3 ways to tell if a girl wants to kiss you

3 ways to tell if a girl wants to kiss you
3 ways to tell if a girl wants to kiss you

Determining if someone wants to kiss you can be quite anxious, but from this article you'll see that it doesn't have to be. If you know what signs to look for in conversation and the person's body language, you'll quickly know if you can take the first step. Women tend to communicate more subtly than men. In particular, they use their body language a lot more. It is enough to learn to decipher this language to know if your attempt will be well received or not.


Method 1 of 3: Analyze the conversation

Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 1

Step 1. Pay close attention to how he addresses you

There isn't one distinctive sign that tells you if someone wants to be kissed, but the way they interact with you can give you some great clues.

  • Does she look you in the eye? If she is looking you straight in the eye and holding your gaze, it means that she is firmly engaged in the conversation. Also, try to notice if her eyes widen when she looks at you. Often times when a person sees something or someone that attracts them, their eyes will widen slightly.
  • Does she laugh and smile? If she sincerely smiles and laughs at appropriate times during the conversation, it means that she is having a good time with you. That in and of itself doesn't allow you to try to kiss her, but it bodes well.
  • Does she have trouble taking her eyes off your lips? If so, she might be thinking about kissing you. However, take the context into account. She may like to look at the mouth of the person she is speaking with.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 2

Step 2. Determine his level of enthusiasm during the conversation

If you are careful, it will be relatively easy for you to determine how she feels about you.

  • If she looks bored or worried during the date, you can be pretty sure that she isn't ready for a kiss.
  • If she shows enthusiasm during the date and offers to extend it elsewhere (go for a coffee, take a walk), it may mean that she liked your date and is maybe ready for a good night kiss.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to what she says

You can usually tell quite quickly how someone is feeling on a date just by listening carefully to what they are telling you.

  • If she is actively engaged in the conversation and asks questions in an effort to get to know you better, she is likely interested in you and may have already started to have affection for you.
  • If she mostly talks about herself, avoids reacting to your comments, or remains silenced, you may consider that she is not very interested.
  • If the topics of conversation become more and more intimate as the date goes on, it means that you are more and more comfortable with each other and maybe you are also attracted to it. 'one by the other.

Method 2 of 3: Observe your body language

Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 4

Step 1. Analyze how he is standing

Pay attention to his posture during your date.

  • If she turns her body (shoulders, chest, legs, and / or feet) toward you, leans toward you, and tends not to cross her arms, you may interpret her body language as generally in your favor.
  • An open posture is always a good sign, but it should be understood in context and in relation to other positive signs. A woman can adopt open and welcoming body language out of friendship rather than love interest.
  • If she comes close enough to touch you, or bends down in your private space often, you can consider that she is probably interested. Just make sure she doesn't bend down just because she can't hear what you are saying to her.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 5

Step 2. Consider his reaction to your touch

Pay close attention to his reaction when you lightly touch his arm or hand.

  • If she is tensing or turning away from you, it means that she is not yet comfortable enough with you to kiss you.
  • If she is blushing, giggling, or smiling, you can assume that she's comfortable around you and might want a kiss.
  • If she takes a long time to leave or hugs you when you say goodbye, it may mean that she likes you too.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 6

Step 3. Ask

If you haven't figured out if she wants to kiss you from what she says and from her body language, you can just ask her.

Asking for permission is a sign of respect for her, and no matter how she reacts, you'll know what to expect

Method 3 of 3: Take the first step

Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 7

Step 1. Approach her

If her body language and engagement in the conversation is anything to make you upbeat, you can start to walk up and prepare for your kiss.

  • If you send her the right signals, she will quickly understand where you are going and she will kiss you too. Your kiss will only be more spontaneous and natural.
  • The first thing to do when you want to try to kiss someone is to approach. If you are seated, turn around so that your legs are touching.
  • If you are standing, move closer to her and take her hand.
  • If she pulls back when you try to approach or turns away from your hand, that's a pretty clear sign that she doesn't want to kiss you.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 8

Step 2. Send the right signals

Until now, it was more of you who were focused on her body language, but now it's up to her to try to understand yours.

  • Hold her gaze when appropriate and move your gaze from her eyes to her mouth. Most people will interpret these behaviors as encouragement to kiss.
  • Slow down a bit. Slowing down the conversation is a good way to prepare for a kiss. If you walk together, slow down. Let the conversation slow down, but keep walking up to her and looking her in the eye.
  • If she isn't looking you in the eye too, or gives the impression that she wants to put some distance between you, it probably means that she doesn't want to kiss you.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 9

Step 3. Bend over to give him the kiss

If she reacted positively to your body language and the signals you sent her, you can try to kiss her.

  • Take a closer look, then open your mouth slightly, while continuing to look at his eyes and mouth.
  • If she does the same, you can start kissing her.
  • If she doesn't seem comfortable, tries to turn away from you, or tries to start a new topic of conversation, it's up to you to figure out that she isn't ready.
Know if a Girl Wants to Kiss Step 10

Step 4. React calmly

Whatever the outcome of your attempt, you must remain calm and respectful.

  • If she accepts your kiss, keep looking her in the eye, smile, and then resume the kiss. Do not let it show that you are relieved and do not show too much enthusiasm, as these two reactions can be very frowned upon.
  • If she refuses your kiss, don't panic. You should not in any way get angry or become hostile towards him. You can either pretend nothing has happened and pick up where you left off, or smile a little and apologize.


  • If a woman doesn't feel like kissing you, don't force her. Respect their wishes and feelings.
  • Don't go overboard by touching her body without her permission.
  • Don't take it personally if she refuses to kiss you. Her refusal can be explained by bad timing or by the fact that she is not in the mood. Sometimes other factors, which are beyond your control, can also play a role. Don't get frustrated.

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