How to tell if my ex is in love with another person

How to tell if my ex is in love with another person
How to tell if my ex is in love with another person

It's possible that every time you end a relationship with someone, you feel emotionally attached to that person. On the other hand, you may want to always stay up to date with what he's doing. Maybe you've been a couple breaking up and getting back together, still hoping for reconciliation, or maybe you just want to stay in her life. In any of these situations, it may be helpful for you to try to find out if your ex has gotten over your relationship and fallen in love with someone else. Fortunately, there are several telltale signs.


Part 1 of 3: Noticing Changes in Your Communication

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Step 1. See if he ignores your calls

When you call him, note whether he answers or if your calls are forwarded to voicemail. If he or she often ignores your calls (especially if it's a new attitude), it could be a sign that he / she has fallen in love with someone else.

  • Wait and see if he ignores your calls at least 3 times in a row.
  • Be sure to space each of your calls at least one day apart.
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Step 2. Check if it is no longer responding to your messages

If you text him and he doesn't respond (or waits longer than a day to do so), it could mean he's fallen in love with someone else. He may even be with the person (or spent the night) while he received the message and that may be the reason he did not respond to you.

  • Just like with calls, try waiting for him to ignore your messages at least three times in a row before jumping to conclusions.
  • Once again, be sure to take a moment before sending her the next message so you don't overwhelm her.
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Step 3. See if he never engages in conversation

If he answers your messages and answers the phone, but never initiates any type of communication, it may be a sign that he is in love with another person. This attitude may show that he just wants to be polite, but has no real interest in talking to you.

  • Try to stop your attempts to stay in touch for a while (for example, a week).
  • See if he takes a step to talk to you or not.
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Step 4. Check if they've removed you from their social media friend list

If you try to visit their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page and find that you are no longer on their friend list, it can be a negative sign. He may have removed you because he doesn't want you to see the change in his dating status or photos of him with the new person he loves.

  • If its social media pages are set to private, that would immediately mean that you have been deleted.
  • If their profile is public, check their friends list directly to see if you're there.
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Step 5. Find out if he has changed his phone number

The most drastic action your ex can take (and a much clearer signal) is to change the phone number. If you try to contact him and realize that he changed his number without notifying you, it is likely that he has fallen in love with another person.

Check with your mutual friends to see if he has changed his number. If there's a good explanation for his attitude, a mutual friend may be able to give you some clues

Part 2 of 3: Look for changes in your behaviors

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Step 1. See if he / she responds to your flirtation or not

If your ex has always been reciprocal to your flirtation and suddenly changed doing so, this could be a sign that he's spending his energy flirting with his new love.

  • Try to flirt with him as usual (but don't overdo it) and assess his reaction.
  • See if this happens more than once before drawing any conclusions.
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Step 2. Notice if it is remote

If your ex becomes distant, it could be a sign that he or she has gotten over the relationship. If he or she no longer shares details about his life, asks for your support, or doesn't want to be physically close to you, he may be in love with another person.

Find out if there is something that is bothering him that might cause him to be distant

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Step 3. See if he cancels any programs with you

If you've been planning things to do together awhile ago and suddenly he starts canceling them, it might be a sign that he loves someone else. One cancellation might not mean anything, but several in a row can be a bad sign.

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Step 4. Pay attention to the time he devotes to you

If before you could call him to be company, support you, or just chat with you, but suddenly he stopped having time for you, it is possible that he has already gotten over the relationship. It will be difficult for him to find time for you if he spends all day with his new love.

  • Also note if he sometimes asks for your attention and support, but is never there to reciprocate when you need him.
  • It can also indicate that he has started a new relationship, but still comes to you when he is feeling lonely (which reflects a bad personality).
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Step 5. See if he has stopped loving you

If you had continued to have a sex-only relationship with him (her) since you split up and he (she) suddenly stopped this, this is a very obvious sign that someone else is satisfies this need. If he has found someone else, he probably can't continue to be affectionate with you.

If he refuses your advances, you can only ask him directly what has changed

Part 3 of 3: look for external clues

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Step 1. Look for signs of affection in public

If you see your ex being affectionate with another person in public, that's pretty solid proof that they've gotten over your relationship. The fact that he's comfortable enough to show his affection publicly already shows that he might like someone.

  • Public displays of affection go beyond a simple kiss. When you see your ex with someone else, pay attention to their body language.
  • Are they touching? Are they too close to each other when seated?
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Step 2. Talk to friends you have in common

Take rumors seriously when you hear that your ex is with someone else. You may be tempted to ignore or disbelieve these rumors, but remember that they are often based on a grain of truth.

  • If you have any suspicions, ask around.
  • Consider asking your ex's friends directly.
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Step 3. Listen to what he has to say

If he (she) tells you directly that he has moved on, you should believe him. If he explains to you that he fell in love with someone else, you need to accept that fact and move on.

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Step 4. Check if he has changed his dating status on Facebook

If you're still friends on Facebook, see if he changed the status of his dating situation. The status "in a serious relationship" is a very clear message that he is with someone else. Even something ambiguous like "in a complicated relationship" can mean he's fallen in love with someone.

  • Also, keep an eye out for romantic photos he shares.
  • Another idea is to pay attention to any romantic messages he (she) might post.
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Step 5. Ask yourself if it's time to move on

Instead of continuing to suffer for your ex and playing sleuth about whether they are dating, consider having a clear conversation with them. Honestly think about whether you have a future together, and if it looks like you don't, consider moving forward.

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