How to seduce a girl (with pictures)

How to seduce a girl (with pictures)
How to seduce a girl (with pictures)

Are you attracted to a woman without knowing how to woo her? Of course, girls are different from each other, but you can always try to increase your chances of success. With a little patience and insight, you will become a great seducer, who will be very successful!


Part 1 of 3: make a good impression

Woo a Girl Step 1

Step 1. Break the ice

You might be scared to try, but once you take the plunge, the conversation and laughter will be easier, and you will be able to establish a friendship. There are many formulas, but remember to make a good impression, especially at the beginning. You don't want her to think you are a bastard or an aggressive, clumsy person!

  • Laughter is always a good way to connect with people. For example, show him a web page and have fun reading and commenting on the content on that page.
  • Learn spontaneity. By taking an improv class, you will have an easier time communicating with others. Additionally, it can help you feel more confident when speaking with people you are meeting for the first time. Ideas circulate and it is easier to initiate or stop the conversion. So you will be comfortable in any situation.
Woo a Girl Step 2

Step 2. Make her laugh

Usually women like funny boys. Don't be aggressive or mean, because she will be worried and think you will gossip about her in her absence. Instead, be in a good mood. Watch artists like Aziz Ansari and Louis CK for some ideas.

  • Do not think that you will be lacking in seriousness or that you will be required to look like a clown.
  • Try to get to know her better before you get to know her. Some jokes might bother her at first. It will also be very helpful to identify her culture, her personality traits and especially the things she likes.
Woo a Girl Step 3

Step 3. Carefully choose your clothes

Fashion isn't just about women. It is also used by boys to get closer to them. Take a good pair of shoes. Jeans will also be very suitable. Just make sure your clothes fit well! The same also applies to shirts.

Don't buy just one outfit. The same clothes should never be worn more than twice a week

Woo a Girl Step 4

Step 4. Arrange to smell good

Scent is incredibly important in attracting women. Applying a pleasant scent is not a difficult affair, but if you smell bad you will ruin your chances irreparably! So, follow some basic rules to combat the usual body odor of a human being!

  • Showers frequently, not just with water. Use soap and scrub your body to keep skin healthy. If you are sweating, this step is very important. Some women are drawn to the smell of fresh sweat, but if it's been 2 hours or more, they'll be pretty uncomfortable!
  • Use a regular lotion, lemon cologne, or body spray. Use only a small amount. You should settle for a slight hint of perfume and not a real bath. So just take a few drops. This way, your friend will be tempted to come closer to you to feel more about you. On the other hand, a strong smell, even pleasant, will keep it 3 m away from you!
Woo a Girl Step 5

Step 5. Don't look threatening

Remember that girls and women are often the victims of violence. For this reason, they are wary of boys. Therefore, try to make them feel comfortable if you want them to accept you. Don't make the common mistake of being too clingy, because this attitude is very similar to bullying. You will need to give the girls enough space. If you show them excessive attachment, they will feel uncomfortable and be tempted to avoid you.

  • Be close enough by keeping in touch, but remember that she has friends of her own and may not want to go out just with you. Sending a few nice texts once a week would be a great thing.
  • Compliment her with finesse. If she's wearing a beautiful necklace, tell her, “this necklace is gorgeous”. Avoid phrases like, "I still love the necklaces you wear."
Woo a Girl Step 6

Step 6. Master a talent

Everyone has one. Work on your own or learn one, because talents are so attractive! It's a sure-fire technique for capturing his attention. Just make sure you are interested in the activity. Passion is the real key to success because it shows girls that you will take care of them as much as you care for your talent.

Learn to play an instrument. Women like men who can serenade them

Woo a Girl Step 7

Step 7. Build your self-confidence

Nothing is more appealing than self-confidence. Conversely, arrogance and a lack of self-esteem are very repulsive. For this reason, it is important to recognize true self-confidence, that which consists of going forward despite mistakes and weaknesses in order to be the best in yourself, and eventually becoming a better person.

  • When a man is truly confident he is not discouraged. He speaks, expresses himself and defends his opinion. He makes friends, and he's not afraid to talk to strangers.
  • A confident man do not orient systematically talking to himself. He does not diminish his interlocutors in order to enhance himself. A confident man does not believe himself infallible.

