3 ways to tell if your girlfriend is ready to kiss you

3 ways to tell if your girlfriend is ready to kiss you
3 ways to tell if your girlfriend is ready to kiss you

When you try to kiss a girl, it's hard to predict her reaction to your advances. Fortunately, there are different ways to tell if your girlfriend wants to kiss you. Even if there isn't a 100% sure tip, you'll at least know if it's ready before you jump in.


Method 1 of 3: Observe your face

Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 1

Step 1. Look at his eyes

By looking her in the eye, you will know if your girlfriend wants to kiss you. It is not for nothing that we say that the eyes are the window to the soul.

  • If she's looking you straight in the eye, she's probably looking for more privacy and isn't shy about kissing. While eye contact is always a positive sign, you should remember that people lower their eyes or look away when they are nervous or when they feel uncomfortable. If she's not looking at you, it's a sign that she's not ready to kiss you.
  • Your girlfriend will look at you obediently if she wants to be kissed: she will lower her chin and subtly gaze at the floor.
  • Many women squeeze their eyes lightly when waiting for a kiss.
  • Are his pupils dilating? Are his eyes widening? If so, that means she appreciates being by your side and that she's probably not reluctant to kiss.
Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 2

Step 2. Look at her lips

Women prepare their lips for a kiss. To know if she wants to kiss you, watch her mouth.

  • Does she bite or lick her lips? She can moisten them to receive a kiss.
  • If she is pressing her lips together or her mouth is hardening, that is a bad sign. It closes in on itself and wants to keep you away.
  • If she just applied lip gloss or took something to freshen her breath, she certainly wants to make her mouth more desirable in your eyes and is hoping for a kiss from you. This is especially true if she applied lip gloss while you were away (For example, while you were in the bathroom.)
  • If she's looking at YOUR lips, she's definitely considering kissing you.
Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to his nose

It may sound weird, but research has shown that manifestations of desire can be seen on the nose, sometimes without the person realizing it.

  • If her nostrils dilate slightly, she's probably expecting a kiss from you. Physically, dilating nostrils mean your girlfriend is breathing in more air for physical activity.
  • You must interpret this sign according to the situation. If she is arguing with you, the physical activity her body is preparing for is definitely not to your advantage.

Method 2 of 3: Interpret the signs

Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 4

Step 1. Observe his posture

The posture reveals a lot, as a good part of the communication is done through non-verbal signals. Sometimes people don't even realize they're communicating this way.

  • If she is leaning over or in your direction, even slightly, it probably means that she isn't reluctant to kiss.
  • On the other hand, it's a bad sign if she leans back. You should also pay attention to the direction his feet are pointing. If they're headed in the opposite direction to yours, that's a sign that she's looking to leave.
  • Does she pull away when you walk slowly towards her? This is a test that you can use to measure their urge to kiss you. Discreetly create a privacy zone and see if she stays there or tries to get out.
Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 5

Step 2. Observe his hands

Women use their hands to touch things or show off their femininity when they want you to kiss them.

  • If a woman is playing with her necklace, she certainly wants to take it a step further. Remember, however, to take the context into account. If you see other signs that she is receptive to your advances, however, you may want to go for it, as she may just be feeling nervous.
  • If a woman is playing with or twisting her hair, it's a sign that she wants to get your attention and flirt with you.
  • If she's touching something else, like a mirror (letting her fingers run across the ice), sensually, that's a positive sign.
Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 6

Step 3. Wait for her to touch you

If she touches you, even lightly, she's probably trying to create more privacy between you in the hopes of being kissed.

  • Even the smallest touch can manifest desire. It means it's a good sign if she puts her hand on your knee or your arm.
  • Touch means she wants to get closer to you. It's even better if it touches your face.
  • If she touches your arm gently and playfully, she is trying to joke with you. It's a way for women to flirt.
  • You can test her by touching her first to see how she reacts. For example, you can rub your feet against her under the table and see what she does. Another technique is to gently touch one of her jewelry (earrings, necklace, etc.) and say that you like it. If she's smiling and reacting positively by stepping into your personal space a little more, that's a good sign.
Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 7

Step 4. Study their body language

Study her body language to see if she is receptive to your advances. When you are together, is her body language open? Her body language is open if she doesn't put a barrier between you.

