3 ways to tell if your ex still loves you

3 ways to tell if your ex still loves you
3 ways to tell if your ex still loves you

It can be hard to have feelings for your ex any longer, and you probably want to know whether or not you can get back together. To know if he still loves you, pay attention to his behavior to know how he behaves with you. Also, notice how he communicates with you in general and what kind of communication you have. Finally, talk to your family and friends to ask if they think your ex still loves you.


Method 1 of 3: Monitor your behavior

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 1

Step 1. Notice if it appears to be there all the time

Your ex is likely to find reasons to spend time with you if he still has feelings for you. He might come see you at your workplace, spend time in your favorite places, and attend events where he knows he can see you there. Ask yourself if you see each other often to find out if he wouldn't try to force fate to have you bump into each other.

If you both like the same cafe, he might go there without necessarily having the idea of ​​seeing you there. However, if he has never been interested in art before your breakup and if you meet at a private viewing, he probably came to meet you there "by chance"

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 2

Step 2. Watch what he / she is posting on social media

If you still follow each other on social media, take a look at what he's posted recently to find out what's going on in his life. Notice if he looks sad, happy, or upset, plus try to see if he looks nostalgic for the past or if he's already moved on.

For example, if he posts: "I really regret the days I spent with a special someone" or "These last few days have been difficult", that could mean that he is thinking of you. On the other hand, if he is posting pictures with his new partner, he may have already moved on


if you are feeling genuinely sad or jealous while viewing his social media posts, you should delete him and not take this advice. Your feelings are very important, you must not do anything that would make you sad.

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 3

Step 3. Check if he likes your posts or photos often

It's normal for your ex to react to one of your posts from time to time. However, your ex might still be interested if they like all of your posts or if they are looking at old posts. Track how often he interacts with you on social media to see if he still cares about you.

  • For example, if he likes a post about your new car, that probably doesn't mean anything. However, he might still love you if he likes every selfie you post.
  • If he likes old photos where you appear together, chances are he still likes you.
Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 4

Step 4. Observe his reaction when he sees you

If you come face to face with him, watch his reaction to see if it is positive, neutral, or negative. Take a good look at his facial expressions and body language to know how he feels.

  • For example, let's say he gives you a big smile and comes and says, “Hi! Things are going well ? This may indicate that he still loves you.
  • If he waves his hand lightly and says, “Oh, hi! He might have a neutral reaction. Then maybe he just wants to be your friend.
  • On the other hand, he might have moved on if he frowns, walks away, or folds his arms over his chest.
Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 5

Step 5. Notice if he touches you a lot

When you love someone, you have a hard time resisting the urge to touch them. In fact, it's a popular way to flirt! Consider whether he touches you on the arm, shoulder, back, or legs. It could indicate that he still loves you.

You may also notice that he wants to hug you whenever you see each other or after having a chat. It could mean that he still likes you


if his physical contact makes you uncomfortable, tell him to stop. For example: “Please stop touching me like that. Respect my personal space."

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 6

Step 6. Ask him to do you a favor

Your ex might be ready to help if he still loves you. Tell him you have a problem and watch his reaction. Otherwise, ask him to help you with an activity he is doing well at. If he says yes to you, he might still love you.

  • For example, you could ask her to help you with homework or to organize a party for a mutual friend.
  • If your ex is very friendly and likes helping other people, he might be able to help you even if he doesn't like you anymore.
Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 7

Step 7. Pay attention to your things he kept

Usually, when you break up with someone, you give them back everything they own. If your ex is keeping some of your belongings, it could be a sign that he still likes you. Ask yourself if he has given you back all that is yours.

  • For example, he might keep one of your shirts on to smell your scent. Likewise, it could keep an old DVD that you often watch together.
  • If this item is valuable, your ex might also keep it for resale. For example, don't leave your MP3 player to him.
Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 8

Step 8. Learn about their new relationships

Take a look at your ex's social media accounts to see if they're posting statuses about their new relationship or photos of their new partner. In addition, ask your mutual friends if they have heard of a new partner. If he's dating someone else, he's probably focused on his future and his new relationship.

In some cases, he might post pictures with his new conquest just to make you jealous. However, it's likely that he's moved on if he's already in a relationship

Method 2 of 3: Review communications

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 9

Step 1. Observe the frequency of their calls or texts

He'll probably look for reasons to talk to you if he still loves you. Check how often he calls you, texts you, or speaks to you in person. Likewise, consider whether he is starting a conversation with you again after your last discussion. This could indicate that she still likes you.

