How to get a boy to kiss you (with pictures)

How to get a boy to kiss you (with pictures)
How to get a boy to kiss you (with pictures)

How do you get the boy you love to kiss you? This is a problem that all girls face. The good news is, if you've spent a lot of time together and you're sure he likes you, he's definitely a little nervous and just needs a boost. All you need is to show off your cards to send the right signals and in no time your lips will meet!


Part 1 of 3: Prepare

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 1

Step 1. Prime your lips

The first step in getting a guy to kiss you is to have absolutely irresistible lips first. No one wants to kiss dry, cracked lips! So get yourself a good lip balm and apply it frequently for perfectly hydrated lips. Before the kiss in question, you will have to apply a light layer of balm so that your lips are soft and why not delicately scented. You'll want to avoid lipstick that's too flashy and lipstick that's too sticky, though, as they can get in the way and ruin your kiss.

  • For hydration, petroleum jelly or lip balm work quite well. You can also try exfoliating your lips by rubbing them with a damp washcloth or toothbrush. This will make them even softer.
  • If you're on a date, prepare your lips a few days in advance. Otherwise, you should have lip balm in your purse for emergencies.
Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 2

Step 2. Dress well

Do your best to always be in the presence of the guy you're hoping to kiss. You will be more confident if you are styled well or wear your favorite skirt. Confidence is extremely important when it comes to kissing. Wear a top that brings out the color of your eyes or use a little mascara to highlight your long lashes.

  • Realize that looking your best doesn't mean you have to push past certain limits. You don't need to put on a ton of makeup or wear flirty clothes. Guys are more drawn to girls who are natural and comfortable in their own skin. So try to reveal your natural beauty.
  • It is also important to smell good. If you're on a date, make sure your hair is clean and put some perfume on your wrists and behind your ears. No perfume that smells too strong.
Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 3

Step 3. Get fresh breath

You may know this already, but you should always manage to have fresh breath anytime the opportunity to kiss presents itself. You can do this by brushing your teeth regularly, especially after meals. Always have a box of mint lozenges in your purse so you can grab some as soon as things get serious. Do not hesitate to offer him some, he could take it for a sign and that is exactly the goal!

  • Have a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in your purse if you plan to grab a bite to eat with it. So you can go to the toilet for a quick recovery after the meal. Use mouthwash if possible.
  • You should also avoid consuming foods containing garlic, foods that are too spicy, or anything that could make you burp (yuck!) Before and during the meal.
Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 4

Step 4. Choose the ideal location

You want to remember this boy's first kiss as something romantic, right? In this case, make sure you have chosen a suitable location. Big, loud parties with all your friends are not indicated. You will feel uncomfortable and it will only make the situation worse. Instead, find a private place, but not too isolated, such as a park or a pier.

  • A movie theater is not a good option if you want to be somewhere where you can talk and see each other (so that it picks up all your “kiss me!” Signals).
  • If you are already very close, you can invite him to see a movie just together. Just make sure that no one in your family can barge in at any time, otherwise it will be too weird!
Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 5

Step 5. Relax

Don't worry too much about kissing. It's okay to be nervous, but too much stage fright can make you act awkward, which could send the wrong signals. Kissing should be fun, enjoyable, natural, not complicated or terrifying. But if you're really into the leaflet, there are a few last-minute relaxation techniques you can try.

  • Breathe deeply. If you feel panic take hold, take several breaths of air, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Concentrate on the breath and nothing else, right away you will feel better. Indeed, deep breathing is associated with a reduction in anxiety which is achieved by the intervention of chemical elements such as adrenaline and endorphin.
  • Ask yourself "what's the worst that could happen?" Absolutely, ask yourself what could go wrong with a simple kiss. Are you worried about not kissing well? That he doesn't like you anymore if it fails? Remember that kissing is natural, so there is very little chance that you will be bad at this exercise, especially if you like it and it's mutual. And even if the kiss isn't terrible and that is enough to make him turn away from an absolutely awesome girl, then forget about it! He doesn't deserve you.
  • Laugh. It is often said that laughter is health and this also applies to nervousness. Laughing will not only make the situation less embarrassing, it will also make you happier and more relaxed. Make a joke (even a bad one), a face or a few silly dance steps to break the ice and make you both laugh. Things will be done naturally after that.

