3 ways to show a boy that you love him

3 ways to show a boy that you love him
3 ways to show a boy that you love him

It can be difficult to show a boy that you love him. It can also be difficult to strike a balance between being too obvious or being so subtle that the boy won't even notice that you have an interest in him. If you want to show a boy that you love him, you have to show that you care by getting to know him, and then let him know that your interest is not just friendly. If you want to learn how to show a boy that you love him without looking desperate and sending mixed signals, just follow these steps.


Method 1 of 3: Give it clues

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 1

Step 1. Pay attention to your appearance

Let him know you love him by making an effort to look good when you're with him. You should still be yourself, but go the extra mile with your hairstyle, makeup, and outfits so that he can start to notice you. You don't have to wear a tight dress and high heels if you're at a baseball game, but let him know that you care about how you look when you're with him.

  • Don't be afraid to be a little sexy. If you're comfortable with your body, show it.
  • If you're not comfortable with a lot of makeup, don't try to look like someone else just to impress them.
  • Wear some lip gloss and apply it in front of him. This will pay more attention to your lips.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 2

Step 2. Show her how you feel with your body language

Your body language can show him that you don't just see him as a friend. When talking to him, turn your body towards him and make eye contact to show that he means a lot to you. Don't get distracted by turning away, looking around, or playing with your phone.

  • Play with your hair when talking to it. This will show that you are nervous about being with him.
  • Stop looking him in the eye for a few minutes to stare at the ground. This will show him that you feel shy around him.
  • Don't forget to smile. Smiling will make her understand how much you appreciate her, even if you smile for no good reason.
  • Keep your body turned towards hers. If you are sitting, cross your legs in his direction. If you are standing, turn your shoulders towards him.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 3

Step 3. Flirt with him

The more you flirt with him, the more he will understand that you are interested. You could start by subtly flirting until you get her to understand exactly what you want. There are many ways to flirt with a man.

  • Speak softly when talking to him so that he has to bend down to talk to you.
  • Slap him on the arm, tease him, and build a fun, loving rapport that shows you care.
  • Laugh. Even if he's not as funny as you make him seem, laugh a little to let him know how much fun you are having when you flirt with him.
  • Don't overdo it. You should be subtle to flirt well.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 4

Step 4. Break the ice

Once you've gotten closer to him, don't be afraid to gently touch his arm or shoulder if he's saying something funny. You might make physical contact if you flirt, you might even give him a big hug when you see each other if you think he might be receptive. Breaking the ice will make him realize that you want to get closer to him.

  • Just make sure he's receptive to physical contact and that you won't make him feel uncomfortable.
  • If you start to be more or less close with him and you go jogging together or some other form of physical activity, offer to give him a massage. If he likes you, he will accept your offer and begin to realize the good that you can do for him.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 5

Step 5. Compliment him

It can be difficult to compliment a guy without clearly showing that you care about him. Don't say "wow, you're too hot", instead let her think you like her by giving her some subtle compliments. If he's got a new haircut or he's wearing a new shirt, just tell him it looks good on him. If he's really good at anything, whether it's math or cooking, let him know you find him good at it.

You could be more intimate and compliment one aspect of her personality. You might say, "You're funny, you know? Or "You always know what to say to cheer someone up. "

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 6

Step 6. Ask if he likes anyone

It's not the most subtle way to show you're interested, but it will work. Just randomly ask if he likes someone or even discuss what appeals to him in a girl. Let him do the talking to see if he tells you he likes someone or what he is looking for. Be careful though, and make him understand that you are asking the question for your own sake and not because you want to be a good friend with whom he can talk about his love life.

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 7

Step 7. Tell her you're open to having a boyfriend

By the way, mention that you are single and can't wait to have a boyfriend. Don't sound like a desperate girl who's ready to date anyone, show her you've already thought about it for a long time. You could be even more obvious and talk about the qualities you look for in a boyfriend and make a list of the things that make him special.

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 8

Step 8. Get him to offer to date him

It might be a way to show her that you love her. Just talk casually about your plans or mention what your schedule for the week will look like and wait for him to suggest you do something when you're free. You could say "I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow night, but I would like to do something fun" and wait for her response.

You could use your common interests to your advantage in this case. You could mention an upcoming soccer game or say that your favorite band will be performing in your city soon. Then wait to see if it interests him

Method 2 of 3: Tell him that we like him

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 9

Step 1. Make sure he likes you

While there is no sure-fire way to know if he feels the same way to you, there are several signs that can let you know how he really feels about you. It's best to make sure that there is at least a chance that he likes you before telling him what you really think of him. Here are some ways to see if he likes you.

  • Pay attention to what he says. Notice if he spends his time complimenting you, asking if you like someone, or telling you he would like to have a girlfriend.
  • Pay attention to what he is doing. If he loves you, he will find any excuse to date you or have physical contact. He could even do you a favor, such as dropping off your lunch.
  • Pay attention to its appearance. If he always pays attention to his looks when he knows he will be with you, it could mean that he likes you.
  • Is he still suggesting you go out? If he always offers to hang out with you, even if it doesn't involve official outings, he might be interested in you.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 10

Step 2. Tell her you love her

If showing him that you love him isn't enough, maybe it's time to let him know what you think of him. You should choose a time and place where you will be alone and relaxed, and stay calm when you tell him how you feel about him. Don't put too much pressure on him or yourself and wait for his response.