For example, if he could text you and ask you questions he already knows the answers to. He might say to you: "Do we have a homework assignment for tomorrow?" »,« Do you know if Nadine's play is really on Saturday? "Or" I hope you don't mind seeing each other tomorrow at mini golf? "


some of these communications could be negative. For example, he might text you where he gets angry about the breakup or something he saw on social media. This could indicate that he is still thinking of you or that he is jealous.

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 10

Step 2. Notice if he talks nostalgically about your relationship

If he starts talking about happy relationship stories, it means he remembers the good times. This is a sign that can indicate that he still loves you. Listen to him when he starts talking about the good old days to see if he's focusing on the good times in your relationship.

He might say to you, “Do you remember the time we had a candlelight picnic under the stars? It was a great night”or“I still remember our giggles during improvisation lessons. We had a really good time together. "

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 11

Step 3. Watch if he asks you for news when you're bad

When you're not feeling well, it's okay for the people who care about you to make sure you have a good day. Ask yourself if he seems to always be there for you when you need someone. Plus, he or she might be ready to listen to you when you feel like talking about your issues.

  • For example, say you post on social media that a family member is in the hospital. Your ex might send you a message right away: "Are you okay?" "
  • Remember, he might contact you just because he wants to be friends with you. He might ask to hear from you because he cares about you as a friend.
Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 12

Step 4. Notice if he asks you for advice

Usually, you will seek advice from people you trust. Count the number of times he asks you for advice about his problems. If he always comes to see you to ask for your opinion, it means that he still feels close to you. He might even still love you.

For example, he might tell you about his problems at school or at work. Then he might ask for your opinion

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 13

Step 5. Ask yourself if he is talking about his past mistakes

If he talks about his mistakes, it means he thinks he could have done things differently. He might also be wondering how he could mend the relationship. Listen carefully to him if he starts talking about what he did wrong, what he could have done differently, or what he would like to change.

He might say to you, "I realize now that I should have listened to you more", "I really regret talking to that girl." I will never make the same mistake again”or“Since we broke up, I have really changed. You made me a better person. "

Method 3 of 3: Seek help from your support system

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 14

Step 1. Ask your friends what they think about it

Your friends are going to have a different perspective on your relationship with your ex. They probably see things that you can't see. Talk to them to find out what they think about how your ex is feeling. Ask multiple opinions about whether your ex might still love you.

You might ask them, "How honestly do you feel about my relationship with my ex? "," Do you think we should get back together? "," Do you think he (she) has moved on? Or "Do you think he might still love me?" "

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 16

Step 2. Chat with mutual friends

If your ex still loves you, he's probably going to find some reason to talk about you. This means that his friends will hear him talk about you. Ask your mutual friends to tell you what your ex is telling them.

  • Ask them, "Is Alex still talking about me?" "
  • If you don't have any friends in common, you might try asking your group of friends for help. If you're feeling nervous, ask a friend of yours to go ask a friend of your ex.

Warning: when you ask this kind of question, you are going to talk about your ex. This will make others believe that you still love him.

Find Out if Your Ex Still Likes You Step 15

Step 3. Find out if he is still talking to your family

While there are plenty of reasons for your ex to keep in touch with your family, it could be a sign that they haven't moved on yet. Ask your family members if they are still in contact with him (her). If so, ask them if they still tell them about you, which may mean they still love you.

  • It's okay for your ex to stay close to your family if you have kids together. He could still speak to them, because it is important for the children.
  • If your ex was friends with a family member before your relationship, they are likely to remain friends even after you break up. Don't count this kind of relationship if you're wondering if he still loves you.


Be extra careful if you have children together. Children often hope their parents get back together, and the last thing you want is to make them believe it's going to happen before you disappoint them. Be quiet until you're sure you're going to get back together


  • Avoid intimate or sexual contact with your ex after the breakup unless you are sure you both want to start your relationship again. Don't let your ex abuse your grief and use you for sexual favors.
  • Don't get back together too quickly. Sometimes you might idealize your past relationship. Remember the reason for your breakup. If you are going to find yourself facing the same issues, you might be better off avoiding your ex.

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