Part 2 of 3: talk to her

Woo a Girl Step 8

Step 1. Look her in the eye while talking to her

This technique helps you show him the attention you pay to his words. She will enjoy the company of someone who actually listens to her. It's also a subtle way to get him to notice you.

However, don't get lost in her gaze when she speaks, otherwise you will only be able to say one thing to her: "Really, you have pretty eyes."

Woo a Girl Step 9

Step 2. Be careful when teasing her

When done kindly, a tease can be okay. If you imitate her way of speaking or if you give her a funny nickname like "Mabelle", you will create a kind of bond between you. However, if you constantly tease her, you will only succeed in annoying or annoying her, and she will tell others that you are a jerk. Eventually you will achieve the opposite effect from what you are looking for, as your relationship will become filled with anger and mistrust.

Woo a Girl Step 10

Step 3. Be sensitive and caring

Make her smile when she's not in good shape. Let her cry on your shoulder when she is sad. Listen to her as she speaks and comfort her when she is going through a difficult time. Women look for someone they can count on when things go wrong. So prove to her that you are giving her the attention she deserves and that you really are the man for her.

  • Ask about her and guess her mood. If she is sad, comfort her. When she seems upset, ask her questions to find out why. But, if she's hesitant to share her secret with you, don't push it.
  • If you have younger siblings, nieces, or nephews, show your friend that you care. Play with them, take care of them and protect them. She must notice that they admire you.
  • Help others in his presence. In fact, you will have to be of service in all circumstances. Help the poor and the needy. In this way, you will prove to him that you are a good person.
Woo a Girl Step 11

Step 4. Strengthen your relationship through sharing

By having 2 or 3 things that you like in common, you will increase the chances of a successful friendship. A few differences are good, because they are exciting and produce opportunities for personal development, but at least you have to like some of the things that she does.

Explore one of his hobbies. Even if it seems to you exclusively for women or if it is not one of the activities that attracts you, you may be able to taste it and amaze yourself. Some female activities are great for reducing male tension too

Woo a Girl Step 12

Step 5. Be honest with her

Never lie to him, even to help him. For example, if she asks for your opinion on one of her dresses that you hate, respond politely without being obnoxious. Don't tell her the dress is awful, but rather, "It's fine, but I prefer your red dress."

Woo a Girl Step 13

Step 6. Show her that she is the center of your universe

Women prefer someone who is faithful, who will not pose a problem for them and who will not leave them for someone else. In fact, they want you to love them, not just because they are pretty or because of the things they can bring to you. When you are with your friend, be careful not to take your eyes off her, and especially refrain from looking at another girl. It might be difficult, but you should definitely ignore the beautiful woman sitting at the next table.

Woo a Girl Step 14

Step 7. Stick to it

It's necessary. Never be bad with her. A woman will never accept it. You will need to heed his advice, listen to him and encourage him. Do not try to belittle or insult her, and do not act to hurt her, such as flirting with others, even out of her presence.

Avoid saying profanity about her behind her back or revealing any intimate secrets! She'll find out eventually and turn her back on you. Other girls will also know that you are wrong, which will decrease your chances in the future

Part 3 of 3: create romance

Woo a Girl Step 15

Step 1. Show your willingness to guide or follow it

Many girls like romantic boys, others prefer those with a sense of command. However, the majority of them enjoy moving on from time to time. Be prepared to take ownership and take the initiative if she doesn't respond, but you must also accept her decision. If you can't do it, that means this woman isn't for you.

Woo a Girl Step 16

Step 2. Learn to dance

Sign up for a dance class for more confidence. This will teach you how to make a girl dance to the rhythm of a song. You can even learn by watching videos online or reading articles posted on wikiHow! Girls like boys who dance well. You can even offer to accompany her to dance class, if you are close enough to each other or if you are dating. This is a great way to strengthen the bonds that unite you. He will give you many excuses to meet.

Woo a Girl Step 17

Step 3. Meet her best friend

Usually, friends are precious. If you can get close to her best friend, you will probably have the opportunity to learn more about her. The girls share their dreams of love and talk about romantic movies they loved. If you manage to get to know her people, you will have ideas to seduce her. This information may help you come up with more exciting proposals than a casual romance.