Part 2 of 3: send the right signals

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 6

Step 1. Compliment her

Once you're ready and have decided tonight is THE party, all that's left is to send the signals that say "kiss me." Giving her a compliment is a good start. He will be more comfortable and love you more, increasing the likelihood of a kiss.

Say something flattering, but sincere. Say something like "I love your eyes" or "you are one of the coolest people I have ever met" or if you want to be more direct you can tell her you love her lips

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 7

Step 2. Smile and look him in the eye

Guys are drawn to cheerful, confident girls. So show off those personality traits by smiling a lot and looking him straight in the eye. While laughing at her jokes and flattering her ego you will appear happy and carefree. Staring him in the eye will let him know that he interests you and that you are not afraid to struggle to get what you want.

Don't blink, instead stare at him for a few seconds, then smile and look away. He will be captivated

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 8

Step 3. Draw his attention to your lips

Getting his attention to your lips will hook him in a not-so-subtle way and make him want to kiss you. Don't do it too overtly, you must appear to be doing it subconsciously.

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 9

Step 4. Use physical contact

Sometimes boys can feel awkward or insecure about taking the first step. But by having physical contact with him, you will let him know that you don't mind being kissed. Give her a friendly stroller, run your fingers through her hair, hold her hand, or give her a spontaneous hug. He'll immediately feel more comfortable around you and hopefully pick up the message you'd like to take to the next level.

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 10

Step 5. Be smart

Find an excuse to get closer to him. Remove imaginary twigs from his hair, challenge him to look you straight in the eye, or tell him you're cold and ask to snuggle up to him. The close contact will let him know you are interested and it will be easier for him to lean in for a kiss.

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 11

Step 6. Give it a hint

Guys are sometimes blind. If he doesn't understand all of your subtle cues, then it's time to give him a more meaningful clue. You can do this by staring at him while leaning towards him or you can give him a kiss on the cheek, thus daring him to go further.

If you are really sure of yourself, you can allow yourself a bold comment like "you can kiss me now" or "what are you waiting for?" Go ahead and kiss me! »He will surely have the impression of reliving all his Christmas celebrations in a single instant

Part 3 of 3: kiss like a pro

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 12

Step 1. Tilt your head

It is important that your technique is on point for the first kiss. Start by tilting your head slightly to the side, just enough so that your noses don't bump into each other. Lean in the opposite direction to his: if he goes to the right, go to the left.

  • If he's taller than you, you'll also need to tilt your head up slightly so that he can reach your lips easily.
  • Do not tilt your head excessively or you will feel like you have a cramp in your neck.
Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 13

Step 2. Close your eyes

Closing your eyes when kissing makes the experience more sensual and more romantic. However, only close your eyes when you are sure you know where you are going. If you close your eyes too soon you might kiss her nose or her chin. Try to keep your eyes closed for the duration of the kiss. If you open your eyes and he does, too, it could be terrifying and ruin the moment.

  • Closing your eyes will often be spontaneous, but at other times you will need to remember it.
  • Open your eyes for just a second when you pull back, then smile and definitely open them.
Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 14

Step 3. Be tender

Don't be aggressive when kissing, at least when it comes to the first kiss. Your first kiss with a boy should be sweet and languid if you want to avoid the washing machine effect. Don't pucker your lips, instead use up and down strokes with your lower lip. Breathe through your nose and be relaxed!

  • There is nothing wrong with rolling a bead the first time around, but if you do, try gently massaging their tongue with yours.
  • If you still lack confidence, just do like him.
Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 15

Step 4. Tighten it as close as possible

Make the kiss more intimate by putting your hands on her shoulders, in her hair or around her neck. Get your bodies as close as possible as long as you both are comfortable. If he takes you by the waist or if he takes your face in his hands, it is a sign that he is fully there.

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 16

Step 5. The kiss should be short and pleasant

The first kiss shouldn't hurt the jaw, you should always leave him hungry for more. It must be about 20 seconds, long enough to enjoy it, but short enough that he wants to start over. Don't hesitate to push it away if you don't feel it or if you feel that it is taking another turn.

Get a Boy to Kiss You Step 17

Step 6. Compliment him again

Remember he was probably just as nervous about kissing you as you are, so after pushing him away, put him at ease by smiling and reassuring him that you loved putting him down. Say something simple like “that was awesome” or “you have a good kiss. He will feel happy and relieved and will be much more comfortable for the second round. It is now exactly where you wanted it to be!

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