3 ways to romantic hug a boy

3 ways to romantic hug a boy
3 ways to romantic hug a boy

When you like someone, it's normal to want to be closer. Unfortunately, this feeling could also make you self-conscious about anything and everything, and you might feel nervous about hugging it. However, it is a great experience and you don't have to worry about it!


Method 1 of 3: hug a boy

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 1

Step 1. Smile at him and look him in the eye

Your embrace doesn't have to come out of nowhere. Show friendly physical signs that make him understand that you care about him and want to be closer.

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 2

Step 2. Put your arms around him

You decide where you want to put your arms, depending on their size and personal preferences. You could try friendly hugs if that feels right.

  • If you put your arms around her neck, you can gently run your fingers through the hair at the base of her neck.
  • If you've wrapped them around his chest, gently rub his back.
  • A hug from behind can also be a great way to say hello. It means 'you are mine', which is why you should keep it for a boy you are already close with. Put your hands under his arms, approaching him from behind, then lift them up to rest them on his shoulders before squeezing him against you. Rest your face against his back or shoulder and hold him firmly, but gently (it's a hug, not a wrestling grip).
Romantically Hug a Guy Step 3

Step 3. Hold him in your arms for a while

One of the key differences between a friendly hug and a romantic hug is how long you hold each other. Spend a moment enjoying the feel of her body against yours. Take a deep breath and breathe out with a soft sigh.

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 4

Step 4. Squeeze it tight and stop

Look him in the eye and smile at him as you finish your hug. If you're in the mood for affection, you might entangle your fingers as you part and give her a naughty look as you gently swing your arm before letting go of her hand.

The end of an embrace is often indicated by gently rubbing or tapping on the partner's back

Method 2 of 3: Make an intimate hug

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 5

Step 1. Look yourself in the eye first

If the two of you are having an intimate moment, your eyes will say a lot about how you feel. Smile at him and bring your body closer.

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 6

Step 2. Pull it towards you

If you are holding hands, you can use it to pull it towards you. You could also put a hand on her hip and gently pull on her top.

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 7

Step 3. Wait

Let him want more for a moment with his body gently touching yours. Look at his face to understand what he is feeling. Take her hand or put yours on her waist.

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 8

Step 4. Wrap your arms tightly around her body

Breathe and relax your muscles. You can tilt your head towards his chest or shoulder, or drop one of your hands to grab his. Stay in this position for a while to enjoy your privacy. Feel his breath. Listen to his heartbeat. Relax and enjoy the moment. Don't feel like you have to speak, your body will speak for you.

You decide if you want to rub his back with your hands. A pat on the face can be nice, but if you want to comfort him or help him feel safe, sometimes it's best just to hug him

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 9

Step 5. Inhale deeply and exhale before finishing

Gently squeeze him against you and lean back. Grab his hand as you pull apart and press it lightly before letting go. Look him in the eye and give him your most loving, confident smile.

Method 3 of 3: Make a passionate hug

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 10

Step 1. Set the mood

A passionate embrace doesn't have to happen without foreplay. Flirt with him a bit. Make it clear that you are interested in it.

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 11

Step 2. Look it in the eye and pull it towards you

You can do this by taking him by the hand, putting your arm around his waist, or pulling the front of his top. Bring her hips closer to yours, run your hand behind her back, and give her a sexy smile.

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 12

Step 3. Lean against him

Put your arms all around him and bring him even closer. Notice the physical sensation of your privacy. Feel it. Feel the pressure of his arms around you. Take advantage of the moment.

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 13

Step 4. Show him that you like to be against him

Run your hand through her hair or down her back. Make small moans. If you like this moment, he will be able to feel it.

Don't rub her back quickly, it's not sensual. Run your hands gently over its body as you explore it

Romantically Hug a Guy Step 14

Step 5. Do what makes you happy

Maybe you just want a hug right now, or maybe more. Often times, a passionate embrace can lead to something else, but it doesn't have to be.

  • If you want the hug to continue with a kiss, lean your torso back so your hips are still resting against each other, look him in the eye, and kiss him.
  • If you want to end your embrace, gently squeeze him against you and lean back. Take it by the hand when you separate and squeeze it lightly before letting go. Look him in the eye and give him a naughty smile.


  • A significant difference in height can make you feel intimidated when hugging him, but you shouldn't think about it too much. If you are more or less the same height, rest your head on his shoulder. If he's much taller than you, rest your head on his chest. If you are taller than him, bring your head closer to him, any position that allows your body to have better contact with his is good, but you must be careful that he does not feel too small by resting your chin on his. head.
  • Don't overthink it, let it happen naturally without speaking.

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