4 ways to be naughty

4 ways to be naughty
4 ways to be naughty

Is your relationship in trouble? You're bored ? Your partner's ex-lover was the very image of the bad boy or femme fatale and you're worried you might not be up to it? You can rekindle the flame in your relationship and have a hot relationship by becoming a master in the naughty arts. Surprise your partner and surprise yourself!


Method 1 of 4: Have self-confidence

Be Naughty Step 1

Step 1. Stop apologizing

In order to convince your partner that you really are a naughty person, you need to be confident and assertive. The first step to boosting self-confidence and becoming confident is to stop apologizing to everyone. Stop apologizing for not being sexier, stop apologizing for your extra pounds, stop apologizing for wanting to get laid. You have wants, needs and feelings and they are all as valid as someone else's.

Be Naughty Step 2

Step 2. Stop trying to look like a movie star

You don't have to look like a movie star or a pornstar to be more valuable in the eyes of your partner or for them to think you are sexy. He chose you. He is with you. He thinks you are sexy. Plus, being sexy comes through the head, not the look.

Be Naughty Step 3

Step 3. Showcase your strengths

Find what you like best about yourself (your attitude, your greatest asset) and showcase it. Whether it's your pretty little ass or your… big advantages, everything is good! You have to know what you can build on, while giving yourself, in some way, a reminder of the things that make you, in fact, a real bombshell.

Step 4. Embrace your sexual part

You are a sexual creature. This is normal and, let's be honest, fantastic. If you waste too much time being embarrassed about anything sex-related so much that it prevents you from enjoying it, know that you are going to have a hard time being naughty. Breathe sex. Accept the fact that you are a gendered being. This step is very important.

Be Naughty Step 5

Step 5. Find out what gives you pleasure

Are you already more comfortable with your sexuality? Great ! It's time to experiment, alone or with your partner and discover your body. Find out what really gives you pleasure. Discover your "on" button. Did you think being naughty meant total dedication to your partner? It's actually also about telling your partner (in the nastiest way possible) what exactly will make you face the curtain.

Method 2 of 4: Look naughty

Be Naughty Step 6

Step 1. Review your wardrobe

Throw away those grandma's panties and that relaxed old t-shirt. Make your wardrobe sexier, from a to z. Sexy lingerie, sexy clothes, why not an alluring little outfit for your naughty dates. You will need to have the look if you want to really convince your partner that you are naughty.

Be Naughty Step 7

Step 2. Change your hairstyle and makeup

Choose a sexy hairstyle and try (for women) to do sexier makeup. Any hair stylist should be able to help you find a hairstyle and scour YouTube for makeup tutorials.

Be Naughty Step 8

Step 3. Be creative when you shave

You can try removing everything at the bottom or being more creative by plucking a shape, like a heart. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised and you will show him that you only think about it.

Be Naughty Step 9

Step 4. Surprise your partner

Use your clothes and location to make it clear to your partner what you want from them. You can try cooking naked, but still be sure to be in the kitchen when your partner comes home to give them a dream vision. You can also decorate your room with rose petals and candles. You are spoiled for choice, so be creative.

Be Naughty Step 10

Step 5. Play sports

No, that doesn't mean you have to slim down and look like a model. Models are boring anyway. You should exercise, because studies have shown that physical exercise increases pleasure and sexual appetite. Try to go for a run before your partner comes home.

Method 3 of 4: be naughty every day

Be Naughty Step 11

Step 1. Take control

Take control in the bedroom. You are the boss. Tell your partner what to do. It's very sexy, but if it will seem bad to you at first. In fact, that's the point, to make it look bad. In addition, it is very healthy for you, because it will help you to have a more fulfilling sex life.

Be Naughty Step 12

Step 2. Learn how to turn it on

Take it easy. Draw things up. Do not immediately pounce on the object of the offense. Explore erogenous zones like the ears, the back of the knee, and the inner thigh. Try not to even touch your partner. Get him to the point where he'll beg you to touch him. Then tease him for a few more minutes before letting go.

  • You can turn it on in ordinary situations too, not just in the bedroom. For example, for women, slip your panties into your partner's hand when you are in public. Go to the bathroom quickly and pass it discreetly to your partner.

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Be Naughty Step 13

Step 3. Say dirty things

Try to talk piggy. In your most sensual voice, start with sexy adjectives and verbs. Tell your partner what you want to do and where, or just tell them you're super horny, guaranteed.

Be Naughty Step 14

Step 4. Forget the bedroom

You may have some upturned legs in places other than the bedroom. By deviating from the ordinary, by making love elsewhere than in your room, you will add spice to your daily life. You can surprise your partner in the shower, make a movie night a little more naughty, or even grab your courage and do it in public places, like an amusement park or at the movies.

Be Naughty Step 15

Step 5. Spice up your sex life with role play

Role-playing games are a classic way to spice up a couple. By choosing the right role, you can be sure to make things more naughty. Women can play the role of student or secretary, and men can try their hand at the role of cop or doctor.

Be Naughty Step 16

Step 6. Try to break records

Another tip would be to beat your own records for the number of times you have had sex in a day or the number of places you have had it. Take note of it (you may even have a table of your records and prices) and feel free to talk about it.

Be Naughty Step 17

Step 7. Use sex toys

Adult toys are a great way to spice up your relationship. They are not just for women. There are tons of sex toys to increase male sexual pleasure. Surprise your partner by giving him a gift! Just like that…

Be Naughty Step 18

Step 8. Innovate

The goal is to innovate continuously and not to get caught up in the daily grind. You'll find that prioritizing your sex life will keep things interesting. And details like "being naughty" will seem less important to you.

Method 4 of 4: Know your limits

Be Naughty Step 19

Step 1. Always ask before you start

You don't always have to ask him how he is feeling right now, but a good start would be to ask him what his fantasies are, before trying something new. Ask her with your sexy voice to score even more points.

Be Naughty Step 20

Step 2. Observe your partner's reactions

When you try something new, watch how your partner reacts. Don't just listen to what he says afterwards: watch how he reacts at the same time. If you have the impression that he (she) is stiffening or that he does not undertake, it is because he / she is not having as much fun as he / she claims.

Be Naughty Step 21

Step 3. Take it easy

Don't go straight away from the frightened girl to the Marquis de Sade in 24 hours. It might freak your partner out if it wasn't one of their fantasies. Become slowly, but surely more and more naughty, in order to maximize the pleasure felt during these experiences for both of you.

Be Naughty Step 22

Step 4. Separate your daily life from your sex life

Just because a woman likes to be insulted during a hottie doesn't mean she'll appreciate you treating her that way in public. You should also avoid introducing bad habits from your daily life into your sex life. Remember that your daily life and your sex life are two separate entities.

Be Naughty Step 23

Step 5. Don't do anything you would regret

Don't do anything for the sake of sex that you may regret later, especially if you are still young. With internet access, it is very easy to find certain photos online, which will ruin your life. Avoid taking pictures of yourself naked (even if your relationship seems stable). And while it sounds fun filming yourself when you're having sex, it's best to book this activity for when you're married and happily in love.

  • Even if you have sworn loyalty and loyalty to yourself, don't forget that these images can end up online in other ways. If your computer is hacked for example.

    Be Naughty Step 23Bullet1

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