  • Relax. If he doesn't feel the same way to you, at least you'll be fixed.
  • Keep it simple. Don't overwhelm him by speaking quickly and telling him the 150 reasons you love him so much.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 11

Step 3. Respond appropriately

If he likes you, give him a hug or just show him how happy you are and start talking about possible official dates to move your relationship forward. If he doesn't like you, that's okay, show him you're a mature person by not being outraged or angry.

  • If it turns out that he likes you, you could list all the times you've tried to show him that you love him, and then laugh at it.
  • If he doesn't like you, don't despair. Be proud of yourself and the courage you have had to share your feelings. Then move on.

Method 3 of 3: Get to know him

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 12

Step 1. Start with the friendly approach

If you want to go deeper with a friend, you've probably built a solid foundation in your relationship. But if you're not yet very good friends, seeing him as a friend can help you show him that you like him. If you don't know the boy and he barely knows who you are, it will be more difficult for you to show him your true feelings. Getting to know him in a friendly manner will help you know if you are really compatible, while also giving you a chance to show him how awesome you are.

  • Start by being friendly. You shouldn't ask her to go out or reveal her innermost thoughts right off the bat. Take it slow and start building a fun and friendly relationship with him.
  • Make friendship easier. Don't invade him by trying to spend all your time with him. Slowly increase the time you spend together.
  • Do not fall into the strictly friendly zone. You should try to be her friend, but don't develop such a deep friendship that things get weird if you try to take it to a more romantic level.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 13

Step 2. Use your common interests as a starting point

If you want to get to know a guy, you might start by talking about things you have in common, your family, or your favorite teams. If you don't have a lot in common you could try to learn more about his life, you may notice that you eventually have some things in common. You could also pretend you're more interested in their favorite sports team, even if you aren't usually.

  • Most boys like to talk about sports. If you both love the same sports team, don't hesitate to talk about it. If not, you could read articles about his favorite team and discuss what you learned.
  • Use music as a common bond. See if you like the same bands and if not, ask them if they have any recommendations for you. If you've developed your friendship enough, you might even make a CD of your favorite music for her to get her attention.
  • Talk about your families. Talk about your siblings or any pets you have or had as a child.
  • See if you like the same type of food. If he finds that you like sushi too, he'll be more likely to suggest you go to the new sushi bar in your neighborhood.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 14

Step 3. Laugh at the same things

Find a common topic that you might laugh at, whether it's the fact that one of your mutual friends is having bad luck in love, or the scary poster in your math classroom. Whatever the reason you are laughing, you will develop a deep bond with the boy and at the same time you will show him how much you are joking.

  • If you find a topic you can laugh at, that topic will become your common joke and it will bring you closer.
  • You might also find a common target that you might laugh at. If there's a boring teacher you can't stand or you both hate a pop singer, you might as well take the opportunity to laugh about it together.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 15

Step 4. Get to know his friends

To reach a man's heart, you will have to start by respecting his friends. If his friends like you, he will be much more likely to like you too. Go out and be nice to his friends, this will show him that you are a nice person who can get along with everyone, while showing him that you are making an effort to be interested in him. If he didn't interest you, you wouldn't care about his friends.

You should get to know his friends, but make sure you don't invade him either, especially when he's on a date

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 16

Step 5. Offer him friendly favors

Once you get to know him a little, you might offer to drive him to a location or pick him up a meal, if he lets you know he needs a favor. Although this is only a small friendly gesture, he will notice that you really care for him. Just make sure he's willing to do you the favor once in a while so the relationship isn't one-sided.

  • If he has to miss a lesson, offer to take notes for him or drop them off.
  • If you have coffee before you meet him, offer to get him one.
  • Remember not to overdo it. You're not his girlfriend yet, so you shouldn't offer to do laundry or grocery shopping.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 17

Step 6. Ask him for his number

If you've been friends for a while and are spending more and more time together, it would be natural to ask her for her number. You should try to be as cool as possible when asking for his number so that he doesn't feel like you'd like to date him. You just need to ask her number so you can text her when all your friends are in a bar or if you need to send her party details, etc. If he's a good person, he won't think it's weird.

  • Getting his phone number will increase the number of contacts you have with him. Now you could start texting and try to move the relationship forward.
  • Once you have his number make sure you're not the only one calling and texting him, so should he.


  • Smile at him, but don't overdo it. Talk to his friends and you will get closer to him.
  • Be calm. If you really like him, you may either speak too much or not speak enough. Try to talk a little, but not too much. Never interrupt!
  • Don't worry if you think you've done or said something stupid, because if he likes you he will understand.
  • Try to increase your self-esteem before talking to her, this will help!
  • Don't feel sad if you are too nervous to do these things. Smile and greet him.
  • Remember that boys are usually looking for a nice friendship.
  • Don't start conversations on topics he's unfamiliar with like makeup, girl-on-girl dramas, or how fat you are.
  • Don't pretend you're someone you're not.
  • Don't pay too much attention to it.
  • Don't cry, it might push him away.

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