How to confess your feelings by text to someone you like

How to confess your feelings by text to someone you like
How to confess your feelings by text to someone you like

Texting is a great way to talk to someone you like, when you're too shy or too nervous to approach them in person. This will allow you to control exactly what you say and be more direct than you would be to her. Instead of sending a direct message saying "I like you", start by asking the recipient a few questions so that you can get to know them. Flirt over text and don’t hesitate to tease him. When the time is right, send her a short message to let her know how you feel. It will take courage, but you'll be proud to have tried your luck!


Part 1 of 2: start the conversation

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 1

Step 1. Greet the person and break the ice

Instead of starting with a simple "hi!" "Or" how are you?”, Start a conversation knowing what to say. For example, you could say something like, "Hi, Benoit, have you written down the homework for the English class? I forgot to write them down. Or, "Hi, Luc, I saw you had a part in the school play. Do you know if they need help behind the scenes?"

You could also start with a remark rather than a question. Instead of saying, "What did you think of the history class today? You might say, "I thought I was going to die of boredom in class today. Mr. Roger does not make World War I very interesting. "This will allow you to strike up a conversation, while also letting the person you want to show you who you are


gather your courage and send him the first SMS! There is no reason to wait for the person to take the first step.

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 2

Step 2. Ask her open-ended questions to get her to open up

Open ended questions are those that call for more than a simple "yes" or "no" in response. They will allow you to get to know this person better and to keep the conversation going longer. Ask him questions about his movies, books, games, shows, YouTube channels and favorite places or whatever comes to mind.

  • For example, instead of asking, "Do you like watching movies? »Ask him:« what are your 3 favorite films? "
  • Instead of asking him: "did you have a good weekend? Ask, "what did you do this weekend? "
Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 3

Step 3. Provide detailed responses to their SMS

Don't be afraid to share your own opinions with him. The fastest way to end a conversation is to reply to a message with a simple "OK" or a small "yes". If you have something in common with the person, talk about it. Do not hesitate to voice your disagreements: different opinions can enrich the conversation and keep it going.

  • For example, if the person thinks a Marvel movie is the best of all and you don't share their point of view, explain why! You might as well have a long conversation about the different plots and the different characters.
  • If you don't know exactly what he / she is referring to, ask him / her. For example, if you've never heard of their favorite band, say something like, “I've never heard of them. Which album is your favorite? I will listen to him! "
Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 4

Step 4. Compliment her

Sincerity and conciseness are the secret to a successful compliment. For example, send him a message like "You were really good in last Friday's game!" "Or" I was impressed with your presentation in class today! Very nice job !"

  • Feel free to send her a compliment message, just like that, even if you weren't talking about anything else. Just wait for a response from the person concerned before sending another compliment.
  • When sending these types of messages, don't mention your own feelings. Saying something like, "I don't know if I should say that, it's a little weird, but I think you're a great basketball player!" ", You would make the exchange very awkward. Be direct and just say, "You are a really good basketball player!" "

Flirt with compliments

"I love your scent! Which brand is it?"

"I'm so glad you were here for my lecture today! It was heartwarming to see your face when I looked up!"

“I never noticed how green your eyes were. The t-shirt you wore today really made them stand out!"

"I can't wait to hear what you think of the final season of Stranger Things!"

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 5

Step 5. Show off your sense of humor with emojis and GIFs

Look for GIFs and emojis that illustrate what you're talking about. For example, if you tell her that you were very bored this weekend, attach a.gif" />

Get creative and have fun chatting! It will be a great way to get closer to the person, to be more comfortable with them, and then it will be easier for you to let them know how you feel about them

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 6

Step 6. Send him funny memes and funny videos

The next time you come across a meme or video that makes you laugh, send it to whoever you like, along with a message like, "That reminded me of you!" "And the laughing emoji! You might even say, "I've been thinking of you!" I hope it will please you !"

  • For example, if the person told you that they love cats, find a compilation of funny cat videos on YouTube and send it along with a message saying, "For you cat lover! And the cat emoji.
  • Telling this person that you are thinking of them is a great way to start a more romantic conversation.
Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 7

Step 7. Tease your interviewer

Tease him about his quirks or things you don't agree on. Make sure you stay nice and playful, and don't tease him about anything that could hurt him. For example, if the person stutters, don't tease them about it. On the other hand, if she confessed to you that she regularly watched a movie that she liked as a child, you could perfectly well laugh at her on that point.

  • For example, send him a.gif" />
  • If you think Ron Weasley is the best character in the Harry Potter series and prefers Hermione Granger, say something like "well… I can't trust your taste… you who love Hermione!" With the laughing emoji.


if you accidentally upset the other party, fix it right away. Say something like, "I'm sorry I hurt you. I just wanted to joke and obviously that didn't make you laugh. Whoops ! Add the embarrassed emoji to the text.

