How to passionately kiss a boy (with pictures)

How to passionately kiss a boy (with pictures)
How to passionately kiss a boy (with pictures)

Kissing is quite an art! And like all the arts, mastering it takes practice. Fortunately, passionately embracing your conquest will be easier than learning to play the violin! If this is your first kiss, you may be feeling very stressed out, but still try to relax and enjoy the moment. Be careful not to rush when you want to passionately kiss a boy. Wait until you are both ready and comfortable with each other.


Part 1 of 3: initiate the kiss

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 1

Step 1. Relax

You have nothing to prove or lose. A kiss is a shared act and the boy is probably even more nervous than you are. Breathe deeply, but be sure to conceal your efforts to calm yourself down.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 2

Step 2. Adjust to your partner

A passionate kiss could be frantic, calm, meditative, or a combination of all of these! By an unspoken rule, both parties will try to adapt their passion to what the other desires.

Remember to synchronize your breathing with his

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 3

Step 3. Keep the conversation going

Getting your partner to talk will be a good way to start building up some sexual tension between the two of you. Sit in a secluded location and preferably choose a place where you can sit. Keep the conversation going, even if you're just saying small things. The more mundane the conversation, the more likely the boy will think about kissing you.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 4

Step 4. Use your eyes

Taking turns staring at her eyes and lips will be a great way to let your partner know you're ready to kiss them. This approach will create the tension necessary for a real fiery kiss. If he does the same and looks at your lips, he's ready to take the plunge!

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 5

Step 5. Get closer to him

You can approach him with subtlety, but the best it will be for your gesture to be obvious. This will be one more clue that tells her that you are ready for a kiss.

It would be best if your bodies were touching each other lightly. Even though it is extremely light, the physical contact will be exciting

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 6

Step 6. Touch it

Try to keep the conversation going and touch their arm or thigh. Putting your hand on the back of his neck will also be a good way to reassure him and whet his desire. Keep your gaze fixed on hers, peeking up at her lips every now and then.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 7

Step 7. Come forward to kiss her

Tilt your head slightly and get closer to his face. Pause just before you reach her lips. You shouldn't be doing all the work, but by taking the initiative to kiss her, you can be sure to turn her on. It's not that common for a girl to take the first step, but when it comes to kissing, there are no rules to follow!

Part 2 of 3: kiss her

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 8

Step 1. Open your mouth

Don't open your mouth too wide or your partner will find it weird. Open her just enough to catch her lips between yours. Show your tongue lightly. For now, don't stick your tongue out of your mouth.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 9

Step 2. Start slowly

Start by kissing your partner gently on the mouth without rushing. Let the pace pick up naturally. To precipitate the kiss will risk to bring down the passion.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 10

Step 3. Use your fingers

Run your fingers through his hair, beard, or t-shirt and grab them. By pulling him towards you in the heat of the moment, you will awaken his passion.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 11

Step 4. Use your tongue

Once again, a kiss is made for two! If this is the very first time you've kissed, you might want to wait until he takes the initiative to use his tongue. When he puts it in your mouth, gently massage his tongue with yours. Once you're ready to do it, you can get your tongue to fit into her mouth. Gently massage her tongue and palate.

Don't put your tongue in her mouth too quickly. And be careful not to go too deep

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 12

Step 5. Slow down the kiss

After you've kissed languidly for a while, move your face away from hers for a few moments. Look at him and smile. Either he will approach you to kiss you again or you will come back to him to start over.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 13

Step 6. Kiss him on the neck

This will again be a good way to build up the passion. Nibble on his neck and suck on his skin. Don't do this for too long or you risk leaving a hickey. However, if that's what you want: go for it! Rely on the mood of the moment.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 14

Step 7. Bite her lip

As you kiss her, show her your passion by biting her lip. Do not bite too hard or you may cause it to bleed. Only do this if you are confident and know he will like it.

Part 3 of 3: set the tone

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 15

Step 1. Pick the right time

Don't try to kiss her for the first time in an inappropriate place. Pick a secluded spot where you can sit.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 16

Step 2. Let yourself be carried away

Passion cannot be planned step by step. You will need to be flexible and adapt to your partner's mood.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 17

Step 3. Be spontaneous

By being spontaneous and confident, you can be sure that you are attractive to your partner. If you go for a walk with him and see a scenic little path, take his hand and lure him to the trail. As you explore new places together, you will feel more secure and form a unique bond with him.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 18

Step 4. Pick the right boy

This will probably be the hardest part of the passionate kiss. Only kiss a boy if he's really worth it. This isn't about buying you material things, but if you get butterflies in your stomach when you see him and he makes you laugh, he might be the one you are looking for.

Kiss a Boy Passionately Step 19

Step 5. Touch it

During time spent together, be sure to initiate some physical contact. No need to overdo it - just grab his arm when he says something funny.


  • Breathe!
  • Always carry mint lozenges with you! No one likes bad breath. Taking a mint lozenge will also be a good way to show your partner that you want to kiss them.
  • Before you do anything, make sure the boy wants to be kissed passionately.
  • Be careful not to make the situation awkward or the boy will be uncomfortable around you afterwards.
  • Keep your tongue in front of his mouth.
  • Be sure of yourself and don't be afraid of his reaction. Please kiss him. He will love it!
  • Apply lip balm. Well hydrated lips will draw her gaze to your mouth. They will also be much more pleasant to kiss. Kissing dry, chapped lips is hard!
  • Never let him force you to do anything you don't want to do.
  • If his behavior suggests that he wants the kiss to stop, be gentle and end the kiss lightly. Look him in the eye and smile slightly to let him know that you enjoyed the kiss and that you accept his willingness to end it.


  • Don't be too abrupt, kiss him gently.
  • Don't kiss if either of you is sick or you will infect yourself!

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