3 ways to get my ex to think of me

3 ways to get my ex to think of me
3 ways to get my ex to think of me

When your friend tells you that he misses you, he tries to show you his attachment and his pain for feeling far from you physically and morally. If you are estranged from your partner or don't see them often, you will probably have a hard time keeping your relationship at a good level. So what can you do to miss your boyfriend? There are many ideas. For example, improving your communication, creating surprises, and finding ways to become more attractive.


Method 1 of 3: Communicate positively

Step 1. Listen to your boyfriend

Listening skills are essential for a healthy relationship and can increase your boyfriend's attraction to you. It can mean that he enjoys your company and that he wants you when you are away. To have a good listening sense, you will need to:

  • put aside distractions like your cell phone, laptop or TV,
  • maintain eye contact during a conversation,
  • nod your head and make neutral statements such as "I see", "oh, oh" and "keep going",
  • repeat and clarify what the other person is saying, for example saying “it seems you were really angry with him because he borrowed your things without asking for permission”.

Step 2. Respond positively

Men feel more attracted to active women. If you react positively when your boyfriend talks to you, he'll be inclined to ask for your advice if he's having problems. To be responsive, listen carefully to your boyfriend when he talks about his struggles, and respond in a comforting way.

  • For example, suppose your boyfriend informs you that a coworker was praised for a job your boyfriend did, you might respond by saying a few words like, "This is horrible, he probably felt threatened by your know-how! "
  • Don't ignore your boyfriend's feelings and ignore him when he brings up a problem with you.

Step 3. Call him by name

This way of addressing him can make you more attractive. By saying his name, you are sending him a message to let him know that you are thinking of him and only him. Thus, he will feel valued, and this feeling will persist even when you are no longer there.

Try saying your friend's name out of the blue, such as in the middle of a conversation or in a long hug

Step 4. Praise your friend

Compliment and praise his merits to show him that you find him attractive and that you want to be in his company. So, by knowing your feelings, your boyfriend will become more and more in love with you.

  • Compliment him on a particular skill or activity that he does well, such as cooking your favorite meal or cleaning the house.
  • Compliment him, too, whenever he accomplishes something that you enjoy or find appealing.
  • Don't worry if he only responds with a growl or smile. In fact, he'll be charmed by your compliment and love you even more deeply.

Step 5. Organize video chats

You can take advantage of technology, especially if your relationship is long-distance. Have online dating at least once a week. This way, you will be able to chat face to face, even if you are only using a phone or a computer.

Looking at your picture on the screen, your boyfriend will realize how much he misses you. He will also have landmarks that he will remember in your absence

Step 6. Send a sweet ticket

If your busy life keeps you from meeting online for a day or two, consider sending him a sweet message to make him remember you and why he appreciates your presence.

  • Your text can be simple, such as “I love you”, “I miss you” or “I'm thinking of you now”.
  • Sending a sext or suggestive photo can be risky and in most cases it would be best not to do so. If you want to be romantic and flirty, you can send a message to let him know that you miss him and want his presence. For example, try something like "just thinking about the last night we spent together …" or "looking forward to the next night to see you again …"

Method 2 of 3: surprise him

Step 1. Surprise your boyfriend

Definitely, you want to know how to miss your boyfriend. A good method is to give him a gift or invite him out. Try to create common memories that will not be forgotten soon. For example, you can give him a special gift, an item of clothing he has always wanted to wear, or invite him on an exceptional outing to see one of his favorite musical groups.

Maintain an exciting and spontaneous relationship by surprisingly organizing activities you can do together. This will allow you to spend pleasant moments and gather memories that will remind you of the sweetness of your relationship

Step 2. Write her a love letter

Express your feelings in a romantic and passionate style by writing a letter that you slip under his pillow, in his school bag or on the seat of his car. Use quality paper and be as candid as possible. Put the letter in an envelope and leave it somewhere your boyfriend can easily find it. When he opens it and reads it, he will think of you and will miss your presence terribly.

