How to know if you are attracted to someone

How to know if you are attracted to someone
How to know if you are attracted to someone

Being attracted to someone is a wonderful experience and an amazing feeling that arouses interest and desire. Making sure you are really attracted to someone is a complex task, because the human mind in itself is complicated. Your way of thinking and the things you value in life are key factors in this attraction.


Part 1 of 4: examine your subconscious

Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 1

Step 1. Observe how often you think about the person

When you're in love with someone, it's common to think about them more often than other people, and that's something you can't control. When there is no chemistry, your behavior will be indifferent. Answer the following questions.

  • Do you often feel the desire to be in the same place as the person?
  • Are you disappointed when she doesn't respond to your text messages or phone calls?
Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 2

Step 2. Observe the changes in your appearance

If you worry more than usual about your physical appearance, it is very likely that you are attracted to the other person. Deep down, you want the person to like your physical appearance, and more importantly, you want them to like you. Answer these questions sincerely.

  • Do you care more about your hair?
  • Do you spend more time choosing what to wear?
  • Do you use more perfume or cologne?
Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 3

Step 3. Watch your physical reaction

Finding out if you are attracted to someone is sometimes easy, because you have an immediate physical reaction, which seems to spread to your mind, body, and heart. You are overwhelmed by nervousness or the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach.

  • Observe the beating of the heart and the palms of your hands when you think of the person or when they are present.
  • It's okay to act differently and subconsciously when she's around. The reason is that you feel embarrassed and you want to make a good impression.
  • It may sound strange, but believe it or not, humans are drawn to the natural scent. In the same way that you are attracted to someone's physical appearance, the smell can further stimulate that attraction. In addition, it can remind you of an event and make you think fondly of a person and of time spent together.

Part 2 of 4: understanding your emotions

Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 4

Step 1. Analyze your feelings

Your feelings for her can be so strong that sometimes you can immediately sense that something very special is going on. When trying to find out if you really are attracted to someone, start to gauge how happy you are when you see them. It can be a sign of attraction.

  • The fact that you laugh at all of his jokes is another sign.
  • Smiling frequently is also a sign of affinity.
Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 5

Step 2. Evaluate your physical preferences

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you have a preference for physical appearance. If you have a preference for tall people, you may not be attracted to those who are short. List your preferences.

  • Physical attraction is a very subjective notion, and what is attractive to someone is not a universal rule. You need to examine the other person's general appearance to find out if you like what you are seeing.
  • Appearance includes facial features (eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones), hygiene, dress, hair, and anything else that can affect the physique.
  • You won't always be able to make a hasty judgment on your preferences, as you may find yourself attracted to someone who is the exact opposite of the ideal partner, on a physical level. However, personal preferences are usually a major factor.
Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 6

Step 3. Identify the non-negotiable factors

Some people are not attracted to smokers. While this is not a physical characteristic, it is something that can undoubtedly affect the pull effect.

Part 3 of 4: Identify what you like about the person

Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 7

Step 1. Analyze his personality

Think about its positive qualities and characteristics, such as humor, compassion, loyalty, or creativity. Think about specific examples, as this can give you some idea of ​​your future relationship.

  • Pay attention to find out if she is trustworthy or not.
  • See if she's happy when good things happen to you.
Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 8

Step 2. Assess their level of altruism

It is important to observe how she interacts with others and to find out if she is kind or not. A lot of people are drawn to such people, because if they are nice to other people, they sure will be nice to you too.

Helping those in need and giving a helping hand to friends is a good example of selflessness

Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 9

Step 3. Spend quality time together

Participating in certain activities with the person will help you know if you are attracted to them and find out what you like about them.

Listen actively and ask open-ended questions that force her to open up and talk. For example, you can ask her to tell you about her childhood and how she became the person she is today

Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 10

Step 4. Connect

Participating in stressful tasks ends up bringing people together. Consider organizing a volunteer project or doing something new and exciting together, like rafting or rock climbing.

People who are going through a stressful time together tend to bond stronger, but if the situation is too overwhelming, the effect can be the other way around

Part 4 of 4: Find out if the feelings are mutual

Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 11

Step 1. Learn to spot clues

Both men and women show physical signs when they are attracted to someone. The most common signs are a dilated pupil, outstretched shoulders, and feet pointed towards the other person.

  • Usually, women touch their hair, tilt their heads, or show shyness.
  • When men are attracted to a woman, they sometimes smile, shake their body, stretch or stare at each other.
Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 12

Step 2. Share your feelings

Sometimes the best thing to do is be honest and tell the person that you are attracted to them.

Be prepared for rejection and don't take it personally if the other person's feelings aren't mutual. As mentioned earlier, there are many factors involved in attraction and you will surely find someone who is attracted to you as well

Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone Step 13

Step 3. Seek to build a healthy relationship

A stable and healthy relationship requires both personal and mutual appreciation. If the attraction isn't mutual, consider giving up before you emotionally engage.


  • Realize that attraction isn't always physical. There are countless reasons you can like a person, no matter what they look like.
  • Ask yourself if you tend to like the wrong people. If so, try to fix the problem at the root so that you can be more successful in your relationships in the future.


  • Don't ignore warning signs, like lies, verbal abuse, or self-destructive behavior, even if you truly admire the other.
  • Don't force yourself to be attracted to someone because forced relationships don't last long.

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