How to recover when you won't see your lover again (for girls)

How to recover when you won't see your lover again (for girls)
How to recover when you won't see your lover again (for girls)

It can be heartbreaking knowing that you will never see your lover again. Whether it is leaving the camp, at the end of the vacation or that he is moving, it is difficult to accept that the farewell is final. However, it is possible to get over it and be yourself again. For this, you will need to learn to cope with your sadness intelligently, to take care of yourself and to move on.


Part 1 of 3: Deal with your sadness

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 1

Step 1. Say goodbye if possible

If you have the possibility to see your lover one last time before his departure, then know that it can be very useful, because you can have one last memory and turn the page. If you feel comfortable, you can even tell him how you feel. Talking about it can be a great relief. In fact, unexpressed feelings can be the source of sadness and stress, which means that it can be helpful for you in the long run to tell him exactly how you feel about him.

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 2

Step 2. Crying

When you are going through a difficult situation, many people will tell you to "stay strong". Although these people have good intentions, know that it is okay to express your emotions. Sometimes crying a lot can help release some of those horrible emotions that words can't convey. Avoid suppressing your feelings, because they might come when you least expect them.

Know that sadness is neither a sign of weakness nor pathetic. Crying just means that you loved a person and that you are sad to say goodbye to them. Don't be ashamed of it

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 3

Step 3. Be Indulgent with Yourself

When you are young, it often happens that your feelings are not taken seriously by others, nor your heartache. People may not understand your sadness, but that doesn't mean you should cover it up. Be gentle with yourself and indulge yourself by enjoying what you love to do. For example, you can take yoga classes, prepare a bubble bath, or play a third part of video games. Indulge yourself in small pleasures so that you can overcome moments of sadness.

It helps that you are honest with your friends and parents about how you are feeling so that they can really understand what is going on

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 4

Step 4. Give yourself time to “feel sorry for yourself”

It is good to express how you feel, but it is not good for you to immerse yourself in endless self-pity. So give yourself a time limit after which you will allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself. It can be a weekend or a whole week. Spend that time letting yourself be pampered or doing the cliché things people do to get over a breakup. Watch movies, sleep, cry, eat sweets, listen to sad music and do whatever you want to do. Once your time has passed, just stop. Turn off the sad music, call friends, do the housework, and get ready to move on.

Feeling sorry will never make you feel better. It makes sense to do this for a short time and let go of those horrible feelings, but what is obvious is that it is not a long term solution

Part 2 of 3: distract yourself

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 5

Step 1. Accept the invitations

You may be tempted to isolate yourself and hide in your bedroom when you are having a disappointment in love. Challenge yourself to say "yes" to every invitation you get. Whether it's going to watch movies with a friend, making baskets with your dad, or running errands with your mom, just accept. Leaving the house and surrounding yourself with people who love you can be very helpful.

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 6

Step 2. Start a project

This is the right time to get fully involved in this great project that you have always wanted to start. Instead of sitting down and thinking about your sweetheart, do something fun and productive! For example, you can create a blog, re-decorate your room, learn to cook a new dish, train for a race, etc. In fact, the more energy you devote to making a fun project, the less upset you'll be thinking about your lover.

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 7

Step 3. Enjoy leisure activities

You may feel depressed and lethargic when you know you won't see your lover again, but it's important to continue to indulge in whatever brings you joy. Avoid canceling programs that you usually enjoy or losing interest in extracurricular activities just because you are sad. You may be dreadful about following through on your plans or going to a place, but you'll end up having a great time. Give yourself the opportunity to forget your lover and remember the leisure activities that you like to do.

Part 3 of 3: moving forward

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 8

Step 1. Move on

If you know that you will never see your lover again, it is important that you move on. You probably won't be able to do this if you check her Facebook profile every day or if you lie down with her picture next to your bed. Note that you don't need to unsubscribe from him as a friend or burn his photo, but you will need to put the photo away and make the effort not to view his page. In fact, the less you overwhelm yourself with memories of your lover, the sooner you can recover and move on.

Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms can be great ways to stay in touch with him if he lives far away. However, these platforms can also help extend the length of time that you will be upset and focused on him. Make the effort to limit your exchanges with him through social networks. For example, you can reduce your daily Snapchat messages from ten to five and then to zero. It might seem unnecessary or even difficult, but it's a lot easier to forget someone and move on if you don't communicate with them 24/7

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 9

Step 2. Think about the options available to you

Your sweetheart was certainly a great person, but he is not the only one of his kind that you will meet. It can be hard to know that you will never see each other again, but you will no doubt have new lovers. Know that you might let them slip away if you're too busy mourning your previous lover. Be excited about your future, because there will be many great people coming in and out of your life.

Cope when You'll Never See Your Crush Again (Girls) Step 10

Step 3. Accept the learning experience

Once you have managed to say goodbye to your lover for good, you are now a wiser and stronger person. You have learned to overcome a very difficult situation, you will be able to handle difficult times in the future. Know that painful experiences are never unnecessary and after all of this you are officially a smarter and stronger person.

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