You can also text her romantically using your phone and don't forget to say goodnight or say hello to her, especially if you are far away from each other. This will help you strengthen your bond and instill your self-esteem with your boyfriend

Step 3. Make your boyfriend happy

Find an occasion to surprise and please him from time to time. Prepare her favorite meal, offer her a massage, or give her time to indulge in her favorite hobbies. Thus, you will show him the extent of your generosity and your love. Doing things that he enjoys doing will make it easier for him to show him that your relationship is valuable. And when you are elsewhere, he will be sure to remember you and the care you have surrounded him with.

Be careful not to neglect your needs in order to better meet those of your boyfriend. Find ways to surprise him every now and then, to encourage him to remember you when you're not with him

Step 4. Leave something behind

Usually, it's about leaving a small item in your boyfriend's house, to make him think of you when he least expects it. For example, you can leave an earring or other object that will remind you of it, when it finds it.

  • By leaving an earring behind you are acting in a subtle and symbolic way. The earrings usually come in pairs. So if you only leave one, you assume that the pair will reunite again, when you meet your boyfriend again.
  • However, do not forget something very important, for example the keys to your house, your wallet or your driver's license. These items are necessary for everyday life, so you will have to retrace your steps to retrieve them. At that point, you will still be on your boyfriend's mind and he won't really miss you.

Method 3 of 3: Become more attractive

Attract Your Husband Step 1

Step 1. Take care of your appearance

In a relationship, physical attraction is important, but you don't have to be perfect. Men are more inclined to relate to women who take care of themselves and try to look their best. To take care of yourself, be sure to:

  • take a daily shower,
  • do your hair,
  • brush your teeth twice a day,
  • wear clothes that suit you and show off your body,
  • exercise at least a few times a week,
  • cut your nails and keep them clean,
  • make up from time to time, if you want.
Attract Your Husband Step 15

Step 2. Highlight your personality

Sure, physical attraction matters, but men are more attached to women who have personality. Therefore, strive to show your boyfriend the salient features of yours.

You can do this by being yourself, but you also have the opportunity to showcase the traits that your boyfriend finds appealing. For example, you can show your kindness by being polite to a waiter when you're at a restaurant, or your optimism by emphasizing the nice side of things

Make Women Adore You Step 11

Step 3. Use eye contact

Looking your boyfriend in the eye for a while will increase your attraction to each other. Make sure you make eye contact a constant part of your dating, to give your boyfriend better opportunities to remember you while you are away.

Try to catch his gaze when you meet him in the hallway and maintain contact for a minute or so. Otherwise, during a coffee chat, make sure you look him in the eye a little more often than usual

Attract Your Husband Step 3

Step 4. Wear red clothes

This color seems to attract men more than others. To take advantage of this, try wearing red clothes more often when you meet.

For example, you can put on a red sweater when visiting your boyfriend at the office or have a cute red scarf on hand and wear it before you meet him

Be a Beautiful Girl and Make Boys Like You Step 4

Step 5. Choose your scent signature

Scents can trigger memories. So, be sure to use a particular lotion or perfume when you are with your boyfriend. Over time, he will associate this scent with your presence and when he smells it in your absence, he will not fail to think of you.

  • If you're spending the night at your boyfriend's house, consider pouring a few drops of perfume on his pillow before you leave him. Later, when he goes to bed alone, he will smell your scent and realize how much he misses you.
  • Try wearing one of her favorite jumpers for a few hours, but be sure to ask her permission first. Make sure you perfume yourself so that the garment is permeated with your fragrance. Return the scented jumper to him.
Slow Down a Relationship Step 10

Step 6. Don't interrupt your social relationships

You will need to maintain the other relationships you have with your friends and family instead of focusing exclusively on your boyfriend. When you are not constantly with him, you will give him the opportunity to better appreciate the time that you are together.

  • Go out with your own friends or visit your family. Encourage your boyfriend to do the same, and most importantly, suggest that he have fun out of your presence. So you will have more fun when you meet again after your respective social activities.
  • Avoid flooding her with messages when you are each on your side. Instead, text him to make sure he's having a good time, but avoid starting over during the day or night.
  • Don't change your schedule to meet him. Your relationship will gain strength and interest if you have some independence from each other and are not together all the time.

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