How to make sure he doesn't forget you: 7 steps (with pictures)

How to make sure he doesn't forget you: 7 steps (with pictures)
How to make sure he doesn't forget you: 7 steps (with pictures)

There is something romantic and imperishable about invading another person's thoughts that they can't help but think of you, even when they don't want to. At the same time, it's not necessarily easy to feel like a boy can't stop thinking about you, and that might not help if you want a long-term relationship. How do you manage to create that lasting spark in his mind so that he can't help but see your face all the time, so much so that he wishes he could reach out and touch you as if you were next to him? There are no guarantees in life when it comes to desire and love, but there are a few techniques that will help you on this elusive quest.


Stay on His Mind Step 1

Step 1. Be yourself

When you spend time with this boy, let him see and know who you really are. There is nothing more engaging and memorable than a self-confident, knowledgeable, and presence person. Obviously, that doesn't mean you have to be egotistical, bossy, or not listen to what he has to say to you. This means that you need to make it clear to him that you think for yourself, that you enjoy life, and that you don't wait to depend on anyone. Be kind, but be direct, attractive, and show her that you are knowledgeable about the topics you are discussing together. Make it clear from the start that you are sexy because you are independent.

If this boy is making you realize that he would rather you be someone than you are, then it is not worth the effort to stay in his thoughts

Stay on His Mind Step 2

Step 2. Show yourself in your best light

It doesn't really matter what you decide to wear, whether it's casual, professional, evening, or nighttime, as long as your clothes are neat, clean, and conform to your body as best as possible.. Any woman can be glamorous and beautiful if she follows the basic dress rules to dress to the curves instead of the current fashions.If you are going out for a special occasion, go crazy and wear something. something that leaves you speechless. Give him a picture he will remember!

  • Always style your hair well and give it a nice shape. A great haircut and makeup can work wonders when you want to make a great first impression. Also make sure that your clothes are ironed and clean, because if they are not it could show that you don't want to be bothered. It's unlikely that it will make a lasting impression, at least not for good reason!
  • Be attractive. The inner glow is the one that will shine the most if you present yourself well and it is your charm that will be remembered the longest when you leave the room.
Stay on His Mind Step 3

Step 3. Use perfume

The scent evokes memories like nothing else does. It is a scent that often reminds us of an event, people and places, although we cannot always remember the details exactly. Of course, if you want to turn your scent to your advantage, he has to be able to remember who to associate with that scent and that's why you need a special scent. But be careful not to have a heavy hand. A woman who stinks of perfume can be remembered by a man for the wrong reasons. When your goal is to use a perfume to create a memory in a boy, pay attention to the following rules.

  • The scent should be a scent that looks good on you. Not all scents pair well with everyone, and you have to learn which scent works best for you through trial and error. Plus, they change depending on the age of the woman in question, so be sure to renew your scent. You need to be sure of your scent before you meet the perfect man.
  • If you are allergic to perfume or if the boy you are interested in is allergic to it, skip this step completely. Be clean and keep your natural scent. Your body scent is equally pleasant and appealing on a subliminal level, especially in the middle of your menstrual cycle during ovulation. If you keep up with your body's rhythms, you might schedule important dates in the middle of your cycle so that undetectable pheromones take their toll on your instincts.
  • If you've been unlucky and couldn't find your signature scent, consider speaking with a perfumer. This is someone who will ask you specific questions about your preferences and habits and will help you choose the exact scents to make a bespoke perfume. It's going to cost you a bit more, but once you have that scent, you'll be remembered by your unique scent, as others will have a hard time getting the same scent.
Stay on His Mind Step 4

Step 4. Boost his mood

Everyone loves to hear praise and the value it has for others. Of course, you don't have to overdo it or mindlessly spread yourself out, but you are sure to create a lasting memory in this boy if you express the qualities you found in him. It is rather difficult to dismiss someone who sees all of your good qualities, so be sure to bring up their good qualities as soon as you observe them. You will also notice that this advice works well in life in general.

