How to welcome love: 7 steps (with pictures)

How to welcome love: 7 steps (with pictures)
How to welcome love: 7 steps (with pictures)

Cherish the love you receive above all else. It will survive long after your wealth and good health are gone. - Og Mandino - When it is difficult to open up to love for fear of seeing you lower your defenses, you might be hiding behind cynicism, pride or trying to stay too strong emotionally, so that you don't have to deal with the possible hurts that might be caused by loving or being confronted with aspects of yourself that you don't like. It is important to learn to welcome love and to appreciate the fact that you are loved too, so that your own self-esteem can be reduced.


Receive Love Step 1

Step 1. Believe people when they tell you they love you

Whether it's an intimate relationship, friendship, or family relationship, it's important to accept the declaration of love at its raw value. If you reject the offer of love being made to you because you are afraid that they are not sincere, then you are preventing them from having a chance to prove that they are. It might also keep them away from you, so that when you change your mind it would be too late.

Receive Love Step 2

Step 2. Stop dreading the loss of a loved one

A common reason why you are unable to embrace love is because you have experienced the loss of a loved one in the past, whether through death, a break-up or for some other reason that scared you. If you spend your entire life rejecting the love you are offered with the prospect that the person offering it may withdraw it, you will always feel cynical and insecure, which is not. a comfortable or happy situation to live in. Rather, receive the love they offer you with open arms and go with the flow, hoping that those who offer you love stay with you.

Receive Love Step 3

Step 3. Love yourself

This step might be the hardest of all, but if you don't really love yourself, then you would be unable to embrace love because you can't believe you deserve it. If so, start working on why you are so unable to love yourself, while getting help, if necessary, in analyzing the issues involved. Remember that everyone is special and you deserve a lot of love.

Receive Love Step 4

Step 4. Let love in and don't close the door to it

Just open your heart, live the moment, and cherish the fact that other people care so much about you that you bond with them, are sought out, asked for, and involved in the affairs and lives of others. Being open and receptive to the love that others give you can be learned with practice, as long as you don't let cynicism or harshness get the better of you. Let go of some of these defenses and pride and let others know that you appreciate their deep care and support for you. And forget about trying to keep your score. Love others even if it is not mutual. As one great human family that we are, love is still flowing and we are receiving it in return anyway.

Receive Love Step 5

Step 5. Beware of voices that come from negativity in society

Because of social conditions, we tend to avoid being expansive about having to openly accept compliments, generosity, attention and kind gestures, lest we appear greedy, proud or self-centered. Don't dismiss the attention, the wonderful things people have to say about you just for such negative attributions. Show yourself sensitive and welcoming to the love offered by others in all its forms. Not to do the same is to refuse to welcome love.

Receive Love Step 6

Step 6. Show love

Welcoming love also involves showing love. Kiss your wife and kids, kiss your friends, compliment your coworkers, say friendly and appreciative words to the managers of the grocery store. Do this "regularly".

Receive Love Step 7

Step 7. Observe those who are adept at receiving love

Children are adept at receiving love because they accept what they are told in a raw way and see embracing love as a natural thing. What is also natural is that being able to receive love creates a kind of balance in which you give and receive equally. Watch how children handle it beautifully: they ask for help when they need it, they lend a helping hand when asked. They give compliments without any ulterior motives and brutally accept the compliments given to them. Learning again what was once innate in you can restore a great deal of happiness and confidence to your life.


  • Share your feelings. When one shares sincere feelings, trust is created, a bond is created and one has access to a friendly environment that acts as a catalyst in the process of receiving and giving love.
  • Many religions help to understand the process of receiving love. If you have a particular belief, follow its teachings on the process of receiving and giving love. Even if you do not practice any particular religion, there are several great scholars whose wise reflections can teach you a lot about receiving love.

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