3 ways to kiss passionately without the tongue

3 ways to kiss passionately without the tongue
3 ways to kiss passionately without the tongue

There are many ways to kiss passionately without using the tongue. If you think back to the most famous love scenes seen in the movies, you will notice that the two protagonists do not lick each other. The kiss exchanged under these circumstances is sensual, passionate and in no way involves the use of the tongue. Granted, we're not all movie stars, but that kind of kiss is definitely the kind of thing we can replicate in our daily lives.


Method 1 of 3: Kiss your partner's lips

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 1

Step 1. Don't rush

There is no fire! Kissing is first and foremost about taking the time to enjoy your partner in a bubble that isolates you from the whole world. You don't have to rush like it's the end of the world. In fact, you'll find the kiss more romantic and pleasurable if you take the time to get to know each other instead of rushing and chaotically kissing each other. Give it a try, you will see!

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 2

Step 2. Stand back slightly during the kiss

This is a great technique for having a romantic kiss. While you are kissing normally, pull away slightly to see how the other will react. If he's following you, you can keep kissing him, and you might even push him slightly in the other direction. However, this maneuver is even more effective if you manage to create space between your lips. It creates a romantic moment, with your lips slightly parted and your bodies drawn together.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 3

Step 3. Suck or bite his lower lip

It should be done naturally. As you kiss, your lips are often slightly parted and not constantly resting on your partner's. So try aiming for the lower lip and nibbling or sucking on it before you walk away. It will create a new sensation and excite the other.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 4

Step 4. Give a little kiss

Sometimes less is better. By kissing lightly, you set the stage for more sensations, and it can also be very romantic if you stop on your partner's face during one of those kisses, before slowly exhaling.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 5

Step 5. Kiss at certain times of the day

Welcoming with a passionate kiss can be a pleasant surprise and lead to more fervent exchanges. You can also kiss goodbye or say hello. There really isn't a bad time to kiss, but those specific times can make kissing more passionate. Try to find romantic moments when you can kiss your partner.

Method 2 of 3: Kissing other areas of your partner's body

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 6

Step 1. Kiss each of your partner's eyes

Then step back and kiss him on the lips. It creates a passionate and romantic moment and if you take a slow break between each kiss, you will increase the wait. This will surely allow you to break away from the monotony of the usual kissing, while giving you the opportunity to explore other areas of the body.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 7

Step 2. Kiss him on the cheek or on the earlobe

If you breathe into your partner's ear, the lobe kiss can be even more passionate. It's not about blowing in his ear, a light breeze will do. You can even take the opportunity to say his name softly or in an accentuated way, but be sure to say it softly because your voice will be very amplified since you are very close to his ear. If you want, you can place a soft kiss on her cheek as you come back to her lips.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 8

Step 3. Kiss him under the chin and in the neck

The kiss on the neck is a classic, and it is not without reason. Lots of people really like this and it's also a great substitute for kissing on the lips, because it's so close together too. Try sucking or biting the skin of the neck to add even more effect. Do it gently so as not to leave annoying marks on the other. You don't have to use your tongue there, otherwise the kiss will be wet and a little dirty.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 9

Step 4. Kiss it anywhere

There really isn't a bad place to kiss someone as long as they like it. Just tell yourself as you explore your partner's body and show them that you love all parts of them enough to kiss them. Kissing the belly of your pregnant wife is a very good example of what this technique means.

Method 3 of 3: Use other parts of your body

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 10

Step 1. Run your hands through her hair

Whether it is a man or a woman, it is a very passionate and romantic gesture. If the other has very long hair, of course you don't have to go through it all. After all, you are stroking his hair, not combing it! It feels better if your hand is moving back and forth between its neck and back of the neck. You can also explore other parts of his head, go around his ears with your fingers and whatever you want.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 11

Step 2. Place your body against your partner's

Pushing lightly from your chest or pelvis while kissing can greatly excite the other and bring you closer. Don't do it too dramatically, light pressure is enough. You can do this gesture, no matter whether you are sitting or standing, the effect will be achieved.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 12

Step 3. Place your hands in specific places

You can put your hands on your partner's, on their lower back, or on their hips. You can take the opportunity to pull her towards you or shake her hand or stroke her lower back or whatever you can think of. The options are multiple and each of these positions allows you to express your passion through small gestures and hand touches. Also, it turns the kiss into a hug.

Kiss Passionately Without Tongue Step 13

Step 4. Stroke her neck as you kiss her

The goal is to give the other a little neck massage during the kiss. This will show that you really care about what he feels and make the kiss even more sensual. Don't try to give a rough massage, just stroke it gently. You can also touch her hair.


  • Try things out! Do whatever feels right for you and your partner. Also, try to create new ways of kissing without putting your tongue out. You can try to make the kiss more sensual by not letting your partner finish, either by moving away while they are kissing or by following them without your lips parting. As long as it works, try lots of things!
  • If you don't have as much experience as your partner, you might feel more comfortable if you let them take control to begin with. However, if you both want to get the most out of the kiss, you'll have to let go and do what you want.
  • Have a good time.

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