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 8

Step 8. Ask for his opinion or a recommendation

This will not only be very flattering for him, but it could also be a way of offering him to hang out with you. Say something like, “My friends and I are looking for a cafe to study together. Do you have one to recommend to us? "Or" I'm so bored! I need a new series to watch! What do you recommend to me?"

  • A good way to continue the exchange is to go to the recommended location or do the activity listed and then give your friend a little debriefing. For example, you could say "I started watching Riverdale and love it!" Too anxious to see the rest! », With a.gif" />
  • If the person suggested a new cafe in the city center, go there with a few friends, then send them a message like, "I tried this new cafe, it was great and delicious!" Thanks for the suggestion. "
  • If you want to try asking her to go with you, wait a week, then text her saying, "Hi, I'm going back to that cafe you recommended!" Do you want to meet there to study together? "

Part 2 of 2: confess your feelings

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 9

Step 1. Start the conversation with a simple text message

Sure, you could just text her confessing your feelings. However, then you might go mad (mad) waiting for a response. By starting by sending a very general text message and waiting for a first response, you will at least know that the person has their phone at hand. For example, start by asking him a question or by making a remark on a subject that you have already discussed.

For example, you could say, "I have to study for next week's exams, but I can't concentrate!" I only have one desire: to take a nap! "

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 10

Step 2. Continue the exchange for a little while to determine his mood

If the person you're talking to is in a bad mood or is out with their friends, this probably won't be the best time to tell them how you feel. Ask him what he's doing, if he has any plans for the night or how he's doing. His answers will be clues as to his mood.

If her answers are short or take a long time to arrive, put off your confession


If the wait for the "perfect moment" is holding you back from sending the famous "I like you", set a deadline. Certain times will be more auspicious than others, but in the end, none will be absolutely ideal. If necessary, choose a date and tell yourself that you will have sent the famous message before it.

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 11

Step 3. Compose a short message expressing your feelings

Don't go into details. Say what you have to say, simply and quickly. Try for example "I like you, let's try to see each other one of these days!" "Or" I wanted to tell you that I have a crush on you. I'm not putting any pressure on you, I just wanted to tell you how I feel for you!"

  • If you've been texting with your favorite person for a few weeks and you and them have already exchanged flirtatious texts, your admission probably won't take him by surprise.
  • Too long a message about the complexity of your feelings could be too much. You need to give the person time to respond, while letting them know that you respect their feelings, whatever they may be.
Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 12

Step 4. Avoid sending more text messages until you get a response

The wait for a response will certainly seem long and difficult to you, but sending many messages one after the other will make you seem clingy and desperate, which could confuse the situation. Put your phone aside and do something else for a while: go for a walk, go to the movies, or put your closet away.

If you don't receive any response, it will already be an answer in itself. Hopefully, however, you are not in this situation, and that the person answers you, even if they do not share your feelings

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 13

Step 5. Analyze the response based on the recipient's habits

Does this person usually respond to your texts within minutes, hours, or days? Does she have a habit of using emojis and full sentences, or does she often stick to short sentences? Notice the differences between his usual responses and his response to that famous text message, to get a better idea of ​​what he (she) is thinking.

  • For example, if you usually get a response very quickly, but have to wait several hours after confessing your feelings to them, this could indicate that the person has taken their time to think about their response.
  • If this person usually answers you with long text messages with emojis and GIFs, but this time they answer you with only one word, maybe they are uncomfortable because they do not share your feelings.
  • Understand that everyone will react to these kinds of announcements differently. Some will need time to determine how they are feeling, especially if they had not considered this situation.
Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 14

Step 6. If the answer is yes, invite the person out

If it turns out that your feelings for this person are mixed, what good luck! In response, ask him to go out for two: “fiou! What a stressful time! I'm glad you share my feelings! We should meet this Friday and go see this new movie! Could we go to dinner first if you like?"

If you're not old enough for a romantic date, plan a group outing, whether it's to the movies, bowling, playing video games, or going to a school party together

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 15

Step 7. If the answer is no, distance yourself

If the response you receive is not what you expected, it is quite normal that you are upset. Don't text him lots of times asking why he doesn't like you, and don't try to make him think you are joking. Just say “I totally understand. Hope we can stay friends!"

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with taking a chance and that just because that person isn't attracted to you doesn't mean that something is wrong with you

Tell Your Crush You Like Him over Text Step 16

Step 8. Be proud of your courage, whatever the outcome

Whether that person loves you as well or not, you will have done something that not everyone is brave enough for. Take the time to appreciate how determined you are and how much you've learned along the way.

You might even take the time to think about what you'll do differently next time. Make each of these situations a learning opportunity


  • If you never manage to get a satisfactory response to messages you send to this person, it probably means that they are not interested in you and you will have to move on.
  • Try to tear yourself away from your phone every now and then. It's hard to put your phone down when you're impatiently awaiting a text, but try to do so for an hour or two, so that it doesn't become obsessive.

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