to do so, you will search your contacts for his name without success and this will always remind you that you should not write to him.

Put their number in your phone's blacklist. Do this especially if you think she might be trying to contact you

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 2

Step 2. Call or write someone else

If you're tempted to text him, reach out to a friend or family member and chat with him instead. Tell him what's going on and allow him to distract you from that urge.

  • Say, “Today is our anniversary, so I'm tempted to text. Please help me stop thinking about it! "
  • Let your friends know that you may need their help getting over your breakup. For example, say, "I often feel like texting my ex-girlfriend. Can you help me when I'm tempted to? "
  • You can even imagine a password with your friends that you will text them if you are upset. For example, you can write them “ex alert” or send them a specific emoji.
Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 3

Step 3. Hand over your phone to someone else

If at any point you feel like you just can't resist the temptation and are one step away from giving in, hand your phone to someone else. Give it to a friend or family member until the urge fades.

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 4

Step 4. Install an app to overcome the breakage

Thanks to technology, it is possible to find reinforcements to avoid texting your ex-girlfriend. Visit the App Store on your smartphone to find breaking apps on offer. Download the app and use it until the urge to write to him disappears.

Some apps are designed specifically to keep people going through a romantic breakup from contacting their ex-partner as much as possible by getting them to call their friends whenever they are tempted to contact their ex-partner

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 5

Step 5. Turn off your phone at night

It is possible that during the day, when you are busy, you can avoid thinking about her. However, you may be tempted to contact her at night when you are bored or alone. If this is the case, then turn off your phone for a few hours each evening and instead spend your time doing very rewarding activities that will allow you to take care of yourself.

  • Watch your favorite movie, read a book, study, or paint your nails. This will keep you busy every night and prevent you from using your phone.
  • Let your friends and relatives know how they can reach you if needed, for example: you can ask them to reach you by email or send you an instant message on your computer.

Part 2 of 3: Avoid Thinking About Your Ex-Girlfriend

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 6

Step 1. Stop following her on social media

Take some distance from your ex-girlfriend by removing her from your friends list or by stopping following her on all the social networks you are on. Doing so will make you think less of her because you won't hear from her again in your feed.

If you're on certain networks, like Facebook, you don't have to completely remove her from your Friends list, instead you can "unsubscribe" just to avoid hearing from her

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 7

Step 2. Avoid triggers

Gather all the movies, clothes, photos, and other memories from your relationship. Throw them in the trash or put them somewhere until emotionally you can get along with them. Also spare yourself songs, TV shows, or any other situation that might make you feel nostalgic.

For now, avoid taking the paths that evoke memories. It will only awaken old feelings in you that will prompt you to contact her

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 8

Step 3. Put a coin in a jar

If you feel the urge to contact her, put a piece of silver in a jar. The best way to break a bad habit is to have to pay for it out of pocket every time you give in to temptation. Every time you think about texting your ex-girlfriend, put some money in a jar. Donate the money to a friend or to a charitable foundation.

Over time, you will notice that you feel less inclined to text her because naturally you don’t want to waste money

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 9

Step 4. Avoid going to his favorite places

If you still run into your ex from time to time, you may succumb to the temptation to write to her. Don't go anywhere she usually goes until you have moved on completely.

  • Try to avoid meeting her as much as possible.
  • If you can't avoid seeing her, keep your meeting short and enjoyable, but don't stop walking on your way. For example, you can say "hi" while continuing to walk in the opposite direction.
Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 10

Step 5. Avoid consuming alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption weakens inhibition, so refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages for a while. If you go to a bar or restaurant, drink only seltzer water or soda.

  • This will help you avoid giving in to temptation and maybe even texting or dating your ex-partner under the influence of alcohol.
  • Some applications like "Appel Bourré No!" Can help you avoid texting people when you are drunk. These applications block certain numbers from your directory for a defined time and allow you to schedule the sending of a message that you will receive at a specific time. In the form of alerts, these messages will remind you "that you must not have more than three drinks tonight", "that your mother-in-law is coming to lunch tomorrow" or that "Jean-Michmich is married". To deactivate it prematurely, you will need to successfully answer a whole series of mathematical equations.
Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 11

Step 6. Remember why you broke up

Make a list of the reasons why you broke up with her. Consult this list whenever the urge to contact her overwhelms you. Reading the list will help you remember the reasons why you should not write to her.

For example, maybe she cheated on you. Remember this betrayal and the harm it did to you whenever you have a tendency to succumb to temptation to avoid contacting it

Part 3 of 3: Moving On After A Breakup

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 12

Step 1. Spend time with your friends more often

The more time you spend alone, the more likely you are to come into contact with her. Spend more time with your close friends because they will help you forget about your ex.

  • Go out for lunch or dinner with your friends. Host a little movie night with your friends back home.
  • It's okay if you need to spend some time on your own to cope with the breakup. Take all the time you need. But, avoid isolating yourself completely. Try to find the right balance.
Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 13

Step 2. Practice a hobby

Try to distract yourself by developing the talents you have or by practicing a new passion. Play a sport or try to learn to play a musical instrument. Let your creativity run free by painting, writing, crafting or sculpting.

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 14

Step 3. Join a group

Meet new people and take on new responsibilities by participating in the activities of a group or organization related to your work, school or hobby. Spending your days engaged in meaningful activities will save you the time to think about contacting your ex-girlfriend.

Are you having trouble finding an interesting band? Find groups that match your interests in your area

Avoid Texting Your Ex Step 15

Step 4. Learn new skills

Do something totally new. This will not only allow you to avoid coming into contact with her, but will also help you create new lasting memories without her. Think about something you've always wanted to learn and try to get started.

  • Learn a new language or a foreign language, take cooking or sculpture lessons.
  • Learn new skills by participating in group lessons, receiving private coaching, watching tutorials on YouTube, or reading books.

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