  • Know how to listen to him. Wait until you hear everything he has to say to you and don't interrupt. Use this opportunity to learn more about him, not to tell him your stories. As far as you are concerned, you must remain mysterious for a while, because this mystery that surrounds you is going to leave a memory in his mind and he is going to want to know more.
  • Repeat their name during the conversation. He will feel special and appreciated and it will bond the two of you much more securely than if you said hi to him or forgot to mention his name.
  • Compliment her on her considerate, caring and kind nature. You want more of it, so it can't hurt to compliment it!
  • Know when he says or does things that are important to you and show him that you noticed them by letting him know that you are impressed. Repeat the information he shared with you during the conversation to show him that you are listening to him and that you care about what he is saying to you.
  • Take an interest in what interests them and show them when you answer them. This is something he will remember because it is important to him and gets his attention. For example, you might not know much about the sport he is passionate about, but by reflecting on his enthusiasm for his team's victory, you show him that at least you are capable of caring.
  • Even when you don't agree with their point of view, express it in a respectful way and let them know that you value and consider their opinion even if yours is different.
Stay on His Mind Step 5

Step 5. Become aware of your body language

It has its own way of settling in a person's thoughts, for better or for worse. Look him in the eye for a bond between you, while also reflecting on his actions to create a sense of harmony. This impersonation is a great way to make your way into their subconscious, because it will make them think that you are in tune with each other and that you then create a strong connection. Realize the power of a gentle gesture. Touch, like smell, can help you leave a lasting memory because it awakens the feeling of warmth and friendship. From childhood, touch is a form of lasting connection and attention to others, which is why a gentle and light gesture can evoke a feeling of affection and trust in the other. It is obvious that you should not overdo it and that you should not touch it too often or even hit it!

More than anything else, wear your confidence in your own worth with a warm smile. That smile will settle in his mind longer than the rest

Stay on His Mind Step 6

Step 6. Don't spend all of your time with him

Maintain your self-confidence as well. By being stealthy and busy, you're going to leave a much longer lasting impression on him than if you're available every time he sends you a message or calls you. In fact, leave gaps between each communication to make him think that you also have your own life on your side. When you answer him, be kind and considerate, but never make him feel desperate, following him around, neglected or selfless. Never contact him when you are drunk or you risk telling him things he will remember for the wrong reasons!

Continue the interesting activities of your life. Don't worry that he might prefer to see you, he could see you the night you are free. He will be delighted and curious …

Stay on His Mind Step 7

Step 7. Have fun

When you get to know a boy, don't overdo it. If you want to make things more intense and more complicated, you will give him reasons to quickly erase you from his memory. Have fun while you are together, keep it simple and pleasant, especially if you are not sure about the relationship yet. The deeper and more important things will come later when you get engaged and married, but there is still a long way to go until then, if it ever does happen. So keep it light and cheerful so that he can remember you more easily.

Don't forget to thank him for the time you spend together, right before you go our separate ways. The gratitude you show her for the time spent together is a sign of kindness and care. Keep it simple, for example by saying: thank you for a pleasant day, I had a great time. He will remember that you had fun with him and that you had the presence of mind to tell him


  • Make him feel special when you finally agree to keep in touch on the phone. Make sure he knows that you are not giving out your phone number to just anyone.
  • Give him a picture of you so he won't forget about you. Take a picture of the two of you together or have someone take one of you. Use your phone's camera or go crazy and jump into a photo booth if you see one. In this case, you can give him the photo to keep in his wallet. If you took the photo with your phone, you can post it to Facebook and tag it on it, making a funny comment about her cute smile or something else to let her know you like that photo. In addition, you are also in the photo, it is excellent for him to remember you! Now all you need to do is sit down and wait for a response.
  • If you're just going out as friends, take the time to get to know each other better before you go any further.


  • Don't criticize other people or spread gossip. These are the kinds of things you shouldn't be talking about. If you speak negatively about other people, including your exes, you are sending him the message that if it doesn't work out between you, everyone is going to be aware of his flaws.
  • The idea is to make him remember you, not your underwear! Keep your assets safe until you are further along in the relationship. There is no harm in letting him imagine what to expect and it also helps protect you by knowing exactly when and how such intimacy will develop.
  • There is also an alternative approach. Present your limits, allergies and pain points early on to rule out partners who would present serious potential conflicts with your values. Otherwise, even if you are allergic to fish, there would be no reason not to prepare a romantic surprise dinner at a sushi restaurant. It is better that he knows your tastes as soon as possible, this will allow him to give you appropriate surprises!
  • If you show her your crazy side, it can also be more attractive than pretending that you are a normal girl with an extraordinary little side. If you're an outgoing clown, you're going to attract people who enjoy the company of irrepressible actresses, so don't hide it. Try to make it look positive instead of turning it into a scene of insults.
  • There are several things you shouldn't bring up in front of a boy you just knew if you want him to remember you for the right reasons: your exes, your cravings for cigarettes, the urge to throw up (for whatever reason), a tearful story about your past or present, all the things you can't or don't want to eat, do, see, share, etc., and all the very intimate matters. Plus, keep your crazy side to yourself (if you have one) until he's sure you're the kind of person he'd like to meet more often. This does not mean that you do not remain yourself, it does mean that that part of you that takes more time and friendship to understand needs to be addressed in a later phase.

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