  • Behave frankly with this friend. You don't want her to fall in love with you too! In fact, she will be happy to help a boy who is interested in his favorite. If you can convince her, she might want to help you!
  • Remember that a favorable opinion can only help you. On the other hand, a bad review could seriously sow doubt in the girl's mind.
Woo a Girl Step 18

Step 4. Know how to kiss her for the first time

When you feel like she's ready and the time is really right, lean toward her slowly, without bringing your face too close to hers. If it does not move away, continue the movement and stop when you have gone either halfway or 80 to 90%. Do as you see fit at the time. If you go straight for it you might be successful, but that also depends on your partner. Ultimately, take the initiative, but let it come to you.

  • Give her time to decide whether to accept your kiss or refuse it. By doing this, you will respect his person and his feelings, and you are more likely to enjoy the kiss both!
  • Find a formula to impress her and show her that you are truly up to the job. Don't kiss her on your first date unless she's really ready.
Woo a Girl Step 19

Step 5. Be original

For example, for Valentine's Day, if you're celebrating this holiday, be gentle or have a wit instead of putting yourself forward or looking stereotypical. You can give her a dozen red roses as a present. It's traditional and romantic, but the majority of women prefer to receive flowers they like, tied with pink, red or white ribbon. In fact, if you take a girl's wishes into account, you are more likely to inhabit her heart than by applying other ploys.

If you've just got to know him, you are probably ignoring his preferences. In this case, choose a gift that reflects your feelings or that evokes something you have done or will do together. For example, offer her her usual scent to let her know how her smiles make your days as bright as a summer sun

Woo a Girl Step 20

Step 6. Learn a poem

Thus, you will be able to send a real romantic message. Just memorize it and send it to him in a letter. You can also recite it to her, when you're together or when the mood is right. Also use quotes about love. This is a fairly common method, but has the advantage of proving to your partner that you are willing to quit and make them happier.

Woo a Girl Step 21

Step 7. Pick the right time to act

In other words, you may not have any clues or clear opportunities to move you forward. You are not in the movies, but in real life. Girls react differently and show their affection or indifference in many ways. Some women say nothing! You still have the option of showing him your feelings as soon as you are sure that he is predisposed to accept you. You have to take action and take your chance, or she may fall in love with someone else!


  • Women hate bad breath. Suck on peppermint candies and brush your teeth regularly.
  • They can become aggressive or depressed. Don't take it personally and give your friend time to calm down, but don't ignore it!
  • Stay calm, because even if you don't attract a woman immediately, you will succeed in seducing her if you play your cards skillfully to get her interested in you.
  • Don't just act naturally. Be natural! If your partner is observant, she'll guess your efforts to look like someone you're not.
  • Remember, women don't behave all in one way. Some people will dislike you from the start for not having high self-esteem or for fear of complicating things between you. Your partner will not respond positively until she is sure that you are interested in the relationship between you.
  • Connect with his family. Indeed, agreeing to it will make your relationship more serene.
  • Join a sports team and have lots of friends. She won't be intimidated if she knows you know other girls.To avoid causing her hesitation or self-assurance, make it clear that this is all about friendships, nothing more, but that she is the only girlfriend you have.
  • Avoid confusion by sending mixed messages. For example, if one day you tease her and the next day you admire her, she will lose her bearings and be tempted to break up with you.
  • If your relationship turns into a love triangle, don't take on the role of the alpha male. Girls love the natural and hate flashy, clichés and figures of speech.
  • If a woman tells you that you leave her indifferent, it probably is! So, you have to respect his decision, despite your sadness. Don't keep chasing her. You will just look mean or worse, you will be a stalker.


  • Never force a girl to do something she doesn't want to do.
  • Do not cheat. If you do, sooner or later she will know and she will let you down. Sentimentally, this is likely to mark her and it is very mean. If you are forced to cheat, you will need to re-evaluate your relationship.
  • Watch yourself. Your behavior with women is different from what you have with men, especially at the start of a relationship.
  • Do this with your female relationships. If everyone knows that you abused your friend, no one will agree to enter into a relationship with you.
  • A woman tells her best friend everything. Don't be surprised if a friend of hers reports one of your comments. On the other hand, she will keep some things to herself. Usually her best friend will do the same so as not to appear mean. Don't judge a girl by the actions of her best friend. If she likes it, you better get used to it too.
  • Avoid making intimate disclosures to your friends about your partner. They will eventually divulge your secret.
  • If a woman has a habit of peddling gossip about her former partners, be very careful, because she probably isn't for you.

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