  • Arms at your side, body bent or turned towards you, eyes in yours, or feet facing you are indicative of open body language.
  • Arms crossed across your chest, feet or legs crossed, feet pointed in a direction opposite to yours, body tilted away from you, and almost no eye contact is a sign of closed body language.
  • What distance does she leave between you? If there are few, she's ready to bond with you more intimately on some level. This is a good sign for you.

Method 3 of 3: Know other tips

Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 8

Step 1. Listen to their way of talking to you

Does she give the impression of wanting to prolong the conversation? It's a good sign for you if so.

  • Does she ask you a lot of questions? Are these questions intimate and personal? If the answer is yes, she is probably looking for a more intimate relationship with you.
  • Do you make her laugh? Laughing at your jokes (especially if they're not very funny) means the woman is flirting with you.
  • Is she trying to keep the conversation going by being the only one asking questions or leading the discussion? It's a good sign. On the contrary, it is a bad sign if she lets silence set in or if you feel that you are the only one trying to make it last.
Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 9

Step 2. Try the triangular kiss technique

There are some techniques you can use to build sexual tension between you and at the same time observe how she reacts and communicates back.

  • Come closer and touch her, either on the hands or on the legs. Slow down your breathing and your speaking speed.
  • Look at his right eye. Stare at him for a few seconds then switch to his left eye. Take another break. Finally, move your gaze to his mouth. She will then be more receptive to a kiss (as long as she stays next to you!)
Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 10

Step 3. Pick the right time

A woman you have just met will give you different opportunities to kiss her. However, chances are you don't know when to start. It will be easier, however, if she is already your girlfriend, as it will be easier for you to identify the signs.

  • Also, a woman you just met will test you. You will need to show her that you are attracted to her when she appears receptive to your advances. Otherwise, she will feel rejected or lose her confidence and start to pull away from you. You may have to seduce her again.
  • If you don't kiss her at the right time, she will think that you are not sure of yourself or that she is not attracted to you. If you try to kiss her before she's ready, however, she may think that you are going too fast or being too pushy. So pay attention to his body language.
Know if Your Girlfriend Is Ready to Kiss You Step 11

Step 4. Be prepared to fail

You should always be prepared for the worst: what will you do if she leaves when you get close or when you try to touch her? She may be just tired or in a bad mood. Who knows ? You certainly don't want to make things worse by reacting inappropriately. Synchronization is essential.

  • Act as if nothing happened. Basically, show him you didn't take it the wrong way. You can even joke that she is even more attractive by being shy.
  • Don't get upset and act like you're not sure about yourself. No woman finds that attractive. It's possible that she's interested in you, but just isn't ready to kiss you. In this case, you should try to get closer to her to gradually restore your privacy. Give up the idea of ​​kissing her right away and focus instead on having an interesting discussion with compliments! (Women like it.)


  • Carnivals are the perfect opportunity to share a kiss, whether it's on a merry-go-round or when saying goodbye. Make sure, however, that your girlfriend is ready!
  • If you finally get to kiss her, don't forget to hold her in your arms. This will give your hands something to do (for example, you can hold her face and gently push her hair back).
  • Don't do this if the two of you aren't ready, or if one of you isn't ready. Synchronization is essential!
  • Remember that women rarely take the first step. It is therefore likely that she is waiting for you to do so. Women, however, tend to let it know by different signs if they want a kiss.
  • You can ask her if you can kiss her. Most women like men who behave like gentlemen.
  • Make sure your breath smells good. Eat a mint candy if you are leaving the restaurant. She won't want to kiss you if the scent of the garlic you just ate is still in your mouth.

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